For the last days of gift knitting, settle in with 10 episodes of something shocking.

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  • Do you have a pattern for the placemat(s) under the Sequence Mug?

    • It’s a log cabin using sequence knitting patterns. There is no written pattern sadly, Ann just freehanded it for fun.

  • What a big fat ball of good news! One of each, please!

  • This scarf is going to be great! It looks like you are dividing the colors with a space of white or gray. Is that the plan?

    • I had some small balls of light gray and cream so I used them but now they’re gone. This is a real stashbuster.

  • Good morning Kay! as usual I got one of my morning pick me up from you, mdk! I wrote immediately in my journal, what you have reminded, for the love of your circulatory system ‘stand up woman! I just giggled, and added, and walk a bit. If you knew me, I have to get up and continue in the land of the living, because I sit alot, I’m kind of homebound, (not terribly) but when I get up I’m almost stiff as a board LOL! so your comment really made me smile, and giggle. Anywho, that beautiful, hand thrown mug, be still my heart (not really) I would love to have it, but kay if it was made out of steel, I would purchase it. I have had other beautiful mugs with knitting sayings, a mug from my dear niece, they are gone, broken, no longer with us, because of my clumsiness. P.S, your scarf , gorgeous! long winded, and sincerly, dorian.

    • Dorian! I am glad that my bossy watch resonated with you. It does make me conscious of how long I can sit (HOURS) without getting up if there is no reason to get up. Apparently good health is all about standing up, or that’s what my watch thinks.

    • Dorian, I have had a similar experience with mugs. Anytime I would purchase a mug that would be special for me, someone at home would break it. Of course they never owned up to it.

  • Love a slipped stitch edge on garter stitch. Such a nice, clean finished edge!

    • It feels super fancy and I have only had to go back once to slip a stitch where I’d forgotten. Probably shouldn’t have bragged about that.

      • No problems Kay, happy to gift you the dozen or so forgotten slipped stitches in a bias scarf I just finished. I need a watch that reminds me to look at my knitting ever few rows!

  • Oh, Kay I love your squishy WIP.
    And that beautiful mug.
    And that tote that would hold everything with so much style.
    And everyone at MDK…

    Thank you, xo

  • Thanks for the tip on the edge of the scarf. I love the effect of the colour transitions.

    • It’s very different from the inspiration scarf but I like it even better!

  • Yes, but on this 73-year-old woman at 190 and Broadway, probably not a good look.

  • I am rather obsessed with both the mug and the tote bag. I want to catch the wave and use the #knitterstotedailycarry hashtag!

  • I really like the mug and ordered one. I appreciate fine ceramics, and it does have the texture of a knitting pattern.

    Love your scarf also, Kay. It’s always fun to knit with changing colors and see what happens.

  • PS: Thank you for giving us permission to binge watch a 10-hour show. I binged Big Love (10 years late) over the last few weeks and got a lot done on two scarf projects. Now on to Season 2 of the Crown (Netflix) and Season 1 of Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime). Fans of British drama might like Doctor Foster (on Netflix). Season 1 has five episodes. Diabolical.

  • Can’t wait to see the finished scarf. As always, I’m jealous of/impressed by/attempt to emulate your color sense and bravery in following a design plan rather than a super specific pattern. I find when I do, I lose my confidence and let things wallow for far too long. My current knitting is on two projects started on “fun/freeform” pattern concepts that encountered self-doubt. One I started in 2005 (?) and one in 2008. Also, blankets. Maybe blanket-size is not the size to start with when experimenting with difficult new challenges. Though I want that scarf to be blanket sized 🙂