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  • And I thought my kids were going to be the only ones without knitted things from a mom who knits. I don’t blame you for hanging arounf that wall, it’s pretty darn nice.

  • I am a lurker but your website cracks me up! btw as a road warrior air traveler I saw a lady with your book and knitting away! A different woman in the same area was also knitting!
    Thank you both for your very entertaining blog. Judith

  • Can I just ask a question? Say I’m holding a baby up against my shoulder–you know, a little urpmeister? One who’s just had a big bowl of organic baby carrots? If I took that Manly Scarf, and put it over my shoulder, do you think it might work as a . . . baby genius burp cloth?
    Just wondering. Don’t know what made me think that.
    The P.J. Clarke’s hat is killing me. Girl loves a chablis.
    And Kaffe taking a stroll with his quilt . . . just another day out on the lane . . .

  • What are those wool-looking yarns made of? Very photogenic, whatever their origins.

  • I’m on scarf road too in a major way.

  • I’m all about artsy pictures of knitting, even at the risk of appearing ridiculous…Love the scarves! Umm..I’ve been wearing gloves and a scarf from Old Navy since it started getting cold…

  • it IS the most purrfect time to think about the red scarf project! love your LOVE!

  • As a former teacher, I noticed that it was always the handknit hats and mittens that got lost and left in the office to be found by parents at PT conferences. The kids never seemed to lose those ACK-rylic ones, however. ‘Scarf city here in my living room corner in Wisconsin, too. There are just so darn many cool patterns and yarns out there that call to be knitted as scarves this year. What’s up with that?

  • Is there a pattern for the Manly Scarf? I Googled “manly scarf” and came up with many choices, but didn’t find one close to yours. Love it! Want. To. Knit. It.

  • Is there a pattern for the Manly Scarf? I Googled “manly scarf” and came up with many choices, but didn’t find one close to yours. Love it! Want. To. Knit. It.

  • Sorry ’bout that double post. Seems the computer burped.

  • i had the same thoughts with my little ones yesterday whent he first snowfall hit.
    my oldest with no mittend and the baby with no good hat.

  • Kay:
    I beg of you, if you ever decide to give the PJ Clarke’s hat away…

  • Sorry, Kay, yesterday morning all the child-handknits-up-putting (CHUmP) energy allotted to the eastern standard time zone was drained by Bruno who wore his trekking xl socks, and noro sweater, hat (it still fits!), and scarf to school. I don’t expect it EVER to happen again.

  • I am also on a scarf binge, working my way through Barbara Walker and some baby alpaca purchased for the Asia flight. I love yours though (I just keep keeping mine because I fall in love before I’m done). Then the hat and perfect sweater.
    Enjoyed the wall shoot, I also like rocks and water–odd……

  • this past weekend my boyfriend and I bought gloves and hats from Kohls. BOUGHT! it was rough. But in my defense, I have four sweaters still going for christmas.

  • I don’t think it’s time to worry yet. The time to worry is when you start wandering the neighborhood, with your knitting … in nothing but your nightgown.

  • Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! Yarn details for Manly Scarf? Not that I’ll get any right now, as I’m determined to FINISH at least two more things from stash before I buy anything more, but you know, I could put it on the list of yarns I’m so valorously not purchasing right now.
    As for men in floral shirts, I gotta coupla dudes in Brooklyn I could introduce you to.

  • Very thoughtful of your neighbour to put up such a nice wall for you to photograph knits on. Clearly he has a deeper understanding of the Needs of a Knitblogger than he’s willing to admit.

  • I’m strolling on Scarf Road too. Just a short stroll this year (2) compared to last year when I knit 8. And I also bought a hat this year. No time to knit one for myself.

  • You knit for teachers? That is above and beyond the call of duty! Ours might get a hastily rubber-stamped card with smudgy writing…

  • Ooo… I love the pattern (and yarn) on the manly scarf!
    I love me a great wall too… I don’t blame you. 😉

  • Thanks for the picture of the scarf on the wall. I have been trying to photograph a scarf I made lengthwise with sock yarn but having no sun around my house in the winter I was racking my brain on what to do with it. Ahha, I will take it to the wall around my subdivision although not as great as your wall. Thanks again, you have given me inspiration.

  • …I spy LL Bean floral backpack and “blue water” boy fleece below the “ackrylic” We bought the P.J. version… cuz out here in CaliWARMia kiddos are still in shorts. Sure it goes down to 34 degrees in the night but by the walk home from school it is back to 68 so as my son says “why bother ma?”……..hats?
    Beautiful manos hats from me…they go to the homeless downtown Sacramento and everyone is happy!

  • Oh, I’ve got to get back to my Red Scarf. I started a knitalong to support the effort (http://redscarf.wordpress.com) but I’ve had so much going on that I haven’t had much to post about!

  • Right, that would be http://redscarfproject.wordpress.com. I swear, I know where my KAL is!

  • Can you possibly divulge any details about the red scarf, like yarn or pattern? It is beautiful. I particularly love the bulky yet lacy look.

  • The scarves are great and I am with you in the “wall” department! I live in New England and have one of “those” walls on the road that you are talking about, actually quite a few of us have them and what I love even more is walking through the woods and finding the walls that are just “there” from way back. It makes you wonder who built it, why?, etc.

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one toiling away in the wilderness, knitting scarves for teachers (I’m on #4 of 4). My Manly Scarf version was entirely garter stitch. I love your pink scarf.
    My kids won’t wear handknits, either! It’s just wrong.

  • Nobody does a stone wall like New Englanders. They just don’t have stonemasons anymore that have the skill or patience to do it right. Is it Andrew Goldworthy who creates the artistic stone walls and then photographs them? I think it is. I love them, too, but, alas, I live in the midwest where we hammer up plywood and call it a fence. Yuck! We don’t have a fence… we have natural tree barriers.

  • Perhaps I should have a rotten week and expose my underwear to people more often, because lo’, then I drive home in a rotten snowstorm and find not only THIS post, complete with Frost-inspired imagery, but a promise to knit red scarves (and links from you AND Wendy). See? I guess I paid my dues.
    Worth it!
    “Whose woods these are I think I know….”
    Now I’m all teary-eyed. Whatever. Worth it!

  • Knitter moms who send their kids to school in bar hats are my kind of peeps 😉

  • Oh please, what is the lovel yarn used in the rock wall scarf?

  • Actually, Kay, I think the chartreuse hat, while a crap color (my least favorite), is probably fleece, which is polyester, I think. Still a petroleum product, of course, though. (This is coming from a knitter of 5+ years who has a very warm fleece hat but, alas, no handknitted hat.)