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  • I know! I can’t believe they had not one but two gorgeous babies at the Denver sew-up. Plus party favors!
    I’m also plesantly surprised at how lovely the ‘neutral’ afghan turned out. And big!
    Thanks Stacey! Thanks Knitters of the Greater Denver Area!
    xoxo Kay

  • Thanks for the photos of the Christos project in Central Park. I can’t believe they are going to take it down in a couple of weeks. I’m sorry I can’t make it from Seattle in that time. Barbara

  • …. N.Y.C. was in great need of the saffron-y gates, contrasted against the heathery grays of stark and leafless trees… a sign of hope… and spring…. a new beginning, perhaps….

  • I can’t believe the gates are coming down so soo either! I was actually trying to arrange a weekend. Sigh. Thanks for the wonderful pics.

  • Aww, shucks! Thanks Ann…a good time was had by all!