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  • Thanks for the shout-out for my Stained Glass Cowl. My next cowl design will be — dare I say it — insaner still! (Insert maniacal laughter here)

    • Oh my gosh! Wendy your cowl is beautiful and is now in my queue. It may take me a year to knit (LOL) but knit it I will! Thank you!

  • what a lovely rabbit hole dear ann ! those silk scarf/bandanas are exquisite and yes, i’ll take one of each !!!

  • There goes the queue–again.

  • Thank you Ann for the start to now several wonderful Internet scavenger hunts and aimless wanderings!! And Eddie Redmayne in denim knits! I need Den-M-Nit!

    • You are like a hamster with all these stored-up nuggets. LOVE. Want to wallow in it all, all day.

      • Ditto!

  • Nancy Marchant’s patterns often catch my eye in projects on rav. I especially like Goldwork, and also Winter Birch, in the original colors. Bonus: Winter Birch has both brioche and double-knitting, all in one scarf…whee!
    Ann, I always enjoy your links to The Paris Review. Maybe it’s time I start following that one?

  • Wonderful post and links, Ann. I love those scarves and really want one (dammit). And now that I’ve cursed, I realize I’ve broken my Prince Resolution to stop cursing so damn…er…dang…. much. My small tribute to the Purple one. Anyway, I look forward to exploring more of the links over the weekend, thank you for sharing them with us.

  • Ann, Your post was hazardous to my knitting budget. Loved the snippets and I think I will have to make Wendy’s cowl. So pretty. And the brioche scarves. I’m very intrigued. I have never tried brioche stitch before, so I’ll try a simple project and if it turns out as hoped, I’ll be buying that book of patterns!