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  • You didn’t ask for anyone’s opinion, Kay, but I’m offering one. I like option number 2.

  • I am also knitting a Fort Tryon. I have one more color to go. Just the mindless project I need as my son’s Rhinebeck crew team goes to the state championships this weekend in Saratoga.

  • I like option 2, but did you consider putting the dark blue on the outside? It would anchor the piece. That might be too conventional for the look you’re going for. Love your colours.

    • Exactly my thought. And what about the grey between the two greens somehow?

    • Ooh, yes, I agree with Karen! It’s going to be smashing!

    • I was going to suggest the dark blue on the outside, too.

      • I was thinking that too: Maybe salmon, mint, grey, green, blue?

        • I’m with the blue on the outside folks for the practical reason that, living in New York, one needs a dark border that doesn’t show grime—on everything.

        • That’s the way I see it too. It’ll make a great looking shawl/scarf1

  • Not that you asked, but I like the second option best.

  • Fwiw, option 2 xx

  • I like option 2 as well, but somehow, I want the minty green between the gray and the blue….

  • I liked the wrap when I recently saw the picture ( on Instagram, maybe). It reminded me of the scarf that I used to admire that would be hanging in my LYS (Flying Fingers), with that nice geometric/rectangular shape. And it’s colors were gorgeous, all Manos, too.

    Since you ask if the colors look wierd together, I will say that it only matters if You like them. You’re stuff is usually spot on.

    So enjoy your “muscle memory mindless knit”. The nagging of the young persons must not be denied! 😉


  • I have such a strong urge to reach into the screen and move those irresistible hanks around for twenty minutes. Not that I have any great color sense (I absolutely do not, unfortunately), but I do have a strong urge to postpone cleaning the Poultry Palace this morning.

  • Option three…
    So the palest color isn’t the outer edge. It will “pop” more if it is between two other colors.
    And a pale edge will show dog hair fastest.

  • My first instinct was also option 2, but look at the original shawl – it’s the dark edge and the clash in the center that makes it work. Toward that end, I vote for option 3 but move the dark blue to the outside. Imagine it worked up in garter stitch and not in the hank and everything shifts.

    My current palate-cleanser project is dark beige – its only saving grace is the brushed kid mohair and silk. All this color would be a perfect palate-cleanser to my palate-cleanser! 😉 #30WIPs

    • I agree. Option 3 but take the blue out of the middle and move it to the edge so that it goes salmon, mint, grey, green, blue.

      • That’s it! You read my mind!

    • I am agreeing with this. The dark blue is the most saturated color and would give the edge some zing!

  • I like Option 3!

  • Funny how palate cleansers are necessary. Mine come between sweater projects in general. But I haven’t tackled a Kaffe (or Alice Starmore) sweater. I love your choice. Love the colors. No advice, just some drool. 😀

  • Any order, just so that bright blue gets its fair share of attention. Why don’t you go back and just get 4 more skeins of that? Lovely!

    ps I get notifications of new posts again!

  • That wrap screams KAAAAYYYYYY!!! Whatever color combination you choose will be perfect! Love it!

  • I like option 2, for what it’s worth.

  • I think I just learned something very important about color, when you said “I think that I too often choose colors that are too close in value, when what is needed is a near-miss clash. ” Oh yes, I think I do that too. Or maybe it’s just that I tend to ignore value altogether.

    Hope this new awareness will help me as I go to order yarn for this shawl. Damn it I do NOT NOT NOT need another project. And my mindless knitting is socks. And I have too much yarn. However, my resistance is very low this morning, so we’ll see.

  • I’m loving making Fort Tryon. Socks are often my go to mindless knit, but this is fun. I’m using stash and hoping for the best.

  • Tough choices. If it were me (and it’s not, so ignore away), I’d put the gray or the dark blue on the outside. Great wrap pattern. My list of patterns to order just got longer.

    • I’m with you. I’m thinking the gray on the edge would be good, an anchor, as would the blue. I love the colors and think the look sophisticated together, not weird.

  • Love the Fort Tryon Wrap! Isn’t that near the Cloisters?

    Because you didn’t ask… I would also move the dark blue to the edge. The dark value is too strong to be in the middle.

    Happy knitting!!!

  • I also like the second picture, with the mint green next after the rusty brown peachy salmon. I’m just saying.joanne

  • Looks like some swatch-ing is in order (I know it’s a dirty word.). But that’s a lot of knitting not to be happy with it at the end. Think of it as more mindless knitting. OR wrap about an inch of yarn in each color around a small cardboard rectangle in various sequences which is what a designer instructor taught us in a class a while back. Always thought it was a genius shortcut. And to think I went to MS&W on the Saturday when I could have unknowingly brushed shoulders with you on Sunday! So glad you enjoyed it though.

  • I find myself really attracted to Ms Kapur’s patterns because the photos are so excellent – and the model (is that her daughter?) is so striking.
    I may not have knit any of her patterns yet but when I get there I am sure they will be well-written and clear.

    The colours you have chosen are lovely.
    I keep choosing moss, rust, new leaf-green, orange, turquoise for myself (not all at once) over and over.
    Time for a change!
    I am considering turquoise and red.

    p.s. I too am receiving the newsletter again

  • I think your center starter color is the same Esophus I got for my Rothko sweater a day ahead of you. Not that you asked. but another vote for option 3 here. This shawl is also reminding me of my first Albers Cowl (that references you in my Ravelry projects: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Maggistitches/albers-cowl) for which you helped me choose colors at Purl …

  • Pink, beige, mint, spring green, navy.
    Just saying.

  • Peach, pale green, beige, lime, blue (at the outer edge). Just my two cents.

