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  • Dunno! But here
    TONS of projects, ravelry.

  • How about the June Marinella Shawl? It looks relatively simple and it’s on Ravelry.

  • I have the perfect project for you. I am working on it now. It is the Gorgonian Shawl by Morehouse Merino. I’m knitting it now in Hunt Valley Cashmere/lace weight (ahhhhh…) It is basically a whole lot of garter stitch with casting on and casting on every 10 rows. I love the shawl. It is contemporary and great looking but I put off knitting it for years because of the potential boredom problem. In fact,I’m loving it. I’m going to a conference in NOLA in October and wish I’d saved it for that as it is so easily transportable and just the right mix of automatic with spurts of variety. Oh- and now you can download their patterns. I say this is your baby.

  • Am I too late in the game to suggest a clapotis? I know it’s so 2006 or whatever but I think its still a solid project.
    Also Citron from Knitty is great. I think Ann did one right? I’ve seen three come from my knitting group and they’re gorgeous. I know it’s a different gauge but with the amount of yarn you have you could make two, one for you and one for a friend. Or a long-term fan of yours ;)Rouchy and a little more bulky than expected but it might work.
    That’s all I have off the top of my head. What does Ravelry have to offer?

  • There is always the every popular Pi, or even the Pi are Square shawls. Easy to memorize, fast and simple, yet lovely. You can throw in any pattern you want between the increase rows. Or, Vortex, from the Winter 2008 Knitty..

  • Try Daybreak Golds on this site: http://www.knittinguniverse.com/flash/DownloadsList.php?CategoryID=33. I made it in HandMaiden Mini-Maiden (three skeins) and live in it. With that weight yarn, the finished measurements came to 30 by 80 inches.

  • Montego Bay Scarf by Amy Singer is just perfect for one skein of your yarn – a mindless knit (but not boring) and it takes awhile so should keep you occupied for at least half of your journey. And yes, it is available in a download version.

  • No pattern suggetion but I do love those cat dresses. Or rather tunic ’cause I do believe there are white hot pants underneath. And white boots!

  • Have you done the Citron? It’s fun, easy, a small take-a-long project.

  • I agree that the Montego Bay Scarf is the perfect project. I wear mine all the time. You can make it as wide or narrow as you like.

  • I vote for the Cedar Leaf Shawl from Never Not Knitting. As I recall, it only takes 350 yds, though.

  • try Sivia Harding’s Ophidian – leave out the beads! ;o)

  • How about Coquille?

  • My recommendation: Montego Bay Scarf

  • do you have or can you get your hands on the EARLY fall edition of Vogue Knitting. Lots of shawls, feather and fan, wave stitch wrap. Lots of ideas there.

  • A Pi shawl. Wendy at Wendyknits.net has one she designed and is very easy to follow along and would not be bulky to travel with. The only tricky part is the double point needles in the begining. There is also an Elizabeth Zimmerman anniversary shawl on Ravelry.

  • I was going to say Clapotis as well. I believe you are the only knitter never to have made one, is that right? (I, indeed have never made a “real” one, like, following the pattern, but I did make what I call the mini-not-a-clapper once.)
    I love a no-drive holiday!

  • The cat dresses are amazing. And dig the boots. But best of all is watching the video with no sound! Everyone else is asleep in our little house, so I just watched for the cat dresses. Totally worth it! Thank you!

  • Maybe this if you adjust the gauge: http://www.patternfish.com/patterns/5104. Nice for spring/summer.

  • Oh my heavens! Those giant cats are not on dresses, exactly, but long tunic-things with slits up the side and … could it be? High boots and knickerbockers underneath?? Am I seeing things?!

  • How about the textured shawl recipe? http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/textured-shawl-recipe
    Pretty simple, and really you could decide to make the texture/stockinette parts larger or smaller if you wanted.

  • I am currently working on the Icarus Shawl (by currently working I mean longingly glancing at it in between design contracts lol) however it is a really fun and fast, fairly easy knit with a nice edging. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/icarus-shawl

  • I just finished Knitspot’s “Stonewall,” and love it. It’s a great pattern, memorizable and would take about 2 of your Handmaiden skeins, but I’d throw in a third skein just in case you want a bigger wrap.

  • Actually I recommend the basic Pi shawl by Elizabeth Zimmerman. Once you are done the double pointed needle part, it is straight stockinette with occasional increase rows. The entire instructions can fit on a small post-it note!

  • I wonder if that yarn would look good as a february lady sweater?

