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  • I am really looking forward to seeing the rasta cardigan finished.Lovely design – a bit frivolous without being too outre[imagine the acute angle above the e ].
    You’re a bit of a knitting fiend yourself. :0]

  • Looks good my Nashville friend…could you please come up here and do some of that blocking, pinning, and sewing up for me? These are my least favorite tasks!!

  • one more thing…i love “beth.” it is from “a seasons tale,” no? i am a romantic and think in some ways that i should have been born in a time when woman wore skirts with crinolins all the time. did you use the same colourway as that in the pattern book?

  • Lis–Funny you should mention it. I’ve already picked out the taffeta ball skirt and the GREEN Wellies to wear with my Beth. I wish I had the nerve to wear it to the Swan Ball or something.
    I too like a long skirt, and imagined it to be kind of lovely until I saw that PBS reality series “Frontier House.” The epic scene of the two teenagers slogging through the Montana snow to go milk the cow, dragging their ice-crusted skirts behind them, took care of that fantasy. Oh wait–my fantasy wasn’t set in high mountain country, it was set in Castle Howard.
    The pattern calls for Rowanspun 4 ply, but I used Donegal Lambswool, which is less fluffy and more like a traditional shetland. I used a dark blue called Sapphire and a Jamieson and Smith 4 ply shetland called Juniper. They’re not a perfect match (the Jamieson and Smith is a tad hairier), so it’s not as true to the pattern as in the book. But it’s plenty dark and murky.