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  • Oddly enough, this little (highly entertaining) Merle Hazard economic-downturn video gives me hope for America. Must be the cowboy hat.

  • Ann, Once again N’ville’s most glittering lights record in front of your fireplace! How DO you make it happen?

  • Cute. The banjo work is especially awesome. Thanks for putting this up. I love Hazard.
    And I can recommend Ray Stevens’ work on YouTube. He does a great job on politics and the economy, too. (NAYY)

  • Finally, a theme song for our economic woe! Merle Hazard is the voice of our generation! Will there be a huge concert in Central Park this summer?

  • I love Merle! Any chance of a tour?

  • I’m just glad that Merle Hazard and Brent Wood are back together.
    LOL Barbara’s comment!

  • So great to see Merle back in action!

  • Ahhhh, Merle. Lit up my day. Well, morning. We’re only into morning so far.
    Neil says he wants a shirt like Merle’s.
    I want a hat like Merle’s.
    Shopping trip?
    B x x x

  • oh, and we had to watch ‘Pardon Me…’ again just to check it really was the same fireplace. For a nano-second Neil didn’t believe me.
    B x x x

  • Great harmonies. And nice editing on the video. And words of wisdom that anyone can understand in the song, nice job all around.

  • Makes me want to play the banjo! I went to go watch the rest of the songs at PBS and noticed the Matisse cut-out above the piano. We have the same one! If yours came from your in-laws, that’s a double jinx!
    Anyway, huzzah to Merle & co. on another song well done!

  • Merle and his group are awesome, and well deserving of the title of Official Financial Crooner of MasonDixon Knitting. (says she who is still smarting from the great cookie vote outcome).

  • Talent marries talent, obviously!

  • if washington cuts off pbs funding
    we are all going to feel lousey

  • We love ya, Merle! Particularly your fine delivery of the phrase “en masse.”

  • So funny!!!

  • This is great! I almost did not click on the play button, but I’m so glad I did. The banjo player is my daughter’s best friend’s dad – Rob Jackson.