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  • Anna, if you’re reading this – awesome mod to the Perfect Sweater! Well done! I loved seeing your sweater *almost* as much as I loved reading the phrase “by jinky”!

  • just listened to your interview while knitting a sock ….. thanks for sharing with us … can’t wait to see the new book

  • Nice two-colour job there! And thumb holes! Cool!

  • The sweater looks FANTASTIC! Love it! (With or without the thumbholes.)

  • That Anna! Did she patent the thumbhole thing? 😉

  • Oh man, my teenager is going to want thumbholes in all her sweaters now! Why do I suspect Anna won’t manage to remain blogless for long?

  • I’m floored! Anna, you mustn’t remain blogless. Please?

  • “Free sweater with every pair of wristwarmers!” Such a deal!
    This is the Stone Soup of sweaters…..love it.
    xox Kay

  • Oh that is fantastic — I pull the sleeves of my sweater down over my hands when it is really cold (the sleeves are really long) but I never thought of thumb holes — BRILLIANT!!!

  • Love the mods and that pretty picot hemmed edge, too!

  • Very cool idea! My sleeves are always too long, and what a great way to compensate for my lack of measuring skills!

  • Tell her the sweater is beautiful.

  • Wow! That’s so cool. I can’t wait to see the tutorial! Great job, Anna.

  • Thumbholes! Bloody brilliant! My mom always hated it when I wore my sleeves too long, but I always loved them that way. I’ve always thought thumbholes on a sweater would be fantastic, so I’m thrilled that someone else has figured out how to do it for me.

  • My 8 year old daughter has made a few “thumb holes” in her long sleeve shirts, much to my chagrin. I just happen to be knitting a sweater for her and am working on the sleeves now. I’ll have to make the sleeves long and leave a couple of holes for those thumbs. That will greatly increase the chances that she will wear the sweater too!

  • Oh! Oh! Someone give that girl a prize for Best Sweater Innovation Ever. Heck, Best Clothing Innovation Ever!
    How many times have you awkwardly grabbed at the ends of your sweater sleeves when you put on a jacket? So the sweater sleeves won’t get balled up at your elbows? Every time, right? (And haven’t you taught a young child or two how to do this, as well?)
    Never again with the Sweater Thumb Holes!

  • I love her color choices, too — she needs a blog, stat!

  • Now don’t THAT beat all?!

  • Wow that’s fantastic! I must make one now!

  • Brilliant! A wonderful addition to an already fabulous pattern.

  • Hey all,
    I cross posted this question over at the Yarn Harlot and its an important question (to me) so I’m hoping to get a little help as soon as possible.
    My sister in law and her husband travel to Bolivia often and three times now I have recieved big bags of Fotrama Alpaca yarn. Gorgeous yummy stuff and insanely cheap. Like 2 bucks a skein cheap.
    Its so nice I haven’t knit anything with it but now that I have about 40 skeins, I really need to knit it up. However, for yarn weight it says Title 2/4 and I don’t know what that means! I could swatch it with various needles (yes, I know the right thing to do, but SO boring) so I was wondering if you lovelies could tell me what size needles to use and approximate gauge to expect.
    I thank you in advance.

  • Meg,
    1. Compare yarn to known size (ww, dk, sock, fingering…). Look at recommended gauge and needle size.
    2. Recognize that alpaca knits up drapey (aka “limp”) compared to similarly sized yarn.
    3. Consider the two above, and whether you are a tight or loose knitter, what you intend to make with it, and voila — your EXACT gauge AND needle size.

  • I love the color- the sweater looks incredible!!!

  • Very cool! I have an Eddie Bauer Jacket with the same feature…thumb holes in the sleeves!

  • Hey ladies, recently bought your book, and I’m loving it. I just wanted to share a little dishrag related discovery – I wanted to try a different pattern, as much as I love the ball-band pattern, for a little variety, so I cast on some multicolor coton for a mitred square, but instead of puring the ws rows, I only purled every 4th row, thus making a rib like pattern in the square – it’s nice and nubbly!
    Thanks for everything you do!

  • Now the is Brilliant!!!

  • That is a great idea! I really hate it when sweater sleeves slide up your jacket sleeves. Those would be very handy.

  • Can’t wait for the tutorial. What a great idea! Anna looks fab in her thumbhole sweater! Love the photo with Buckingham Palace in the background.

  • What a cool idea! And the arms of her sweater will stay down when she puts on a coat!

  • Must…have…tutorial!
    Wow what a great concept. I have a 5 and a 10 year old and I will include it on all future projects for them and me!
    Also Curse You for directing me to the Webs sale on Takhie cotton! I am now officially a mitered square addict. They did a great job sending me colors, too.

  • Love the sweater. I have in fact been thinking for some time of my need for a sweater with wrist warmers attached (my house is cold even with the heat on, and the room where I keep my PC, shall I call it my office?) is not heated at all. The perfect sweater is just the thing I need, “by jinky”! (I’ll be using the phrase in the future…I love it :-)!

  • Delightful! My 14 year old (newly knitting) daughter wants to incorporate this in her red hoodie.

  • We need another book from you two. I went to Borders and Barnes and Noble and could find nothing comparable. When is book 2 coming out? Soon, I hope.

  • funny about the thumb-holes… i just bought an attractive sweatshirt (a little oxymoronic-sounding, i know) with built in thumb-holes, but the sleeves are too short (i dunno who they make these things for, i’m only 5’4″, so my arms aren’t that long), so i’m got these little gaping holes at my wrists. my shiatsu thereapist’s kinda into them though, she says it’s easy access for checking my pulse.
    so what i mean to say is, if you’re gonna have thumbholes i guess they’ve got to be custom-made.

  • Yay v-neck! Yay thumbholes! I dream of cardiganization at night, but this is closer and closer to perfect . . .