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  • Kay–I love seeing your darlings in Union Square Park.
    I have tender memories of that place, circa 1984, when I had my very first New York publishing job, an internship at Farrar, Straus and Giroux which is located at 19 Union Square West. Mrs. Miller, the wholly intimidating Lady In Charge of Everything, called us interns “warm bodies,” which gives you a sense of our place in the shabby, elegant world of FSG. I don’t recall any adorables playing in the park during those days: it was a grubby, grubby place then, not the kid-friendly gem it is now. I remember coming out of the subway on my first day, mind blown at the fact that I was actually in New York City, on my way to FSG. Like a dream it was.
    Checker is looking fantastic in its snowdrift. And yes, I would have given you holy hell about those crummy-looking buttons.

  • the kidlets look so happy in the snow….it also seems that they have grown IMMENSELY since i last saw them but a week or so ago.
    now, here is what i suggest about checker. FORGET that you made if for whoever it is supposed to go. then, should they ever muster up the nerve to ask for it, look at them quizzically and say either: 1) “gosh, i mailed that to you a LONG time ago” or) “what sweater?” acting lessons to follow.

  • Checkers is fantastic.Truly.She’d better say ‘thank you’ really nicely,over and over again.
    Looks like fun was had in the snow.
    I don’t envy it at all – I always fall over.So undignified !
    If it snows next week we’re not going to school…because I’m still wearing my open toe Arizona Birks,and getting some very funny looks ! I’m going to mug the post man if he doesn’t bring my new clogs soon.
    Fat feet + footwear = total pain.

  • Fantastic photos.. kiddies look like they are really enjoying themselves. Fantastic cardi… I couldn’t bear to give that away.
    I am suffering snow envy. It’s cold and was foggy this morning but not a single flake, except for the one a sock in her backpack

  • Ann, you must have been haunting me this afternoon. I simply could not turn over Checker with those stitch markers on the buttonband, even knowing they are to be replaced by artsy ceramic buttons. First I searched for 5 matching plastic-but-not-too-plasticky buttons in my vast collection. Fuggedaboutit–I would have been there all day. I ended up marking the button-spots with little bows of brightly colored Noro Lily, which gave quite a merry effect. xox Kay

  • Emma–I just read the New York Times story yesterday about women having toe-shortening foot surgery so they can wear their four-inch stilettos. And one woman whose feet went numb after collagen injections to restore the pads of her feet worn down by years of wearing high heels. Can you IMAGINE? Chinese foot binding looks sensible compared to this stuff. Keep those Birks!
    Polly–I’m craving some snow, too. I just bought snowboots for the fellas–giant, rubbery tugboat-looking snowboots.
    Kay–So glad you opted for cheerful bows. Sorry to have sent bad button vibes your way. Your button collection is intriguing. I have only a pile of shell buttons in varying shades of gray. I need to get out more.

  • That is the cutest sweater! You must have put a lot of work into the finishing. That collar looks perfect.

  • Hey denim lady, your checkers is looking totally fab! I need some denim sewing advice… I’m onto the slip stitching a slightly stretched button band part of my friends cardigan… hhhmm… scary… can I spirit you over to London?
    Like Polly I have the snow envy too – I always block out the next day slush/ice/falling over routine!

  • Sarah W.: Denim Lady is here to offer free advice that is worth every penny you paid for it. The key, I’ve learned, to ‘slightly stretching’, is the ‘slight’ part. I find it’s better to err on the side of stretching too little than stretching too much. It’s sufficient to stretch it just enough to match the rows on the band, which is knit on smaller needles, to the rows on the body which is knit on larger needles–that’s very little stretch, but there is a difference in tension. SO…if you were really persnickety (hi Ann!), you could count the rows on the front and knit the same number of rows for the buttonbands. I did this once, on the gigantic Creek I did for my husband, which I really did not want all warpy along the bands. It worked perfectly. For the tiny Checker, I did not count rows, and it came out fine. I’m getting better at it with experience (that’s the hope).
    I always count the rows on the buttonhole band so that I can space the buttonholes out more evenly. I’m awful with the measuring tape and not so bad at plain counting.
    Here’s a confession. I never was sure what ‘slip stitch’ was, and couldn’t find it defined anywhere by Rowan. I looked it up in a sewing book (an American one), and it was what I remembered from Home Economics. We called it ‘blind stitch’ and used it for hemming skirts. I believe that for stitching buttonbands on in Denim, whip stitch works just as well. It is just as invisible and there are no holes and no stitches showing on the wrong side of the work. Just my humble opinion. I did Checker in slip stitch just to be “tres comme il faut”. In other words, the Ann Factor was at work.
    Whatever are you sewing up? Jess? Send a pic! xox Kay

  • Oh! what’s that white watery stuff? Snow. I forgot! If it snows in Paris this year, I’ll put it on my blog. Promise. Snow and kids, who could ask for more. 🙂

  • Denim Lady – thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! It is indeed Jess that I’m sewing up and I will send a pic when it’s done (assuming my friend can get it on – it’s looking a bit small to me). I especially like the counting idea – I’m also a bit rubbish with a tape measure and take some kind of perverted pleasure in counting rows. I’m off to look up slip stitch in my 1970’s big book of sewing! I too am feeling the Ann Factor!

  • The Ann Factor? Ha!!!!!!!!!! I’m the one who ended up with the wavy buttonhole band on Small Fella’s Pippin, then decided it looked festive and was too pathetically lazy to undo it.
    This week, the Ann Factor = Deciding that Christmas cards are not likely to happen. Deciding not to hang pictures until next year. Deciding that the “New Simplicity” is the code word for the “Old Laziness.”
    Have a superlazy day, everybody. x0x0x0x0x