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  • Kay,
    I too suffer from this same packaging-deprived syndrom! I understand its effects and how it works. Good for you for mailing the scarfs one at a time maybe this is the answer to keeping this syndrom in check! Love the Erik scarf! I think I see at least one of these being cast on in the next week. ( I have to get to the LYS first LOL). Thank for the info on the red scarf project my needles will be working over time to get as many out as I can.
    PS please come to GA and see us please

  • Erik (the scarf) seems to suit Erik (the man) just perfectly. I can’t imagine one single reason NOT to knit for the Red Scarf Project. I think seeing Kay knit the wool is inspiring enough to cancel out anyone’s Fear of Norma.
    You do lovely work, as usual!

  • I like the burp cloth design for a scarf- will have to try it some time.
    I mailed mine a week ago. I don’t even know Norma; I don’t look at her blog regularly. The Red Scarf just seemed like a nice thing to do.

  • But, but, but, where’s the red in your scarf? Must be my monitor. Yeah, that’s the problem, need a new monitor.

  • Mine was in an envelope, addressed and everything, for a week before I was free of impediments (ie the kids were back in school) and I could freely walk at my own pace to the post office. Phew.

  • Thank you so much for talking about the Red Scarf Project! I think it is so courageous for these kids to go for what they want and this project is so great to support them.
    I’m in love with your latest scarf–great color combo. just lurvely.
    I am sending in my first scarf as well, hoping to send in the 2nd scarf soon and i hope even a 3rd by the end of the month. one can dream, can’t they?! :o)

  • Bless you Kay! Bless you! I thought I was the only person in the whole world who struggled to get a package in the mail. I knit some hats for a ministry at Christmas. I was so proud to finish the hats in November… but sadly they are still in my basket because I never mailed them! Ugh!

  • Discover the joys of the USPS on line (http://www.usps.com/), dear friend. Print your postage from your computer. Leave your package for your postman/woman. Free yourself from the lines at the post office.

  • I, too, completely sympathize with Package Avoidance Syndrome. I live between TWO post offices (or is that posts office?) and can’t get to either one of them without a LOT of excuses. They aren’t nice to me…yeah that’s why… they aren’t nice to me. Oh for heaven’s sake I say to myself, just buck up and GO! I have my scarf in an envelope and I am on my way. Thanks for the nudge. And for the link to Norma. She is hilarious.

  • Oh, fine, another post featuring Red Scarf cute packaging and tags for the scarves. Every time I see this I get a little anxious – I was just going to pin post its on the scarves. Now I have to get all creative. And I have a bunch of anonymous donations to tag up.
    No really, this is a great project and your scarf is loverly. I’m inspired to package mine up right. But I do have Post Office Avoidance Syndrome, so I am checking out the print out a label link.

  • Whew! All these packaging-and-mail-impaired people! I’m not alone and I can just feel the love! Is there a support group for this sort of thing? Can we start one? ;o)

  • i actually mailed mine last week. it had been done for 2 months! i was having a mailing binge, i also mailed off 2 other charity projects as well. i really wish i could meet Norma in person, but unless some strange time/space continuum happens, it probably won’t happen, lol. she’s too far away!

  • I mailed my scarf yesterday. I really love this project and have taken to it like no other charity knitting. (I would have made more than one scarf, but I am soooo slow. Am working on mutiples for next year). Now if we could just work on getting these great kids adopted into a loving supportive home before they age out and go off to college…I’d still send them a scarf.

  • Oh what a wonderful Red Scarf. And that ribbon-ing! Lovely.
    I live next door, walk-in-your-slippers distance, to a tiny neighborhood (one window) post office. I see it as an extension of my personal space, sort of like the kitchen counter with stamps avilable. I can never ever move!

  • But, but, butbutbut… Norma said it had to be red. I remember it. There was yelling (internet style). There were imprecations against pink and mauve and statements like “if you have to ask it’s not red enough.”
    And here you go, being all subversive and rebel-ish with the “just use anything in your stash.”
    I’m totally telling Norma.

  • Are those your gift tags, with those nice young men on them? I love them (the tags that is)-

  • Pardon me while I turn into Ned Flanders: what a coinkydink! I mailed a Red Scarf to the Red Scarf Project this very morning. It was red and grey, actually. You’d think I was an Ohio State fan…and I have nothing against Ohio State, mind you, but I really don’t care about football. (Pause while entire nation of my birth gasps.) (Another pause while I assure nation of my birth that I adore baseball almost as much as I adore yarn, so I’m all right really.) I do go on; sorry! Your RSP scarf is marvelous, and so is The Erik – how cute does Erik look all muffled up in it!

  • Mine were mailed already, sorry for being organized. If it makes you feel better, my house is a wreck.

  • Aren’t teachers looking younger and younger all the time?! My kids’ teachers look impossibly young, too. Did mine? No. Man, they were old! They must have been oldsters of 28 or so. 😀

  • Somewhere along the line, we court reporters definitely scared the bejesus out of lawyers and law school professors and senior partners of law firms. More than once I have heard the story, “I was trained by so-and-so, who said, ‘Always be very nice to the court reporters. If they don’t like you, they can make you look like a fool.'”
    Well. I always thought lawyers did a danged good job of that themselves. BUT I love ’em anyway.
    ESPECIALLY funny, sweet, scarf-knitting ones.
    Your scarf and your ribbons and your card are FANTASTIC. If you didn’t already mail it, let me know. I’ll get on a jet plane and come down there and mail it mySELF. XOXO

  • Here’s the secret of getting stuff mailed: find a ‘mailing center’ (not a post office) run by a friendly older lady. There’s one on my way to work. She can do USPS or UPS, and all I have to do is take my stuff in – for a truly minimal price, she packages it up for me. My big fear is that she will retire, although it appears she has her son in training. I will be taking her my red reversible-cable scarf as soon as it’s off the needles!

  • You’ve got great packaging too! I love it. The scarf is gorgeous. I think I’ll have to give that pattern a try.

  • I love it and totally sympathize with the packing problem. We still haven’t packed our holiday gifts for my brother and his fambly. Oh well, Christmas in February it is!! The scarf is gorgeous, and knowing it doesn’t even have to HAVE red in it means I can do some extra stash busting myself.

  • myself, i like how the photos of this scarf play off Ann’s photo of the floor mosaic. and kay? the packaging/presentation of that scarf makes up, in spades, for any supposed lack in the mailingandsending department. bows and cards– how lovely! i have more than one hole-puncher (is there a better word for that?) and can never find ’em when i need ’em.

  • Is it just me or does it seem kinda nutty that no one has mentioned how CUTE Erik in The Erik is….? Just sayin’!

  • Very prettily packaged.

  • Ha! I’m glad I’m not the only one who hate/procrastinates mailing packages! Right there with ya’, sister! Love the scarf. Very clever using the Noro to stripe.