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  • Ann, these are just beautiful together, I hope that the work of these many hands will bring comfort to Tia.
    Working on these squares has been a meditation for me.
    Kay, this is a brilliant pattern. Thank you for sharing it with the blanket teams.

    • I’d like to ditto what Nell said. What an amazing project to me part of. Thank you, and God bless Tia

  • Knitters are just the best! I hope that blanket comforts Tia because what a horror she is living through.

  • This post gave me goose bumps and I had to read it to my husband. The love and compassion represented by all of these squares and blankets is wonderful!

  • ❤️❤️

  • This post just makes my heart very happy. I didn’t knit a square because I’m a doofus knitter but, when the first post came out about Tina’s blanket, I felt as if this could be a continuing project…..forever. Who knows, I might be a less doofus knitter at some point and be able to contribute myself. Onward blanket warriors.

    • Hi Jan! No such thing as a doofus knitter!! Team 2 has a JV team for people with less experience. If you want to knit s plain garter stitch square, we’ve got room for you. The instructions are in the thread called Team 2.1.

  • Wow! I’m sorry I didn’t come across this in time to be a part of it. I agree that a blanket can be a powerful expression of love and support. My prayer shawl ministry is currently working on squares to make blankets for a local organization that serves homeless veterans. Last year we made 7 blankets; this year, we’re shooting for 10. I’m so glad to find some kindred spirits!