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  • I need to know more about that AC skirt! Is it DIY? Appliqué? Does Kay’s beloved pencil style exist in the AC universe? Off to cut out my next, the mid-length fitted skirt to coordinate with my Verd T . . . XXO

    • I shall endeavour to get the truth about Kay’s skirt. It really is swell.

  • Mona’s sweater is pretty awesome too. I’m like Maggi, I didn’t know there was a pencil skirt by AC.
    Ann, I can’t wait to see the whole sweater done. It will certainly change the look entirely. You need to wear it to a party.

  • Love the skirt, and the sweater.
    But I am so sad about David Bowie. Tomorrow, full make-up and all your Bowie-inspired knits? I am not sure I have any Bowie-inspired knits, but I should have.

    • Me too on Bowie. Just was listening to great reviews of his new album this weekend, then boom. Eerie if you listen to some of it.

      Kay, where is your skirt in the photo from? I love it.

  • I really like this, quite beautiful.


  • Oh, that stitching on your sweater is growing on me. I particularly like where the different colored threads cross.

    • Ditto.

  • Ann … must serve confetti cake when wearing finish restitched cardigan … so very beautiful and happy … stitch more … stitch faster! Cheers!

  • Ann–you are making me think and think and think–and I’m at work, I should not be thinking of knitting and stitching, but . . .

    I’m thinking of knitting a sweater–then I’m thinking of stitching a zentangle all over that sweater. And I can’t stop thinking–and I wish I were knitting!

    Must admit I was skeptical of your project, but then looked as some of your links, then kept looking at your sweater, and that was that.


  • your sweater is beginning to look like a sashiko embroidery project- it’s looking great.

  • I like how your sweater is coming along. I wasn’t very sure before, but I like it now.

  • Ann – your sweater is looking more & more fabulous! Keep on stitching!

    Kay – your skirt is awesome! Inspiring (or enabling) me to fall down another rabbit hole.

  • That sweater thing? Keep doing that, it is looking glorious. And I already can see dozens of little girls wanting a ‘fairy cake sweater like Miss Ann has’, with all the sprinkles on it. Looking forward to the grand finish.

  • Oh, no! I hadn’t heard about David Bowie!

  • Your sweater is looking great but I’m curious. How is the embroidery affecting the ease and fit? Have you been trying it on? But then again, the sweaters in that Rowan had a lot of positive ease, so its probably not an issue.

    • I haven’t tried it on yet, but it feels like there’s a bit of structure to the fabric that wasn’t there before. Quilting, sort of? This sweater has about five feet of ease… Back when I had terror of cling!

  • Ann– Even though you were on overdrive, you wrote a great post! I especially like the juxtaposition of your wonderful stitching on the sweater, and the AC skirts. Thank you so much.–LoveDiane

  • Did I read you are coming to Vogue Knitting Live! in NYC? Be sure to stop by and say hello at our booth # 309 -311 in the Marketplace – Conversational Threads! We will have to take a photo together and send it to my son – Dr. Fitz.
    See you soon! Dr. Fitz’s Mom.

  • I heart your sweater!!! It is amazing.