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  • Does this mean I should have made out like I still lived in Boston… and voted OFTEN?????

  • I keep telling my husband that if knitters, quilters, spinners and weavers all got together as a combined force … wellllllll … things might happen. (c: Yay Gale!

  • That’s great for Gale. I was a last minute voter. Please let us know how the contest turns out for her!

  • I am so glad Gale made it to the next round. She has such a terrific idea. Fingers crossed!

  • Go, Gale!
    Took about a dozen tries to get access to the voting page, but I did manage to vote before the polls closed last night 🙂

  • WE did it! Thanks to you ALL! Don’t ever tell me knitters couldn’t take over the planet and get everything in order within 48 hours if we wanted to.
    WooooHoooooo! On to the judging.

  • Wahoo! Like the Indian who walked around saying “chance” instead of “how”. “Me know-em how, just want-em chance”.

  • That’s terrific! We love Heifer and their work. Seems like it would be equally awesome for Gale and Heifer if she got to do her project.

  • Congratulations Gale!
    I have my fingers crossed that the judges see what we see in your work!

  • Yay for us knitters! We are a powerful, powerful group (grin).

  • This is so frackin’ fantastic it makes my whole day.
    Semper fi,

  • This is so frackin’ fantastic it makes my whole day.
    Semper fi,

  • YAY! I’m so excited for her!
    I really hope she gets this– it sounded like a Great Idea! thanks for telling us all about this contest! :o)

  • It cracked me up that Kay double-posted in the comments. Been away? 😉

  • Hey April 24th is my birthday! If it helps, I’ll make my birthday wish for Gale to win 🙂

  • good for gale we red scarves
    were not about to let her down
    you are always in our thoughts kay
    you are always in our thoughts kay
    time for passover and easter

  • Oh I hope she gets it! She is sooo talented and that projects sounds incredibly worthwhile.

  • HOORAY! That’s wonderful – Heifer Int’l is a great organization!
    SO cool:)