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  • That’s sad about the senior. Lady. I would of had a few choice words for them if they said that to me. It’s a shame.

    • As for the knitter in Edmonton, it was a bit of a misunderstanding on her part regarding what she needed to do/ the consequences of knitting.

      I’ll see if I can find the proper news story.

      Edmontonians love the arts and our people!!

  • Is there a pattern for that amazing Log Cabin Blanket?

  • I saw Terhi’s blanket on Ravelry. She hasn ‘t had a blog for a long time, but it was one of the best.

  • That blanket is inspiration to those us sitting in snowmagedon 2016. The gift of handknits as a random act is equally wonderful. And the story about Pat is sad. Thanks for snippets on a snowed in day.

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  • I saw the blanket on Instagram. It’s so amazing! To me, it is the best version so far.
    I wonder how the Canadian government found out about the knitting senior. Did someone rat her out? How mean spirited is that?
    I like the idea about setting out the hats on those statues. Kind of as if the altruism of yarn bombing morphed into something else that is beneficial and nice, too. (Hey, maybe I could knit some dog sweaters and leave them by Balto…) 😉


  • Read in the local little paper in November that local women were crochetting and knitting hats,putting them in zip locks and attaching to trees in areas the homeless frequent. Yesterday I saw my first baggies hat. Sounds like this is taking off in many communities. I am in the Comoc valley on Vancouver Island

  • Maybe that Canadian senior can join the Purlettes +1-seniors who knit bags?


  • A couple weeks ago when we were having really cold weather, I noticed scarves draped around trees in the park by the river. At first I thought it was an art project, but now I think it was probably for the homeless.


    You guys post awesome thought provoking links with fabulous commentary-Thank You!

  • Those zig-zag sweater guys need (matching) socks to be fully well dressed. Someone alert the NYT!

  • As always, your blog blew.my.mind – which is not a location on Earth but may be on another planet

  • Loved the plug for Anna Zilborg. I took a class from her last spring at Stitches South and loved every minute of it. She’s an absolute delight! Wish she was going to be here this year.

  • Fabulous blanket! Have you seen the rest of her projects? I’ve never seen someone do black and gray look so fabulous!

  • Did someone say pile of cashmere? I’m confused and intrigued.

  • my new address: souk.speech.windows

    love it!

  • I’m a bit puzzled about all the industry that was expended by what3words to replicate a location system that has been in place for centuries. Namely: latitude and longitude. Perhaps it does narrow down a location more easily, but I don’t see their system replacing the more popular address system anytime soon.
    Perhaps if they had used simple number/symbol combinations instead of words. But I don’t think most countries would agree to have their address systems replaced by the “Ministry of Silly Names”. Neat concept tho, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with it.

    • I think it has to do with the simplicity of memorizing short words rather than long numbers.

  • What a beautiful blanket! This was a singularly informative post, thank you! As to the senior in subsidized housing – she just has to keep track of her income and expenses just like a real business and report it with the rest of her income. Since tax payers fund her housing, and those are the rules which she signed a document saying she would abide by, she should do this. I’m sure she’ll find when doing a profit and loss statement that she’s pretty much zeroing out her income, unless she’s charging what knitters are really worth, but we all know no one will pay what we’re worth. She will need to save receipts for purchased supplies and invoices for payment, but also keep track of her time so she can create an hourly rate for herself, and include in her expenses the time she spends traveling to acquire supplies, phone consultations, writing invoices, etc.

  • The blanket is absolutely stunning! Where can I get the pattern? I would love to make it.

  • Another Instagram love: https://www.instagram.com/dottieangel/

  • what3words is pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing. It really appeals to the geek in me. I got lost mapping important places in my life. Like, not just the home I grew up in, but the window that my boyfriend threw rocks at one night to get my attention. The possibilities are endless!

  • Can’t stop staring at the blanket. Finland obsession continues.

  • Instagram, yes! I’m on it (knotingale) and I’m lonely. Need more IG friends. Going to follow Terhi now. Isn’t she the one who modified the shawl from Folk Shawls to have a ruffled garter stitch border?