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  • I looooooooooved knitting the citron. It’s such an incredible knit. And fun to wear also.
    One of these days I’ll knit a few more of them in lots of different colors. When I have time. Which will be when I retire. In 30 years.

  • dang about the cold.
    but wait, hey, have you really knit all that citron in a couple of days????? i know i’m slow, but my average hour of knitting on my malabrigo leaf lace scarf gets me about 4 rows (56 stitches per..) completed.
    i did get to work on it in Argentina recently: 2 weeks afforded me 3 pattern repeats: 36 entire rows! One of these days i’ll post my “cocktail hour with leaf lace” series of photos on ravelry.
    thanks much for grey garments. the future looks good.

  • Possibly a Hay Dude Wannabe? I think I’m going to add that to my CV as a Personal Goal…

  • I can’t wait to see Citron all blocked and floaty looking. Go, Ann!

  • That Nick Cave is one wild & crazy guy! And I loved him for it all. My fave is the button & abacus number.
    But, but, but did you see the mitered squares and other sweaters one? Here: http://www.jackshainman.com/artist-image95.html.
    Very cool.

  • Lookit, I’m not such a hick that I think art should be only paintings of fruit or cowboys, but I am just not getting the Suit Made From Twigs thing.
    Can we talk about Apolo Ohno and what a cutie-patootie he is?

  • you have a cold and i love me ogden nash
    bacilli swarm within my portals
    such as were ne’er conceived by mortals
    but bred by scientists wise and hoary
    in some olympic laboratory
    bacteria as large as mice
    with feet of fire and heads of ice
    who never interrupt for slumber
    thier stamping elephantine rumba
    from the comman cold

  • Ohhh! Your shoelace just broke! You get three minutes, you know. (who knew?)
    Anyway, hope you’ll soon feel better (Olympics schla-mim-pics, when I’m home sick, I gotta watch Maury…..)

  • A Grey Citron, so appropiate!
    Funny, I was knitting on my Frosty Citron at the same time as your above described Olympic Events were happening and I’m at the same point in the knitting.

  • IS it the color of your Citron that causes this blog have the same effect as the other Garments of that color – sweet funny blog (but not so much of either for the real lace-broken but brilliant young lad.)

  • So glad you mentioned that Nick Cave! I just saw his exhibit at UCLA’s Fowler Museum. Loved it. Although makes me a little sad thinking he must have bought all those crochet doilies and acrylic afghans at Goodwill because no descendants wanted the family heirlooms. On the other hand, glad to see the creative re-use. I highly recommend the show to those in LA area. Take the kids.

  • I knit a cowl of that color yarn, must have had a funky label, it looked like Pearl Ten. I was wondering why the usually lyrical Malabrigo color namers would stick such a clinical name on such a fabulously dreamy color.
    Hope you feel better!

  • Clearly, you’re enjoying the skating as much as I am. At least you had three minutes to get those laces fixed. The Gray Citron is perfect. Maybe you can remake your video wearing that?

  • I had no idea there was another Nick Cave (i.e. not the singer), and that he was famous too! Seriously, what are the odds?

  • i saw nick cave’s work at UCLA – so amazing!!!

  • I’m knitting Citron too, in “verde esperanza”, but the yarn is just going to explode into pills. I love that pearl zen color though!

  • Love your Citron!
    This is me in the stands, waving the American flag and shaking a cowbell for you (do they do that for skating? maybe it’s just an outdoor thing…) yelling “Go Ann! You *knit* girl!!”
    @elizabeth a airhart – I always love your comments!

  • Here I was thinking the only noisy outfits were made from corderoy. Who knew? (Glad that I read the comments cause I love Ogen Nash.

  • Who knew that Citron was Olympic knitting? I’m knitting it too and not watching the Olympics. It was good for watching Westminster, though…

  • Thanks for posting that bit of film about Nick Cave. I enjoyed learning something about someone who is out there doing art with joy and a sense of humor.

  • Dude must spend a FORTUNE in eyelash yarn.