  • http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/montego-bay-scarf
    Sorry if this is a repeat (didn’t read the comments), but I just finished this super easy project using Sea Silk. I love the finished product.
    Here’s my version (please excuse the sad pictures)

  • How very timely! I was just saying that I need to start something that doesn’t have 14,000 colors and 18,000 pieces that I can tote around. (I may have exaggerated slightly.) (I have woven in all 1,000,000 ends… um, at least ’til seaming commences.)

  • The cat dresses pale in comparison to the high-crotch fitting male jumpsuit/bib outfit. Horrors!

  • Duh! Clapotis!

  • I made a Clapotis out of Seasilk and it’s lovely, tho’ small (scarf-sized). So I see I’m third to suggest it, but you can download the pattern, and it’s easily remembered!
    Have a great trip!

  • Try the Lace Ribbon Scarf from Knitty – it’s by Veronik Avery and it is quite easy and looks great in Handmaiden Sea Silk.

  • I would use Sea Silk for something spectacular, not an easy-peasy travel project. If the colorways are not so good for a big lace shawl project, make a beautifully drapey simply styled jacket/kimono. I’d pick some other yarn(s) and make Multnomah Shawl – garter and feather and fan.

  • I second Linda: I just made a Vortex Shawl, and it was brainless but compelling and came out GORGEOUS, even in Highly Questionable Yarn.

  • It might be a bit much, but Summit, from Knitty, is fabulous. I did it in Blue Heron rayon stuff that was on sale, and I did just win a blue ribbon at State Fair of Texas for it!!! It’s very repetitive once you’ve got it cast on.

  • Check out Lune Shawl on Ravelry. It drapes beautifully, you can do the plain version so you don’t have to keep track of much, it can be as big as you and your Sea Silk like. Downloadable, and Mim is very detail oriented when it comes to patterns. Happy knitting, and traveling.

  • I just knit a Lacy Bactus Shawl (garter stitch mostly with a VERY predictable YO/K2Tog row every once in a while), but I made it out of 2 skeins of Bugga (YUM!) sock yarn. I think it could be modified for Sea Silk, though. The pattern is on Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3646583926/) and is great for airplane/car knitting!

  • Three years ago I made a Little Arrowhead Shawl with 1 skein of Sea Silk. It could have been bigger (duh) but I love it just as it is and have worn it a lot.

  • First things first, HOW WAS THE BLATT? Sad to see it go.
    Second, I am going to “second” Clapotis. As someone who has just finished her fifth in a row (six if you count the 2/3 done denim one I frogged Sunday night — it’s not you it’s me, the denim and the pattern just didn’t work), I can highly attest to the portability and if you do the purl-the-stitch-to-be-dropped, you don’t need any special tools like stitch markers. I highly suggest the spreadsheet instructions, although you have to remember that purl stitch trick but it gets easy after the first few rows to remember it!
    Have fun!

  • How about the Tuscany shawl, also by Amy Singer?

  • The cats! The hotpants! The boots! But how has no one mentioned the awesome polyester overalls worn by the bass player?

  • I used this yarn for Miriam Felton’s “Lune” shawl pattern, having to download a pattern at sea, no less. It was the PERFECT vacation knitting and an absolutely lovely result. (It’s on my Ravelry page as “Mediterranean Waves.”)

  • I don’t know if this would be appropriate for your yarn, but I’ve knit a couple of these boneyard shawls http://westknits.blogspot.com/2009/04/boneyard-shawl.html and I LOVE them! I’ve used different yarn weights and just adapted the needles and number of patter repeats to suit. Made my M-i-L one for Christmas and she loves it as much as I love mine! Hope you find the perfect pattern, and have a nice, safe trip. 🙂

  • Somebody suggested Coquille- way too fiddly for me. Citron would be great- I have two going right now- didn’t you do one already?

  • Coquille from the most recent knitty:

  • I did something really similar to Lavalette with my seasilk and it looks great. I made some of the stockinette sections seed stitch to keep myself awake.

  • Did I tell you about last summer when we stayed at Abba co-founder Benny Andersson’s hotel in Stockholm? Hotel Rival–it was SO GREAT! A stack of Abba CDs in every room, in case you forgot your own. The hotel even has a theme song, “2nd Best to None.” Like Emily Dickinson!
    Second best to none
    Is a wicked place to be
    Seeing no-one else ahead of me
    I bless my luck
    My season in the sun
    Still no challenge
    Second best to none

  • I recommend the Clapotis. I made one in this yarn and it is exquisite, with a beautiful sheen.

  • Didn’t you buy that yarn for a Hanami Stole for a friend who was turning 50? Better late than never!

