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  • Oh the tambourines!!!!

  • Smokey had it all… and those backup grooves & moves! Awesome start to any Friday morning. Checking out that playlist now!

  • And oh those names: The Velvelettes! Thank you for this blast from the past.

  • We were all so young …. Once upon a time.

  • What a great start to a holiday weekend or any weekend for that matter!

  • The fringe on the dresses! Always wanted a fringed dress so I could shake it, baby!

  • Love me some MoTown! Woo Hoo!

  • Thank you for this gift! Besides the music I actually recall being about to move and groove like the caged lovelies-Watusi? Frug? -it’s all coming back in a wash of memory!

  • Thank you for this gift! Besides the music I actually recall being able to move and groove like the caged lovelies-Watusi? Frug? -it’s all coming back in a wash of memory!

  • I guess I could pretend a ’60’s Go Go, but I’m working today, tomorrow, and Monday of this long holiday weekend. Boo hoo!

  • Too hot for my go-go boots. What a bummer.

  • Can we ask the Go-Gos if they want to go? Can’t you just imagine doing the frug to “Vacation” or “We’ve Got the Beat”?

    Oh, and Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, too. . .

  • Among my earliest spoken words was “be go-go ’66!” I get it.

  • I’m remembering why I was thin then. I spent all my time dancing and moving to the beat.

  • I have always loved this record! Thank you for the trip down Memory Lane! (I took my trip doing the pony )

  • Love it! I chose Motown to get. through. the. workday. today. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • I love-a this! But oooohhhh-a, those dancers in the boxes in the back. A chiropractor’s dream!

  • YEESSSS!!! WE want to all get together and dance ourselves silly. More silliness!

  • Hey, “Land of a Thousand Dances” is on my mental play-list right now! Can’t wait for my Motown weekend. I’ll be “Dancing in the Street”!

  • Carpe Stultitium! Seize the silliness!

  • Fab! (Holy smokes was Smokey young there!)

    But what I noticed the most was that NOT ONE OF THOSE DANCERS WAS A SIZE ZERO – all look to be very healthy size 6-12s – including the cage dancers.

    Somehow, I doubt you’d see that in a modern R&B video! Rock those natural curves ladies 🙂

  • Thank you for the ‘Motown’ love – now our whole office is rocking out !!!

  • “Go-Go” a term almost Japanese in it’s elegance.

  • Pretty sure that those gals in the spotlight boxes will have to be evaluated using the concussion protocol. so much head snapping and hair flipping.

  • You show your age if you’ve danced in a cage. Yep, I did and I’m just that old.

  • Smokey!!! Going to a Go Go is my wedding song…. I was going for Ain’t Too Proud to Beg…but that reflected badly on Chris… rock out you guys…we all NEED to.

  • Remembering fondly my go-go boots and the patterned purple mini skirt and purple top that went best with them (also a big purple belt). I am sure my career aspirations at the time were to be a go-go dancer, fortunately my mother was never aware of this.

  • This brings back some faint memories. I was a young girl in the 60s and my parents both taught at high schools. From time to time they had to chaperone dances and couldn’t afford a sitter. I was allowed to put on a party dress and go! I remember the big kids dancing with me, but all too soon I got tucked in a blankie in a quiet corner back stage so I could sleep. I bet most 4 and 5 year olds did not get to pretend their Mary Jane’s were Go-go boots! Thanks for the memories. Have a great weekend, yourself.

  • One of my favorite things as a kid was when my feet grew enough to fit into my mom’s (size 5 1/2) white patent leather go go boots!

  • I remember wanting go go boots so badly! Thanks for the playlist link – I’ll be listening to it all weekend!

  • Coincidentally, I had an almost completely Motown playlist going when I clicked over here. btw, Adele’s Rolling in the Deep fits in well with Motown.