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  • I’ll make one with you. The pictures you posted are most attractive and I want to slip into the whole outfit, including the kitchen. And, why can’t we be Charlotte? I think we can.

  • I have always admired your taste and style, Kay. GG cardi, if you must, I know it will be just the right amount of what my mom called “studied casualness”.
    I did so like the Ranger cardi that you completed several months back, and can picture you wearing one in a dark shade of indigo over a great pair of jeans, on a lazy Sunday, while shopping for more Lettlopi yarn at your favorite LYS.

    • “Studied Casualness”. I love that.

  • Look at Von Hinterm Stein’s designs. Big Sister is loose-ish and has a notched collar. Navajo OnLine has the right feel too although it shouldn’t since it doesn’t have cables and that seems like crucial part of a grandpa cardigan. Maybe Gehrock/Longinus would work although it too lacks cables but it does have the collar.

    • Tracey is definitely on to something. I was not familiar with Von Herterm Stein- but she has some fabulous designs. City Trip also looks like an option. Thank you Tracey for feeding my addiction!

      • City Trip looks great! Nice collar detail with a bit of a fitted shape.

    • I just faved Big Sister a couple of days ago, and was planning on recommending it also (same notched collar). And though I have not knit one of her patterns, I have faved several of them. Her work looks beautiful and is highly rated by the knitters.

    • I second Von Hinterm Stein, and also recommend a look at La Maison Rililie. In fact, the latter offers the [Funky Grandpa](http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/funky-grandpa) – hope this link works – among other likely choices.

    • Tracey–I, too, was not familiar with this designer, or so I thought. In looking over the wonderful sweater designs, a wrap called “Quadri ” caught my eye. The squares on the wrap reminded me of a cowl that Kay once made where she added a garter stitch recrangle (s). I went to add it to my favorites and found I had already added it in 2014! Go figure. Thank for pointing me in the right direction!–Diane

    • I’m in the middle of making Navajo Online and it’s gorgeous. (Just sayin’.)

    • I’m fantasizing about Longinus – And I didn’t even WANT a grandpa sweater 😉

      • I have to say those random stripes look to me like Kay’s style….

    • Yay for this designer! Thanks for sharing.

    • Test comment.

    • Here’s another one.

  • There is the “granddad cardigan” in Indigo Knits. It is not woolly and not oversized, but “long and slim.” Maybe that is what you need. We don’t want to look too eighties and oversized. Do we?? I do love that look, but recreating it on me has not been successful.

    • alas no picture in Ra

  • I have an LL Bean sweater that I think could be classified as a grandpa sweater. It’s just a regular cardigan but it is my go-to sweater for comfort, kinda loose and saggy. My dad wore golf sweaters similar in style, so maybe my sweater reminds me of him.

  • I’m currently working on Argo. It’s a simple design, but with great details: a stand up collar, circular pockets and just a hint of gathers at the yoke. It fits slim, but being worked up in a Aran weight yarn, I’m thinking of it as more of a jacket.


  • How about the Polar Coat by Regina Moessme?

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  • Brooklyn Tweed is my go to site for comfy, elegant, “grandpa” like sweaters. Down the rabbit hole you go!

  • Take a look at Trailhead by Veronik Avery in the Brooklyn Tweed catalogue. It’s a ” toothsome knit with eye-catching results”! (I didn’t say that- they did.) The various parts are all done and it was a great knit- cables, pockets, internal shaping- what? Loved it and can’t wait to put it together and do the finishing.

  • The first Purl Soho knitting book has a great worsted zip cardigan that may fit the ticket or provide a basic blue print to rift from…..and I also endorse the rabbit hole of the Brooklyn Tweed website (and new patterns will be up on September 14th)

  • Put the Kettle On by Amy Miller? Big gauge with a big shawl collar, but has waist shaping. Has the high-low hem thing going on as well. I like that but not everyone does. Have fun looking!

  • How about Churchmouse Yarns “Go-To Cardigan”?

