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  • oh man, she’s cute. I can’t wait to see the Kay version

  • You’re coming to England?? Are you coming for Woolfest at the end of June? And if not, please will you make it up to Scotland for a wee glass of wine with us?????

  • Rose is absolutely adorable. She looks quite a bit like my youngest niece at that age, though Rose probably isn’t as sassy. And the sweater ain’t half-bad, either.
    The Hawaiian goodies look so summery–wouldn’t it be nice if we could all spend the summer on some pristine beach? Oh, cabana boy!

  • Oh, I just love how Rose looked in those photos, so without-a-care in her Poppy! And I adore those squares of yours.

  • Non-denim colours! In a mitred denim blankie! But doesn’t That break some sort of rule of the universe?

  • to ENGLAND…. when would that trip happen 🙂

  • When?

  • She’s so precious! And the sweater looks amazing on her, perfect in every way. You got some good back tack stuff. Keep it for yourself! 🙂

  • Are you using the macadamia nuts as buttons?
    I dig that blanket. One question: is Debbie Bliss’s denim true shrinky/fadey denim? There’s some on sale here:
    And Rose–such the sassy lass, all out and about. Those colors suit her so perfectly.
    Why am I not going to England? What’s the problem here?

  • erm…you might want to mosey over to Deb’s place at ChappysMom blog….(sorry no link…but I’m ever so sure of your googling skillz!) she’s thinking of GIVING away a cone of denim…
    there’s a contest, even.
    I’m just sayin….

  • The Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim Aran is not true denim. It’s various colors of cotton (blues but also gray, red and green I think) plied with white to give a denim ‘look’. It’s the same gauge/weight as Rowan’s All Seasons Cotton. Nice stuff but expensive and short yardage, and it doesn’t fade gradually the way the Rowan/Elann/Twilleys/Elle denim yarn does. When you knit it up, the fabric resembles a fleece sweatshirt in thickness.
    This has been a Denim Public Service Announcement.

  • Kay, it is looking so good-I can’t wait to see it all sewn together – mine is at a standstill – my wrists and arms are KILLING me – I haven’t knit in days – I think this happened last summer too – Annhb

  • Rosie is adorable and the sweater is too but I think she really makes it.

  • You’re coming to England???
    Are you able to make it down to Cornwall ? – I’d do a cream tea!

  • i love all your fun-with-squares afghans! also that you’re whippin em up so quickly. progress is so inspiring.
    on the topic of squares, here’s some inspiration for you:
    ah the beauty of kaffe fassett! look at those colours!