Shelley Brander of Knit Stars

By Ann Shayne
October 28, 2018
The path to knitting happiness? Keep knitting!

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  • I’m so excited for Knit Stars. Your daily emails already support and inspire our creative spirits. Your segment is going to be wonderful. Knit Stars will see us through the gray chill days.

    I’m still thinking and have shared with others how you built a community to all knit for Tia Coleman when there was nothing else to do.

    Our city is reeling today from yesterday’s horrific hateful tragedy. A woman shot, in the hospital after surgery but her mother in her 90s shot and killed. Wondering how to begin to offer comfort through knitting. Maybe a healing shawl.
    Ruth in Pittsburgh PA

    • I am so sorry that this horrible nightmare happened in your community. Living in Colorado, my daughter was in High School during Columbine. A devastating experience. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you and yours.❤️

    • Dear Ruth,

      There are no words. So heartbreaking. I’m trying to think about all the people who were heroes yesterday, who ran toward the danger, who helped.

      I keep thinking about Mr. Rogers: look for the helpers.

      • Ann, the folks at NPR are thinking the same thoughts. As part of their piece this morning, they played that clip of Mr. Rogers “Look for the helpers.” The shooting happened in his neighborhood in Pittsburgh.

  • What a great Sunday morning treat . I so much enjoyed this video and learning about how Knit Stars got started. Shelley, you are amazing and so enthusiastic about the art, your addicting. wish you were here in New Jersey!!

  • I’m having spinal surgery on November 7th because I’ve lost sensation in both of my hands and I’ve been falling frequently. The issue with my hands is the worst because I’ve been a daily knitter for 3 decades. I am hopeful that I will be able to participate in the class, but the surgeon could only focus on the worst case scenarios. Typical surgeon and he has military training. So thanks for giving me something to look forward to and knit on ❤️

    • Oh Ann, good luck with your surgery. Here’s hoping that you’ll be mended up soon!

    • I had spine surgery two years ago…one of my legs had gone numb…fast forward to today I’m fine and pain free…complete sensation restored in my leg…pretty quickly after the surgery. It’s a long healing process…but there are good outcomes. Wishing you the very best for a speedy return to the needles.

      • Thank you for posting your experience. I’m having spine surgery on Dec. 7th for pain and leg numbness. It’s a scary thought but your post gives me hope for a positive outcome following my surgery.

  • Unrelated, but a question for you: I didn’t see Julia Hilbrandt at Rhinebeck this year. Is she still making Felted bags?

    • She was there, definitely. Lots of dots and flowers on her latest bags, very interesting to see.

  • Thank you for this link! I didn’t intend to watch the whole thing, but I couldn’t stop myself….and I found myself smiling the entire way through!

  • I want to start using knitting to help with my despair over the events that seem to be happening all over. I thought I might try the Ann Weavers Squad Mitts pattern, but how can I purchase the Canon Hand Dyes Mini Skeins?

  • I purchased 2 yarn sets as part of Knit Stars 3. But I seem to have lost my receipt with Field Guidds. Any help appreciated.

    • Hi Jean,

      I’ll forward this to our ecommerce maven, Liz Olson. You should hear from her this week.


  • All registered and so excited!

  • I enrolled in this series a couple of months ago, when there was a special offer. How do I access it? Looking looking, with notluck!!

    Mary Hudson
    [email protected]