  • How about this one?
    Comfy, cosy top-down knitting with steeks even; was a fun challenge

  • I love the idea of a granddad sweater, but am afraid they look “dumpy” or “dowdy” on me. Kay, please take a look at Churchmouse’s “Modern Wrapper Fine” – I think it has the cozy, relaxed fit you’re looking for but it has a bit more style to it. They downsized the “Modern Wrapper” to a slimmer fit…and yes, it’s a pullover, but a little steeking can quickly solve that problem, right? I’m happy to hear that you’re looking forward to “life after Kaffe”…hang in there – you’re almost there!

  • Knitspot.com has a few. I love her patterns.

    • Ooh, good choice!

    • yah . That is where I was going too.

  • Rav Search
    Collared, adult, oversized fit, positive ease coat or cardigan


    11 pages of cozy knits.

    • Love!

  • For years in my youth I wore a granddad sweater that had actually belonged to my granddad. It had what I consider the basics – neutral color, longish body, cardigan, simple 3X1 rib pattern, front pockets, not too heavy (sport wt? I was too ignorant of knitting to pay attention in those days). It was not particularly baggy. It finally dissolved into shreds, very sad….

  • Tinder by Jared Flood looks nice.

    • I am knitting my own Tinder right now and it is fabulous!

      • I was also going to suggest Tinder. It’s at the top of my next sweater to knit list.

        Another possibility (and also on my sweater list) is Chocolate Stout, but it looks might be a little bulkier than what you’re looking for.

  • Here’s my vote for an elegant Grandpa Cardigan: in Spirit trail fiberworks Birte


    • Gorgeous pattern and swooning over that color.

      • Yes, the color is amazing, but in my experience, all of her colors are. I have a good deal of her yarn and fiber, and it is lovely to see and feel. It pleases multiple senses at once. And just such a great person as well. One of the many jewels of our fiber community.

  • Maybe you want an auntie sweater instead? That’s what Rampling’s cardi looks like to me. It’s not bulky or seriously oversized, which seem to be the hallmarks of grandpa sweaters. They also tend to be somewhat ratty.

  • I thought Navajo On Line, too, but Westley Cardigan (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/westley-cardigan ) has some nice details that would make it better suited to those of us who are shorter and rounder than Ann. If you think a granddad sweater needs cables, a shawl collar and pockets, then how about the Farmer’s Market Cardigan : http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/farmers-market-cardigan from Interweave ages ago?

  • Brooklyn Tweed’s already been mentioned (Tinder’s very comfy and I’ve got lots of wear out of the one I made). How about Kate Davies? Deco has a similar style to the ones Ms Rampling’s wearing in the photos you posted. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/deco-4 I made mine longer than the pattern stated, because I don’t like sweaters riding up above my waistband when I bend.

  • Lori Versacci has anumber of good Grandpa cardigans on her pages, but I have never seen the notched collar like that, and I am wondering if it isn’t a regular notched lapel, but pressed into the upward position. I think I will have to watch the movie!

  • Tinder! Not the dating app, the sweater: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/tinder

  • As an aside, but movie related….the handknits in The Light Between Oceans are FABULOUS! Fabulous! I kept getting distracted from the beautiful scenery by the lovely handknits!

  • I agree with many others in that this is a job for Brooklyn Tweed and Wool People…lately I have been stalking the Kierson cardigan…I love a good shawl collar and so do grandpas! 😉 But it is also very polished and feminine….best of both worlds! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/kierson

  • When I saw the pictures of the one Ms. Rampling wears, I first thought of Rowan. What a coincidence — the movie was filmed in Norfolk! A quick glance at the Rowan web site shows loads of possibilities — give it a look.

    • (After you’ve finished the ginormous Big Floral Damask Slipcover Thing, that is!)

  • How about the Ribby Cardi by Bonne Marie Burns? It’s on my list of comfy sweaters to knit soon. (Once I get my yarn spun for it.)

    • I’ve knit ChicKnits Ribby Cardi but my go-to in this department is my Twist, another BMB design. Mine is old enough to predate a pattern revision, but I knit it in Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed a decade ago and adore wearing it.

  • I’ve gifted “This is THAT Sweater” to your ravelry account for consideration!