  • But did you notice that this wrap is garter stitch IN THE ROUND, which means you are actually purling every other round? And towards the end those rounds are huge. I’m considering doing the center bar in true garter (because it’s knit flat), changing to stockinette for the middle stripes, then doing only the last stripe in garter-in-the-round so it doesn’t roll. Because for me, purling so many rounds is not mindless.

    • I know! I was also looking at ‘Lyza’ by Libby Johnson, which appears to alternate sections of garter and stocking stitch which would provide some relief. As usual, beauty requiers work, eh?

      Kay, looking forward to the results of your mindless productivity.

  • You know, I was trying to ignore this pattern because I have another fingering weight thing to knit before I can stash dive again and dammit you just keep bringing it up.
    The last combo is my favorite of the orders, if you’re taking stock.
    Can’t wait to see it come to fruition!

  • I like both options (I know, helpful) but I totally and heartily agree with all those who have commented that the blue needs to be the border. I think a darker color on the edge finishes things off much better. Whatever you decide, it is going to be fabulous.

  • as usual such fun to read your posts!
    that yarn looks fantabulous! love # 3 option or #1 but swap the order of the greens.

  • Doggone you, I’m supposed to be WORKING!! I read the blog this morning and promptly went to Ravelry and bought the whole set of patterns. It is so rare that I find a collection that I like every single pattern — and can conceive of actually making them all…

    So now I have spent an hour looking at all the projects for the patterns and I’m behind in my work. Oh well, that’s what makes working from home fun, right?

  • If you look at the example in the pattern photos, the colors that really stand out are the ones in the center and on the edge. The others are very close in tone and almost blend together. Therefore, your dark blue needs to be the outermost color, with the green, gray, and mint (or is that aqua?) as the three middle colors.

  • Speaking of your Big Flower Jacket, I found the book at my local thrift shop last week for $2.49!!! I might have even done a happy dance in the aisle… Who sends Kaffe Fassett to the thrift shop?!?! The upshot: one happy knitter giving shelter to Big Flower and more!

  • I like your second arrangement better, buuuut I’m also with the group who thinks a third might be best. I’m thinking (inside to outside) salmon, minty green, gray, paler green, blue. That way you get the gorgeous blue border, and it’ll pop more next to the paler green.

    /2 cents

  • A color quiz over morning coffee!! I spent my several minutes pondering and landed on option two. It’s so much more fun with someone else’s wrap. I knit a striped Isagur Stole and obsessed over the order of the colors the whole time I worked on it.

  • Option #2 really speaks to me, ymmv. Number 3, oddly, I hate. Same colors, different order, total difference. Go figure.

    • Although, on further reflection, I agree with the contingent who thinks the dark blue should be the outside color. Just pluck it out of option #2 and squish the rest together without changing the order, and put the blue to the outside. I feel very strongly about the greener color being next to the peachy-browny color as opposed to the mint color. That is what puts me off option #3. Ok, end of unsolicited input.

  • Well, since you asked…if *I* was knitting that I think I’d go: Pink Sand (or is that Brownstone I can’t remember) then Petrified Wood, Celadon, Sea Bottom then Green Tea. I don’t think the outside hue needs to be the darkest but it probably shouldn’t be the lightest either. I do love this combo!!

    That’s my two cents and worth exactly what you paid for it 😉 FYI using a black & white phone filter is magic for determining value, not that I think it matters in this shawl but for future reference.

  • Either blue or grey around the outside, and keep those greens separated!

  • Salmon, spring green, grey, seafoam, blue. The blue just HAS to be the edge yarn, in my opinion.
    Good luck.

  • Option 1 or 3… I don’t like the pink and green together for some reason!?

  • Down the rabbit hole again! I happened to have leftovers of Squoosh Fiber Arts Rapture in five colors that look fab together. So put aside the dozen WIPs already hanging around and have started a Fort Tryon. You guys are hard to keep up with! But always thanks for the inspiration.

  • Down the rabbit hole again! I happened to have leftovers of Squoosh Fiber Arts Rapture in five different colors that look fab together. So put aside the dozen WIPs and started on the Fort Tryon. Great mindless knitting. You guys are hard to keep up with but always, thanks for the inspiration!

  • Sorry about the double. Didn’t think the first post went through!

  • For what it’s worth, I would also put that deep blue at the outer border… As if you haven’t heard that option already!
    And now I want to stash dive to see if I can make one!! Squirrel anyone?!?!

  • And, I like 3. But honestly? Not crazy about the brown at all. Did Jill have a preference for order of colors?

  • PS – Just want to add, given these colors, I’d probably use 3 with brown on the outside. (See how little I know!)

  • So often in life it’s that near-miss clash that pulls everything together, isn’t it? Noro taught me that…

  • #1. Or the suggested #3 with the blue on the outside.

  • I would still be at the sheep and wool festival having analysis paralysis…congrats on selecting some beautiful colors! Can’t wait to see you modeling the finished shawl!

  • So, I like the second option, but I really like option 1, where the dark blue is next to the pinky color. Apparently Terrie (just a couple of comments above me) are alone in liking #1.

  • I have always had a great admiration for your color sense. You make things/buy things that are NOT what I would choose, but I always think they are well balanced, beautiful, and part of a consistent Kaestheic.
    I refuse to advise, but am really excited to see how this turns out.

  • The colors are just weird enough to be absolutely wonderful . I’m saying option 3 except shuffle the dark blue to the outside. Love the mint next to the putty.

  • From the outside: dark blue, minty green, gray, limey green, browny peach.

  • I like option 2 but would swap the last 2 colours leaving the workhorse grey on the outside so…..dusky pink, mint, blue, grassy green and grey.
    Kind of like encasing the sea/sky in the city! Xxx