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  • How would you wash it? (Sure, sure, by hand, of course).
    The sequin sweater definitely invokes the ’80s, doesn’t it? I remember a relative brought me a glitter sweatshirt from Hong Kong in that decade – it had a be-sequined HK cityscape on the front. Everyone in HK was wearing them, she said!

  • So glad you like it! All one has to do is stay vaguely the same size as when you knit it, it will last for years. You’ll be the first to know when it’s up… B x x

  • PS – it seems happy to be washed in the (european) machine on a cool wool wash. It’s the wool you have to worry about, not the sequins…

  • So, is it oversized? For some of us, we would like to be able to wear something like this for years, but have higher than average issues maintaining size over time.

  • Seanna Lea, let’s say ‘relaxed’ fit. Not exactly oversized (in an 80s way) but not fitted. As soon as we have pics of it on a body I’ll send them to Kay in case she feels like putting them up, or I could send some on to you. B x

  • Speaking of aran, I came across this on Tumblr and thought y’all needed to be alerted immediately:

  • Oooh, very excited to see this be knit – possibly even by me. LOVE the cross-stitching, and I love the mood – witty, but not ironic. Cozy, too!

  • Oh Dear?(with a skeptically wrinkled brow) is my ultimate statement on that sweater….