  • A few I have made and love:

    Emerson by Veronik Avery (really more of a coat, though I shortened mine a bit, details are wonderful!)
    Linney by Amy Christoffers (great pocket detail)
    Uniform by Carrie Bostick Hoge (easy, fast and satisfying)

    And one I just faved and would like to make, and which looks the most like Ms. Rampling’s (also already mentioned above):
    Big Sister by von Hintern Stein

    I LOVE cardis. Live in them. Can’t have too many.

    P.S. I can’t stand it when I see people put their shoes on furniture! I mean, I know it’s a shoot, and those might even be new and clean, but still, it just bugs me. Otherwise, I adore Charlotte Rampling. What a life, what a fierce woman, and wonderful actress. XO

    • I made Emerson last year, out of Ultra Alpaca from stash. A 5’3″ person needs to shorten the length and the armhold depth, but it is otherwise perfect.

    • That bothered me too, but CR has done far more shocking things!

  • I think the key is fitted sleeves and longish length. Nothing says dowdy like too-big sleeves. The body can be a bit big if the sleeves are fitted. I, too, have been thinking about a cardigan like this. And drape is everything! Sadly, I haven’t found the perfect one yet, but I bet I will upon re-reading the comments.

  • Here is a free pattern and so well written. It was my first cardigan knit:

  • OK someone needs to collect all these suggestions in a thread in the Ravelry group!

  • I also love the purple cardigan Charlotte Rampling wears (often with a russet colored blouse) in “Broadchurch.”

    Oh who am I kidding? I just love cardigans.

    My ravelry queue turned up these wanna-knits:


    An embarrassment of riches, for sure…

  • Will be scrutinizing all the suggestions! Have been on a similar search for years.
    My true quest is a pattern like the late 1940’s cardigan sweater I inherited knit by my greatgrandmother. I wore it till it was in shreds. Worsted weight or DK, slightly oversized, it had shirt tail hems, roomy pockets, a nice but not too large collar that folded back like a lapel, hemmed button bands…very Katherine Hepburn. sigh.
    (will be happy to look like Katherine Hepburn while you are Charlotte Rampling)

  • Tinder by Jared Flood is my favorite grandpa cardigan

  • One thing I’ve noticed about grandpa cardigans is that, on anyone with a noticeable chest, the lower the top button, the less frumpy the look. Not sure how a notched collar would fit into that though.

    • As someone with a “noticeable chest,” I can say that v-neck sweaters are my go-to as they look way less frumpy. The Big Sister looks great, but check how it looks on more well-endowed knitters.
      The one I’m contemplating is Dark and Stormy. I’m not sure if it completely qualifies as a grandpa sweater but it looks awful cozy to me.

      • I love my Dark and Stormy! I knit it in Mad Tosh and it is unbelievable. I can’t wait til it’s cold enough to wear it- I finished it in March, so I only wore it twice before it got too warm.

  • Brooklyn Tweed is also my go to for this sort of sweater. Because I want to use the lighter weight Loft, I’ve narrowed my search for a wear with everything cardigan to Woolfords, Keel, Breckon and Reine.

  • I want one too, so will be reading the comments. Though I live north of you in southern Ontario, and it’s climbing into the 100s today!! Enough already. Bring On Autumn!!

  • I have several sweaters worth of yarn for this cardigan, ready to go! Check out http://www.ravelry.com/bundles/cardigans-62141 which are cardigans designed by Lori Versaci. I’m looking at Open Star, Boyfriend and Mainstay. Just.can’t.decide.

    I’ll look forward to your choice!

  • Take a peak at the Aegina Cardigan. It’s long and comfy and in a worsted weight… by a new designer: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/aegina-cardigan

  • I test knitted Big Sister by Von HintermStein and I can only second everything that has been said above.

    The fit! The construction! The collar! The pockets! It’s chic and unfussy and looks fantastic in a myriad of yarns.

    • Yours is in my “favorites”, and is the reason I queued Big Sister. It is gorgeous! 😉

  • Don’t forget Isabell Kraemer! Click here for a list of her designs on Rav: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#sort=best&query=Isabell%20Kraemer

  • Not sure if this fits, but PNW #1 by Bonne Marie Burns. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/pnw-1

    I just came across it in my library and thought it might fit your bill!

