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  • Thank you for the update on Clif’s friend. Happy it is good news!

  • So glad Clif’s friend is on the mend. A cardy that can be worn upside down sounds like an exciting knit!

  • Glad Clif’s friend is on the mend and hope your scare is over. Loving that Reagan.!

  • I have been so worried about Clif’s friend. Apparently that sock did its job. Great news!

  • Glad to hear.

  • I’m so glad he’s recovering, what a scare!

    Both cardigans are very appealing! I’ve been getting such inspiration here lately, and actually am currently knitting the Annisa Wrap with three yarns I never would have put together in a project. Somehow, the Annisa is magic and the three yarns are behaving like Neapolitan ice cream.

  • Glad to hear that your son’s friend is on the mend. That was pretty scary.

    I was instantly smitten with that Ivy Line cardi too. It went instantly into my favorites.

  • So good to hear about Clif’s friend, but I know you won’t quit worrying until he’s home and making pizza (or another favorite teenager food) disappear as if Mr. Scott had beamed it up!

    As for the cardigans, I’d vote for using Ms. Kramer’s pattern. The pattern sounds interesting, yet easy to alter to make the sleeves your length. The other cardigan looks as if it needs ’80s-style ginormous shoulder pads — think Krystal Carrington or Sue Ellen Ewing. Better you save those for Kay’s Big Floral Damask Thing ;-)!

  • Thank you for the update on Clif’s friend. He and his parents, friends, parents of friends, have been much in my thoughts.

  • Omigoodness! What a gorgeous shoulder on that Ivy Line. TEMPTING….

  • Glad to hear the friend is improving, continued prayers for the whole group…

    Those sweaters are gorgeous!

  • Ivy Line is is just what I’ve been looking for. As a plus size, large busted woman, this is the first sweater I’ve ever seen that I think will look better on me, than on the usual thin model.

    Now the yarn hunt begins….

  • 🙂 I have both of these favorited. Lovely designs. And I’m happy to hear Clif’s friend is doing better.