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  • Wow faked me out. That looks so DONE hanging over that chair like that. Faked me out.

  • Wow. Just…wow, to the knitting and the plague ravaging your household. Both are impressive.

  • YUCK – so sorry about the “Family Troubles” – won’t say anymore so that the universe doesn’t spread them out here to my clan…I’ve probably said too much already.
    Regarding floaty yarn – I’m dreaming of a little KSH on that Wave Wonder…but you won’t see me trying that until I get a better handle on keeping up with the pattern. I hate frogging the haze.
    Somehow here seems the place…I’m just so sad about the Crocodile Man…my 12 year old son and hubby are in mourning and have been dazed all weekend…

  • Sorry to hear to plague hit ya’ll so hard. That sucks. On the up side ‘the wave’ is looking pretty tasty!

  • So sorry to hear your last weekend of summer was such a depressing mess of illness. I just adore your Print o’the Wave. You may be inspiring me to try one, although I am currently on my first lace project…a scarf from Knitty, that is lovely if I do say so myself. This is my first comment on your blog, so I must add that I loved your book. I’ve made countless washcloths, two log cabin pillows and one pillow similar to your seat covers for the porch chairs. Love them all! Thanks.

  • While you were sick this weekend, I was digging through the Angel Hair Yarn Co in Green Hills, accompanied by my 17 yr old niece, my 14 yr old niece and my 5 yr old daughter.
    A good time was had by all and [too] much money was spent and the Husband said, as he always does, “Well, I think we have enough yarn for a while now.”
    Your name was invoked, as was Angela’s. Loved the yarn store. Desperately desire their swifty thing. It was purdy.
    Feel well.

  • MY goodness–my kids had the same thing. Come check out my blog–I have a picture of the sickies (minus barf buckets) as well as a great picture of you and Kay.

  • Sorry to hear about the barfing. I sent my 2 off to school today… we’ll see how long before we get barfy, licey or whatever it’ll be. But now I get to go shopping, and I’m checking out a dishcloth cotton store that might just be opening up!

  • Oooh, the shawl is lovely!

  • {{{Chicken Soup to All}}}

  • So sorry, agree about the tennis though, did lots of work on a sweater and absorba. Hope all are feeling better soon.

  • Ooooh, bummer about the barfing. The kids started school two weeks ago, and so far all we have is the coughing and the noses running.
    The thing-that-just-is, is gorgeous. Just the thing to wrap up in when you feel puny.

  • I’m not sure which is more impressive: The non-scarf, non-shawl, non-antimacassar Print o’ the Wave or the Plague. Probably the PofW…I remember reading an article about a woman in Southern California who contracted the plague (http://www.breitbart.com/news/2006/04/18/D8H2OUH87.html). I hope ya’ll are all on the mend soon.

  • …our wages going/to feed the kids/and run the house./We work hard,/but who’s complaining (me!)?/words words words words,/ we’re paying our way!/So, always look for/the union label;/it says were able/to make it in the USA!
    Love how that scans, not.
    You took me way back to a wasted childhood in front of the teevee, Ann. Want the lyrics to “I’m Just a Bill?”

  • oops, read we’re for were…though the Freudian slip does say something about the state of manufacturing in the US.

  • So jealous that you got to sing the ILGWU song! Not sure whether I could pull off a non-ironic version, myself.

  • Wow, that shawl is lookin’ gorgeous!!

  • You continue to amaze me. A union-er! Wow. I hope you’re all feeling spry and dry very soon. And consider baseball for a fine knitting sport – I’ve knat my way through a frustrating Astros season.

  • Wow. That’s gorgeous. 🙂

  • Oh, Andre!! Did you bawl like a baby at his good-bye speech like me? Hope he had a back massage all lined up for afterward, poor man.

  • Oh – beautiful Eunny knits thingie. Just beautiful! Almost makes me want to knit one. And then I start thinking about how endless those beautiful rows would be to knit and I snap right out of it. Much better to just admire yours.
    Hope you all are feeling better soon! 🙂

  • I recommend TiVo for the ultimate in TV-watching-while-knitting. You can pause or replay if something exciting happens in the tennis game while you’re at a tricky bit in the knitting.

  • We had the bubonic plague this past weekend, too – and that is exactly how I referred to it. I was foolish enough to kiss Moxie’s hot little forehead and was rewarded by being woken at 2 a.m. by my own wretching. Next time I will just get out the red caution tape and rope off the bedroom until he’s feeling better. No more Mother Theresa here. I have learned that no good deed goes unpunished!
    The wave thingy looks great. I think you were smart to avoid the US 3 needles.

  • Ohhh pretty……. it looks so good on the chair – and knitting during the Plague dedication that is all I can say.
    I have been baby bibbing and now am on burp cloths in matching color — I must be done by Sat. for a shower for twins!! I’m thinking I will make it despite all the festivities for our FD 125th Anniversary coming up interferring with my knitting.
    Hope everyone is on the mend now.

  • Your stole is beautiful. The yarn really makes it!
    Hope you’re all feeling better. Growing up, at least half our family was sick on any given holiday.

  • Hope the plague goes away soon! Beautiful work on the shawl/scarf/whatchamacallit. 😉

  • Can’t trust the little ones around yarn if they are still barfing, otherwise my grandma would get out the crochet hooks to give us something to do. Oh, and my favorite ‘words of wisdom’ for barfy kids, Don’t let them have red Kool Aid, it stains when it hits the carpet. Someone had the bright idea of putting carpet into the bathroom in an apartment that I lived in. Highly impractical.

  • Beautiful Lace “thing”.
    Get well soon. Amy

  • I love the colorway you chose for Eunny’s Wave. Seems to be a popular pattern, think I’ll give it a shot.
    Hope you and your family are on the mend!

  • As one non-sportsman to anohter, I too spent my knitting hours with Andre, moved to tears myself to see the fellow they had once booed in his earlier days, who had been blown off as just some hot dogger who would never amount to more than a flash in the pan….now the revered senior member. It was an incredible way to exit Andre…

  • The lace is lovely! Any sugguestions for a beginner to uncode the cast on?

  • I am so behind on my Print o’ the Wave, and so glad to be reminded of how pretty it will be when I make some progress.
    Get well!

  • Your not-shawl is lovely, the color is so in concert with the pattern. Also loving the title of your post.
    I’ve been threatening to open the Grouchy Mom Cafe for years, wherein I yell at the customers, a glass of juice gets spilled dramatically once per meal and there’s a kid sitting at the end of the counter all day everyday , just belching. Stop on by when you’re feeling better!