  • Big sister is most definitely a win and next on my list , and my favorite true grandpa sweater without the glam part is Bellows by Michelle Wang because shawl collar and cables and warmth and roomy fit = pure grandpa… I added pockets to mine though

  • Thanks to everyone for the cardi comments. I’ve been wishing for a granddad sweater for many years. What I actually long for, whether I knit or buy it, is a Mr. Rogers sweater. It would have a zipper, made of lightweight wool, possibly in red, with conservative cables along the front edges or down the sleeves. I would wear it with navy blue Keds.

  • So many great pattern discoveries in this thread (especially von Hinterm Stein)!

    If I wanted to *literally* make Charlotte Rampling’s sweater (and um, I kinda do), I don’t think it would be too hard to gin up. To me, the key elements seem to be: set-in sleeves, allover rib fabric (maybe a 3×1 or 4×1?), yarn weight no heavier than DK, yarn that is more springy than drape-y, v-neck that ends around the bottom of the armholes, wide (2.5″?) 1×1 rib picked-up buttonbands and notched collar (collar is wider), inset pockets, mid-hip length, and a straight fit with trim sleeves. Minimal/nonexistent edging on the cuffs and hem.

    The biggest question would be choosing a sweater shape that gives a similar look if one is not shaped like Rampling (she seems to be shoulders > bust > hips, making a straight-cut sweater hang beautifully on her). For my particular shape (bust > waist << hips), that's often achieved by using hourglass waist shaping at the back only — but on the other hand, it's much simpler to knit an allover pattern with a straight, rectangular sweater body!

    Either way, I'd make a nice swatch and then fire up CustomFit to build a v-neck cardigan that incorporated the above design elements. Using that as a base pattern, I'd add the collar-notch and the inset pockets (not so complicated, as modifications go). Of course, one could always jazz it up a bit — like making every nth rib a small cable, or doing something more interesting with the cuff/hem edging. That's the fun of making it yourself, right?

  • Sorry if someone has already posted this but I ran across it on my ravelry feed. It’s Big Sister by von Hinterm Stein. It even has the notches!

  • To look like C.R. you would need to lose 50 pounds and have a trunk filled with worn out ballet shoes. I bet she chain-smokes, too!

  • Jane Richmond’s Beacon Hill cardigan is the “grandpa” sweater on my list. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/beacon-hill-2

    I saw it made up by someone in a public bathroom on a ferry and thought how lovely and flattering it was – so much so that I had to gush to said stranger.

    I love the shawl collar.

  • If I see you at Rhinebeck, you can ogle my yet-to-be-written-up GG and make suggestions.

  • Have a look at Amy Herzog’s work. Some seriously nice cardi patterns.

  • Ooh, Kay, here’s another one! Specifically inspired by the designer’s grandfather (see her guest post in the Twist Collective blog), the Smoky Lake cardigan: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/smoky-lake

  • Oh Kay, I knew your challenge was going to result in numerous, glorious suggestions with links included! What a fun afternoon of perusal!

  • I fell quickly for “You Wear It Well.” (And it’s on sale for a few days.)


  • What about Long Sands on ravelry. Femininely grand-dad-ish.

  • Here is my fav:


    It’s more of a set of instructions than an actual pattern—I knit one with Brown Sheep’s wool/cotton blend years ago and wore it literally to death. I added some garter stitch rib to the bottoms of the body and the sleeves—you can make this as plain or fancy as you wish. I have some light weight Peace Fleece marinating in my stash for this—it’s still a bit too hot for sweater knitting here in the Midwest.

  • What a tremendous collection of suggestions. Now I will clear my long list of bookmarked cardigans for these. The VHS designs are beautiful. For Charlotte’s look, you’ll need to add a giant GSD and somehow live within an ochre palette. (I half expected Wallander to be in the quaking shrubbery.)

  • I am aiming for a similar look by knitting Reine. No notched collar, but otherwise grandpa-like.


  • I love the Shapely Boyfriend by Stefanie Japel. More fitted but old fashioned button band. Also, as a bonus, it is free.

  • I made Gudrun Johnson’s Little Wave, a nice grandpa shape with just enough detail as my very first sweater. I made it a bit too big and will try a smaller size when I make it again. Pockets, collar, what more could you want?