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  • Nasty stuff. I get a crown next week. Whee doggie!

  • Share the pattern please, that is a very cool almost cable-y scarf.

  • Buy a map at the airport – it’s both easier than you think and trickier than you think. The downtown shopping area in KC is really awesome. Oh, and have some BBQ. (I was there last summer.)

  • Yes please! What is the pattern?

  • So WHEN will you be in the ol’ Salt Lake City? You better not pass us by like little Miss Debbie Stoller did.

  • Oh, love that. What is it? Pattern please?

  • I am soooo excited that you two are coming to Kansas City (thanks for noting that there are two; I live in one and work in the other) You guys are in Overland Park, one of the “old” suburbs. The Yarn Shop is in “downtown” Overland Park and there are some other great shops in the area (Penzeys Spices, 10,000 Villages) it is worth a walk around the block. See you tomorrow night!

  • dear woman….you do NOT REALLY want to know what a root canal is…..just ask for laughing gas.

  • OK, that’s just mean. How could you show off such a beautiful scarf with no details? I mean, come on! It’s lovely!

  • I love the scarf! I like ribbed scarves but they always seem a bit boring to me. I like the fun way you are treating the ribbing. It reminds me of being deep in a forest and all I can see are tree branches.

  • How about scheduling a trip to New England? We’d love to see you out here!

  • fine then. just ignore those of us on the west coast.

  • Can you just pop on over to the other side of Missouri and visit us in St. Louis, after you’re done with Kansas City? 🙂

  • Wandering ribs=pork in a cooler when you’ve lost your directions to the barbecue?

  • Did anyone tell you we’re having a bit of a monsoon season here? Pack umbrellas and fibre-protecting plastic, and brace yourself for sudden, blinding downpours.
    See you soon!!! (gloat, gloat)

  • That is a great idea for a scarf – imagine a deep and interesting tree bark brown! I hope you’ll model it!

  • While you are at the shop (and I can’t wait to be there!) you should send someone out to Winsteads to get your dinner. It’s just a few blocks away from the shop, and they serve steakburgers and have a great cherry limeade.
    From the airport, just look for 29 south and just kind of keep following highways south and eventually you’ll get to OP.

  • love, love the scarf. we had a friend when we were in Dijon, a lovely tall girl named Hélène Schaefer!! what a funny coincidence…

  • Heh, I read that as STINKY Tree Bark the first two times. Looks great. And probably no offensive odors.
    Good luck with that historical dentistry re-enactment gig.

  • Oh Ann, yer such a dear! You totally made my day.
    Yes, I’m that dorky.

  • Brilliant. I liked it as a tunic, I love it as a scarf, plus that silk wool is gorgeous.

  • Absolutely cool scarf. And the idea to make it instead of a sweater – pure genius!

  • Brilliant idea- I love that sweater, but I love your scarf even more I fear- especially with the rib twists petering out. Makes it far more interesting.

  • …….ok: so root canal used to be horrid…is no more…..and you will be fine…..really fine….don’t plan on running a marathon after….take care of you……and the scarf is a joy to behold….will try…….