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  • We don’t have Average Joe in the UK, but there are plenty of *bad* reality TV to choose from. I do love to watch Wife Swap, just to see the smug expressions wiped off the participants’ faces.

  • i love the silly strawberry! i also love the orange but it seems to be harder to find 🙂

  • the Digital Yarn Husband is ill as well. Guess they are both relieved from taking photos of the wives for the blogs, huh? Have you ever noticed how oh-so-pathetic men get when sick….what is that?!

  • Dear Ann,
    Let me preface My Remarks by reassuring you that by no means and under no circumstances, no way, no how, am I feeling the eensiest bit smug. Nor am I smirking and rolling my eyes in childish fashion at the news that Ms. Turn Off Your T.V. Week is so very familiar with Worst Possible Crap T.V., or that the very same person who was ridiculing the undersigned for her unfamiliarity with her Batterie de Cuisine (in fact, the Cuisine itself) is serving Lunchables to her Adorables. (Here’s a concept, way overdue: Dinnerables! More crackers, more fake cheese, and a larger plastic spreader!)
    On the other hand, it sounds like you and Hubbo are making the best of a bad situation. Letting your hair down. Way, way down. And I’m thrilled with the progress on Sassy. Hope the medical situation improves even if it means slower progress on my cardi. xox Kay

  • Mono as a grown up? I didn’t know it was possible and can only imagine how miserable hubbo has to be. If I can do anything to help y’all out, just let me know.
    In the meantime, I have finally and totally finished my Tate coat. It was the hit of Stitch and Bitch last night and I must say, I’m thrilled with the outcome.
    Hope the crew’s still hanging in there.

  • Ann, you’re clearly making lemons into lemonade, or at least illness into knitting.
    Kay, I used to be of the “I don’t own a TV” type, until I began dating my huband. I now own a huge tv and a TiVO, with several season passes. For all of us who once said, “Well, actually, I don’t OWN a television,” I apologize. Buffy and Angel and the Simpsons, I’m talking to you.

  • Kay– LOL. I know, I know. How mighty are the fallen. I did think it was a creative leap to serve a Lunchable as a Dinnerable–I mean, any fool can serve one for lunch, but it takes special desperation to let one fly after five o’clock. It’s twelve o’clock somewhere, I figured.
    I have been thinking about food a lot recently, and the role it plays in nurturing sick folks. It’s not really about the food; it’s about the tray, and the fact that whatever being served is exactly what the person asked for: water no ice, a pecan danish from Bread & Co., potato soup. It’s why the hospital is so very miserable: those plastic plates with the compartments, the salt/pepper/fork/knife packet even if you only wanted a fork.

  • My husband had mono as an adult (after already having it as a child) and i can completely relate with what you are going through. although, you are lucky as i was not knitting at the time. I am actually rather envious of the fact that you are able to knit
    and yes … Average Joe … could you believe the twist?? Kind of cruel if you ask me. (we are reality tv show junkies in this household!)

  • Your present life-style sounds pretty good to me – like you are practising for retirement……Always good to get in some practice, then it doesn’t come quite so much as a shock……

  • Morgan and Rene–THANKS for the reinforcement that thinking, sensitive knitblogstresses like you could get hooked on the video equivalent of pork rinds. Hubbo and I do agree that it was cruel to insert hunkflesh into the Average Joe equation. It changes the premise, and for us (Average Joe and Josephine), we were kind of hoping that for once, a normal guy would get a chance. Ah, whatever. I’m going back to Queer Eye, the friendliest and most warmhearted of reality shows. I’d enter Hubbo as a potential contestant, except I would not want to end up as the Wife who returns to her home to find that the entire contents of Pottery Barn have been delivered unto her. And has to pretend that it’s not embarrassing to have the Fab 5 busting on her (lack of) domestic skills.
    And Jill–Funny you should mention retirement. I was just thinking about having Hubbo around all the time, and how it would be great in so many ways, but such a radical change in my squirrely ways. I couldn’t eat pimiento cheese on crackers for lunch anymore–I’d need to have Lunch around the house. Yikes!

  • Rene, I sense a beautiful friendship coming on. BtVS? I just overshared on my blog the other day about how the 5th season (the BEST) won’t be out until Dec. 9 on DVD, but that’s just in time for my son to mule it over for Christmas!
    Want to go to Slayage with me? It’s in Nashville, May 28-30, 2004. Hey, Ann, this is potential synergy. Buffy Knits.

  • MN, Rene–Y’all have some ‘splainin’ to do. I have completely missed out on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Slid right past like a Lifesaver down the throat. Whazzup? If there’s a whole entire conVENtion of Buffy fans descending on Nashville next May, I need to know what the deal is.
    And absolutely, with Rene in Birmingham and Mary Neal with tender fambly ties, bring on the harmonic convergence! Come stay with me for a Buffy n Bitch. I can tell you how Average Joe ended up.

  • OK. I wasn’t actually watching The Bachelor last night, but let’s just say it was on, in my presence. My first thought was, ‘this schmo is THE bachelor’? They couldn’t do better than a goofy, adolescent-looking slouch? Then, my alarmingly well-informed Hubby tells me that The Bachelor is divorced. Wha??? No fair! Damaged goods! Surely there are plenty of cute, fresh, never-married bachelors out there. But what I just couldn’t bear was when the poor, starved, nervous woman who got the freakin’ rose, was shown the ring and told it was meant for her right hand and only meant some kind of vague ‘I liked you the best; you beat out 24 other skinny women, but I’m not sure I like you THAT much.’ Yuck! Eww! No fair! Foul! Penalty!
    Needless to say, she was pathetically overjoyed,when she should have drawn herself up and said: ‘Dude, this wasn’t the deal. If I beat out the other chicks, you have to marry me. I know you’re not too bright, but surely you understood that when you signed up to choose your bride in front of a national t.v. audience?’
    [Turns on heel. Spits over shoulder. Throws something.]
    This surely would have made more satisfying t.v. IF I had been watching. xox Kay

  • Well, first you get yourself over to Netflix and you rent all the seasons so far. The first season (half a season, actually, only 12 episodes) sucks. But you have to hang in there. It starts to get good in the second season. (Forbidden Love!!) And by the third season, you are definitely hooked. I am reliving the joy now on dvd in Tbilisi. In the fourth season, Alyson Hannigan, of that stupid American Pie series, really shows her chops.
    Oh, and one thing that I am noticing, they are dressing Sarah in a fine variety of hand knits.
    Maybe we could critique her sweaters.

  • Kay–See? Change the premise of the show, you lose that satisfying conclusion.
    Glad you weren’t watching.
    Mary Neal–I think you and Rene would make a fine panel at Slayage on the topic of Buffyknits.