  • Lisa Daehlin’s garter stitch wrap, called the #13 Ruffled Edge Wrap on Ravelry. Downloadable for $5.00 from the Vogue knitting website, or in the Vogue Knitting Winter 2006/2007 issue, which you might have on a pile somewhere.
    It looks great in any yarn, and it’s excellent waiting-around knitting. Since it’s garter stitch, it actually looks better when you *don’t* pick up the wraps, so you don’t even have to worry about it.

  • http://www.interweavestore.com/Knitting/Patterns/Butterfly.html
    I made this for my daughter and she loved it. I used bamboo, but I think you sea silk would look spectacular.

  • I always knit lace patterns on trips involving airplanes or motorcycles. Not lots of stuff to keep up with, small area to store, small or smallish needles to work with. Mindless repetition after the first two or three repeats.
    Here’s a easy good one:

  • The Storm Water Scarf is beautiful in Sea Silk and just enough of a challenge to keep the ride interesting.
    and you can’t go wrong with the Montego Bay scarf.
    Happy TravelKnit…Pat

  • the flying geese stole the knitting
    daily site interweave free download

  • Ulmus by Kristen Kapur? You can choose the rectangular one (scarf, stole or wrap) or the triangular one to use as much of the seasilk as you’d like. A little lace at each end and then a 2-row repeat with alterating colors.

  • The belts placed around the cats’ middles…very weird.

  • …and did you see Gale’s (she of the Sheep Shots) recent Storm Cloud Shawlette??

  • Baktus. Love mine… wear it more than any other scarf.

  • I have done two Diamond Fantasy Shawls by Sivia Harding using one skein of Sea Silk, but you could use two skeins if you had them available.
    I just shake my head seeing the 80’s fashions! I wore stuff like that!

  • I am so tempted to knit this (saw it on Stashbasket’s blog the other day) but don’t have any drapy, soft, perfect yarn on hand, and won’t be buying a single yard (or metre) until Rhinebeck. But for you? With your limitless drapy soft wonderful yarn???

  • Forgot to say:
    with the sound off*, that video is SO DRAMATIC!
    Apart from all the emoting, I was mesmerized by the shin-fringe. Flippety flippety flippety.
    (*No force on Earth could make me watch that video with the sound on.)

  • I think this is an overlooked shawlette pattern. The pattern is very regular but interesting. Once set up with markers it was cruise sailing for me. Enjoy the west coast.

  • Kay, haven’t a clue what you should knit, but am looking forward to seeing the finished product (or work in progress…)

  • Anything Stephen West. Herbivore?http://westknits.blogspot.com/2009/08/herbivore.html

  • True about the cat dress, but it doesn’t come close to being as cool as those thin, ruffled pants the dudes have on 🙂

  • Andrea’s Shawl by Kristen Kapur would be lovely — or you could just go for the Traveling Woman shawlette/shawl.

  • I had some of the Seasilk DK and made a Minimalist cardigan with it. It is lovely, soft. It drapes in just the right way. So I guess I’m suggesting maybe a lighter weight cardigan unless you feel like fiddling with gauge. (I’m thinking not.) I love the Hay cardigan from Madelinetosh.

  • guessing/assuming the wedding would be at a posh spot in Napa, but no-drive clause makes me second-guess that location. The weather is finally getting summer-like in the Bay Area if you are headed this way.

  • Did you see the “harem-ish” pants in day-glo colors under the slits of the [polyester] dresses … agh, the 80s, in all their “stand too close to the fire you will melt your clothes” glory. And don’t forge the sparkles!
    The dancing is so wonderfully tame compared to the gyrations of today.

  • The stretch overalls on that guy?!?!!!! OUCH!
    Enjoyed that little time capsule.
    I recently finished Ishbel, but I don’t think it is a shlepable projeck.

  • I may be late on this…but look at those platform shoes! And the overalls! And hot pants under the split skirts!
    I would have suggested the Jeanie Shawl, from knitty….but I suspect you’ve already chosen something…

  • Bjorn (or is that Benny?) is also wearing a boyish neckerchief in the video. Though the styling is hardly contemporary… Puffy shiny shirt (did he steal that from a Golden Girl?)& skintight overalls has me way more disoriented than the cat tunics. But wow! Really makes me want to find some more old Abba footage. And obviously we are not having nearly enough fun with our clothes!

  • Love this:
    “Even better if it’s a pattern I can download, um, TODAY. Even better if you can give me the link to it.”
    Can’t wait to see what you picked up as a new project. Also loving ABBA all together as a family this summer. Elliot has fun spotting the ABBA all around us…. soundtracks, remakes, etc etc…