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  • Blarf made me laugh yesterday, and still makes me laugh this morning.

    • Sometimes the simple posts the best. Reminds me of an extremely silly email exchange i had decades ago. Thanks for the double.

      Wish I were meeting u at Rhinebeck. ENJOY!

    • Blarf is my favorite!

  • Also, Blap.
    Whatever you call it, it’s a thing of great beauty.

  • What I thought was s & w from shawl and you havea swanket and isn’t it swank?

  • Go out in left field. Woobie. (Like the one in the movie Mr. Mom)

    • I love this, and given its use while being knit!

    • Yes! My husband and I still use the term “woobie” (although for us it’s morphed to mean our body pillows).

  • When I got to the end I went back and read all the options in a Scooby voice…thank you for my morning laugh!

  • It’s an adult ‘lovey’. Like Linus’ security blanket

  • Being a knitter and a poet and a Scooby-Doo fan,i like scrawl the best…

  • Not enough riffing on stole. Or Throw. Internet full of knitting Throles. Stolket. Blanket + Throw = Blow. No, that’s something else.
    Looks delish.

  • Stephen West has a pattern called Chevron Shlanket, with shawl + blanket = shlanket. Just another option to throw into the ring.

  • You had me at Rhinebeck Rectangle.

  • Got a knitter friend who is knitting a slanket…
    Love all the other suggestions. Either way, its just gorgeous

  • Oh dear, I seem to have enough touched a nerve with my scanket comment. Oops

    • LOL! I think we definitely need to cook up a Skankette pattern, because I’d be curious to see what that would be.

  • and the cats? sitting there, hanging out without an intro?

    • Cats don’t need names. They know who they are.

    • I know it’s maybe hard to tell, but they are doing their best Scooby Doo imitations.

  • Keep knitting. Whatever it is, it isn’t long enough to keep both you and the cats warm at the same time. P.S.: Mr. Wrarf served about the Enterprise-D.

    • er — “…ABOARD the Enterprise-D.”

  • mine became the Striped Scarf of Doom as it took so long… sock weight yarn… in knitting? never again…

    • I bet your drape is gorgeous. This worsted weight is right on the line between Drape and Drag! Hoping for a cold winter . . .

  • OMG! Has everyone seen the 10/3 New Yorker?? All the little teeny cartoons in the midst of pages are ALL about knitting!!! Go knitting!

  • Scarket?