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  • You have made my day. Not the death part; but what to do w/all those little bits of yarn. i keep thinking i will make a ripple scarf but i don’t crochet so this really fits the bill! yours is so very pretty, she will love it.

  • Not inadequate lovely scarf lovely sentiment. You’re nubbins are high class!

  • your nubbins not you’re nubbins or ur nubbinz. It’s happy hour somewhere and I’m going now.

  • Lovely remembrance.

  • Feather and Fan with Noro is my all-time favorite scarf to make and everyone loves the look of them. Great choice.

  • Oh, Ann, beautiful scarf and beautiful post. What a lovely hug to send to your friend.

  • The scarf is beautiful, every stitch a tiny, thoughtful prayer. Thanks for sharing it and your story.

  • It’s beautiful. You did right.

  • Yes, exactly. The act of knitting, and the softness, comfort, and beauty it gives to you and the recipient…sometimes it’s just what needs to be done. I’m thinking of you, and your friend and “the best” mother.

  • Ann, I’m sorry for your friend’s loss. The scarf is very pretty – homey and comforting.

  • Great scarf full of love! But hoooney, you’ve GOT to get more stash–you’re makin’ all us sable (stash above and beyond life expectancy) level stashers look bad. 😉


  • I don’t think there is any other pattern that makes yarn look so wonderful than feather and fan. Good choice I think. A lovely thought to be sure.

  • That is a truly lovely gift, and a wonderful way to remember your friend’s mom.

  • somehow when moments of great emotion strike, reaching for yarn is the thing that makes the most sense.

  • Love love love.

  • Love the scarf and love Noro Silk Garden. I have made two of the Brooklyn Tweed’s Noro Silk Garden scarfs….I first thought that is what you were going to do with all the yarn. Now I am thinking I should with all the variety of colors the stripes would be great.

  • The scarf is lovely and much better than mailing a casserole (the traditional thing to drop of to a bereaved family.)
    I am also shocked at your apparent stashlessness. Can it be that there are knitters without enough yarn to knit a scarf?

  • How beautiful, the sentiment and the scarf. You are an amazing person.

  • Wow. What beauty you created out of nubbins!

  • The scarf is a lovely gesture.
    The image of bubbling skulls is…a bit alarming.

  • Yes, and on the thought of bubbling skulls… Imagine my surprise to learn that the LaBrea Tar Pits are right smack in the middle of downtown Los Angeles! I had always thought they were akin to the Gobi Desert — someplace remote and really far away. But you can drive right past them on LaBrea Avenue. Who would have known?
    Beautiful scarf. Your friend (who already loves you) will love you more.

  • Like making a lovely patchwork quilt from bits of cloth, you took nubbins and worked a beautiful rainbow into that scarf. Necessity really is the Mother of creativity (invention). Wow.

  • It’s lovely — I’d never guess it was made of yarn-nubbins!

  • We should all be so kind !

  • What a beautiful scarf, and an EVEN MORE beautiful gesture!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • I think that I am able to complete gifts so much faster than items for myself because of the time spent thinking about the recipient. The thoughts and prayers make it easier for me to finish the project. Although, I had a really hard time making a prayer shawl for a dying friend from church last year – I kept thinking that when I finished she would die, and I couldn’t take that kind of responsibility – silly I know, but I couldn’t shake it! I finally finished it after she died and put it away.
    It was so lucky that you had that right amount of stash with you to knit away your grief – lovely.

  • what a wonderful way to wrap a friend in kindness. (sorry for the Hallmark sentiment, but there you go.)

  • Thank-you for reminding us that knitting is so much more than two sticks and string. Each item we make is made with love and good thoughts to those that will recieve them.
    And that no matter how small the stash..almost anything is possible.

  • I’m curious as to why you were even carrying that many nubbins around in the first place??

  • i do not have colours like yours in
    my stash gives me a very good excuse
    to buy more stash- love feather and fan
    skulls in the tarpits the next case
    brenda from the closer is sent out
    to solve

  • Perfect gift. It consoles the knitter and the receiver. I’ve done this, and been so happy with how it seemed to be well received. One person once said, that as a non knitter she hadn’t realized that while I was knitting I was thinking of her all the time. But it helps you while you knit and meditate, too.
    And feather and fan is my all time fave! I’m a fan of feather and fan…..Boud

  • Ann, I hope you also found comfort in the colors and softness of the yarn, and in the memories that filled your head as you knit. Peace.

  • I knew you must not have been home, as even my cats have more stash yarn than that!

  • Oooh, love it. I really want someone to make a wool-free version of Noro. Puh-lease!!

  • I. Promise. Never. To. Toss. My. Silk. Garden. Nubbins. Again.

  • You realize you’ve just created the perfect companion craze to go with the prior MDK Noro Striped scarf madness you fanned a couple of years ago? Sorry for your loss.

  • You realize you MacGyvered a scarf out of Noro nubbins. wow. Whatta knitter.

  • love the scarf and love your sense of humor(cougar skulls from the tar pits)

  • What were the other ends of those nubbins made in to to begin with?

  • Beautiful scarf – beautiful gift to a friend.
    How many stitches did you cast on? I’d love to make it also……

  • Just beautiful. And the colors, as different as they are, just go together.