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  • Thank you Judy for your fabulous modeling job!

    • I didn’t want to give it back, Wendy! The color arrangement is fantastic and the texture, oh my! It is a work of art especially for this mitered-square loving girl. You are a genius! Thank you.

    • Did you get it back?!

      • Not yet, but I’m sure I will soon. These ladies are honorable. (Are y’all listening?)

        • Wendy knows where we live!

  • That is stunning!

    But I Must Not start anything else until the holiday knitting is done!

  • Magnificent! A wonderful garment that looks so comfortable and fun to wear. I can somehow feel myself that creative satisfaction you must be feeling in this major accomplishment. It is truly Amazing!

  • Wendy, is there going to be a pattern offered for this gorgeous sweater??? It is lovely!

    • Thank you! No pattern, but I bet you could replicate it from the description in this article. It’s really just a bunch of mitered squares, knit until they were big enough to suit me!

  • Completely great. It makes me think of my Nana’s amazing knitting (and it makes me wish she were here to knit it for me). Congratulations!

  • what detergent is specifically for linen? i have lots of linen sweaters i have knit for my hot climate, but i am not sure what to wash them with.

    • I used “Le Blanc Lavender Linen Wash” (available via Amazon). I bought it to launder my bedsheets because they are antique linen and I wanted a detergent that was gentle. Since I already had it, I figured I could use it for my kimono. But I bet you could use Soak or a similar woolwash with good results too.

      • I have to admit I’ve been slightly obsessed with the idea of your antique linen sheets.

    • I’ve always washed my linen stuff with my regular detergent. No problems (yet).

  • I’m very impressed. I didn’t know there was a soap specifically for linen.I suspect everything looks wonderful on Judy. I’d love to know the amount of ease that was allowed.

  • I actually gasped when I saw the finished product on Judy….perfect for all seasons but stunning in the fall.

  • What a wonderful post, so full of technical details. I love Fair Isle but often find it too warm to wear. Maybe I could knit a FI sweater out of linen that I could actually wear in real life. I have 8 oz of some olive green linen, maybe I will get myself a set of those min skeins for Christmas. Hmm. A wonderful planning and scheming moment.

  • Are you sure Judy will send it back?!!!!!! It’s beautiful & linen…. oh my.,,

  • It’s glorious!

  • Could this be done in fingering weight, or is your linen heavier?

    • The linen is sportweight but I don’t see why you couldn’t do this in fingering weight too.

  • Oh my, Wendy, this is beyond amazing! Such creativity! Such sheer genius! I’ve only knit with linen once, a hand towel, and learned the hard way (can you say blue fiber-y hands?) to give linen several good washes and dries before using for such purposes. You were so smart to keep checking the lint trap on your dryer! Now I’m coveting a mini skein set…

  • Stunning, Wendy. Just stunning. And with the linen, it will just get more beautiful with age.

  • Wow. Beautiful. Thank you for the design process, Wendy. Please let us known that it has arrived home safely. Judy is not the worry. It’s the mail service. Oh, wait..give my regards to Loki. No doubt he feels part of the whole project and would like to take his bow.

  • What a glorious jacket. Thank you for sharing the process of creating it!

  • Wendy – have you stopped writing your blog? I haven’t seen it in a long time, and I really do miss it.

  • It looks like so much fun!!! I’ll try with bamboo!