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  • Glad it was petrified – I learned when my daughter was young never to put my hands into the pockets of her clothes. Ugh. I’ve noticed the dreams too, but haven’t managed a full eight hours yet. Are there any solutions out there for midnight (and 3 a.m.) visits to the loo? Aside from total dehydration?

  • Ooh, I’m dreaming more, too! But I am not suffering from the cheerfuls. Just the opposite. But then, tomorrow is Monday. 🙁

  • I woke up cheerful and energetic at 7 AM today. No one told me that could happen. It’s Sunday! In protest, I haven’t gotten dressed and spent the day knitting and listening to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo that I loaded on my Walkman. An excellently distracting read/listen.

  • Nice work on the 13-year-old’s room.
    Can I PLEASE urge you to exercise great caution from here forward? Cleaning the rooms of teenaged boys is not for the faint of heart.

  • now i will be up all night reading comments
    about how to get a good nights sleep

  • I really want to try the sleep thing. I’ve been saying for years that sleep is a crutch for the weak, but it’s not true! I want to get more than 5 hours of sleep each night.

  • A few years ago there was a Nova episode about sleep on PBS. One point they made was that research shows dreaming contributes to learning.

  • Posts without pictures are missing something…pictures. Could you have one of your menfolk get a shot of you snoozing to go with the next zzz update?
    I get first dibs designing a Felix Unger sleep mask for MDK3.

  • Please tell us this isn’t the same modern/classic Christmas stocking from your second book, in which case that petrified orange would sound like a criminal offense to me.

  • I’ve been having really vivid dreams, too! I realize now that I should start winding down and getting ready for my rendevous with Morpheus…g’night.

  • I’m on the sleep train too. I feel thinner already. 1 night! woo-hooooo!

  • To control the dreams…do meditation or yoga. Or get a emwave machine from heartmath http://store.heartmath.org/emwave-demo.html;jsessionid=0a010c441f438813b15158ff495d932586e059913d24.e3eTaxaQbxmTe34Pa38Ta38Lbhj0
    I have one, and it helps…the therapists who like people to meditate say that the gadget is for people who don’t *want* to meditate, to sort of trick them into it 😉 There is another one available, from a different company, the interface is different, but the technology is similar. I know two different therapy groups, each one prefers a different one. Ah, found the other brand, the stress eraser:

  • Being a nice jewish girl married to a catholic guy, I learned the symbolism of the orange in the toe of the stocking. I also thought you were supposed to save them, but my then boyfriend, now husband taught me to eat or toss!!
    Glad the sleep thing is working so well for you. As you can tell from the hour of my typing, not so much for me, but I’m working my way up from 5 1/2 hours, so if I get close to 7 it is an improvement (and hopefully a weight loss regimen too!!)

  • As the mother of a ten month old I am reading all this sleep talk with a great deal of longing. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in well over a year.

  • I find that I dream more if I go to bed stressed, or eat close to bedtime. If you’re stressed, try taking five minutes to purposely calm your mind… meditation, a distraction from what’s worrying you, etc. I find that, plus not having a big, late-night snack, really helps.
    Curses… I had too much that had to be done today (now yesterday), and thus will only be getting four hours of sleep tonight. *whimper*

  • Ya know – I’m thinking vodka might be the real change you are looking for Ann. The “cleaning of the children’s room” thing sounds like you actually might need more sleep. Or maybe you actually did not clean his room and it was all a dream. In which case, we are back to the vodka. They make great cosmos ya’ know!

  • Narrowly avoided letting this whole kick you’re on cause marital stress for ME, when the hub was up and puttering at FOUR AY EM today, for no apparent reason.
    My first grumpy, grumbly thoughts were: grrrrm……not getting my 7.5 hours…..msssm frsssm….
    (He’s been strikingly good at disrupting the general sleep since you started monitoring.)

  • Are some of you saying you are trying to stop the dreams?? I really get a kick out of the weird dreams. Is that weird? You, know, like “wow, how’d I think of that?”

  • Only one peanut butter cup??!!! Loved the stocking story!!!

  • I have the weird dreams, too, when I sleep more than the bare minimum.

  • Hmmmm. Sleep, room cleaning…I’ve been getting more sleep and last night I made roast pork with an orange glaze, fried rice, homemade yeast rolls, corn on the cob and chocolate bread pudding. Any special advice for those of us who are well-rested, therefore motivated to try that new recipe for potato casserole? Now I know that for me sleep-deprivation means the fam will likely get cereal for dinner or frozen pizza…

  • I think it’s pretty normal to have more dream (or at least remember them more) when you are more rested. But I’ve noticed my dreams get really BIZARRE if I eat much sugar near bedtime. Like an epic movie that makes no sense. If they get too crazy, it’s not really restful anymore.

  • Ah, Reese’s! I feel sorry for the peanut-allergic among us: no Reese’s, no Snickers, no Cracker Jacks. Now THERE’S a nightmare!
    Buenos nochas!

  • and I thought my daughter was bad, and she is. I could probably beat that, but I honestly gave up. I would do laundry and find last weeks all over the floor and stepped on, quit doing her laundry and the room from that point on. It’s been years, and I think it get’s cleaned when we move. I really want to join but I have the worse insominia and nothing works. I just lay there with the newest sure fire way to beat it and nothing helps. I’m envious, by summer you’ll be back in the bikini and I’ll be going to “Ol Ma the Tent Maker”, wish you luck! p.s. interpreting dreams is for sissies, just develop a neurosis (kidding)

  • Ahhh, the room cleaning. With my tall son, I said, “You leave for the school trip to DC in two weeks. Whatever is not cleaned up in your room is mine.”
    It was a lot of fun purging his room of books, T-shirts (and you know our school loves the T-shirts!) and, yes, old Christmas presents, barely unwrapped. I saved those and regifted them to him the next year.
    I never look in any journals or envelops and I have a box for “things that look valuable” that I fill and move to his quadrant of the attic. The rest of the room and closet resembled Quantico before the new Marines arrives. He flipped out for a moment, but, in the end, it was the only way to take care of the mess. I lived with a hoarder (and I do not use this word carelessly) for the first 18 years of my life and I am always on alert for this behavior in my offspring.
    Since Thursday, he has been traveling around Europe with just a very small backpack.
    The DC trip is coming up for your boy. Plan accordingly.

  • Ann, You are just about to pull me up on the sleep wagon.. weight loss AND the energy & motivation to get the @#$%!! thing done (insert any of 4,000+ @#$%!! things that are on my perpetual list of things to get done that don’t on any given day)!!!???? I am seriously considering this more sleep thing… despite my desperate love for quiet down/knitting time in the evenings….please continue to keep us up to date on your journey’s experiences with this, good and otherwise…! Thanks!!!!

  • You have inspired me to try to sleep more. So far, so good. I really need to clean my 14 year old daughter’s room. Still waiting for that urge to kick in:)