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  • I now want the story on that measuring tape. Used as a ball and chain? Something for the sock to live up to?
    I’m happy the sock will soon be back home.

  • Safe journey, little sock. You’ll have so many stories to tell Stephanie after she is done with your deprograming.

  • Farewell, sock — happy trails to you!

  • I love that all of us are so amused by this. 🙂

  • Good to see Prez Clinton living up to the Geneva Convention and insisting the DP’s be re-instated! farewell,sock-friend.

  • I almost sorry that the story is ending. What a fun diversion from all this schools out for summer stuff.

  • oh geez you are so funny i laughed out loud, loudly! :o)
    love love love the brainwashing of the sock! ha!
    too bad she couldn’t stick around for some more circular fun but hey, those dpns are strict little stinkers aren’t they?! :o)
    don’t forget, WWKIP Day on Saturday!

  • How soon before the sock goes on Larry King with details of the abduction?

  • *snort*
    The mere idea that he could deny such a thing is absurd, but I still don’t see what that has to do with governing the nation.
    Sock, just stay out of the White House is my advice. Going to Canada is a good start.

  • The sock’s captors must be gentle sorts. I was certain it would end up mitered or log cabined or something. I guess it is good that Kay was in charge of the imprisonment. If Ann had been left alone to run amok with the sock, it would probably be going home in much murkier shades.

  • Ha ha ha ha….. funny!

  • Too bad the sock missed its opportunity to travel to California, Oregon and Victoria,BC. It will have to wait patiently for Stephanie to return. I hope that does not totally break its little heart.

  • Good travels little sock!
    And here I was thinking I was going to see Ann or Kay on Antiques Roadshow in 20 years time (or so) with the priceless sock that started WW3. ;D

  • Too funny. And even tho I was born after the trial, even, I got the references. Too nice of you to send it back in its own nice little deprogramming cozy (or is that an isolation closet to further support your subversion? Torture it will get in the mail, it’s already been denounced by its society…)

  • Dude, that was too easy. C’mon. Make her pay somehow.

  • Has there been any consensual mitering? What did it take for the dpns to get back in place?
    I bet there’s been some behind-the-blogs negotiation…because, as Rachel H says, it’s too easy.

  • Awwww…how soft-hearted of you. I’m afraid you’ll never make very good terrorists or kidnappers.
    I hope Stephnanie welcomes the sock back to the fold…how horrible if it continues to be ostracized.

  • Do Harlot’s say thank you?

  • OMG – I love the opening line. Bye bye sock. We’ll miss you. You’ve been such great company. Bon voyage!

  • you all and i do mean all are just plain
    funny do let us know if they get to cross the border

  • At least he sock wasn’t tortured…to much anyway.

  • so you sent it back on dpn’s — I would have sent it back on circulars…
    bye bye sock….

  • Few!

  • This is one lucky sock. I would have held out for more travels and consorting with famous people!Stay tunes, maybe there will be problems at the border!!!

  • I wonder if Hillary knits. Just sayin.

  • I wonder if Hillary knits. Just sayin’.

  • I wonder if Hillary knits. Just sayin’.

  • I wonder if Hillary knits. Just sayin’.

  • What a riveting tale of intrigue and adventure. Thanks for the fun – really enjoyed your posts on this. I think with therapy, the sock will recover and go on to lead a normal sock life…perhaps even write a memoir.

  • But does the sock really want to go back? It seemed pretty comfy on those circulars…

  • Even though Stephanie maintains a cold facade, little sock, you know she is secretly turning cartwheels in her hotel room on the west coast right now.

  • Well, at least it’s WONDERFUL that the Sock has been re-DPNed and is safely on its way home, as it was innocent. I’ve loved reading this all SO much (what a restorative, after yet another day of seeing that you can drive drunk, risking innocent lives, AFTER revocation of your license – and pay no penalty at all—provided you are white, have an empty head, tawdry manners and gazillions of dollars). Please tell me this is NOT becoming “the American Way”.

  • I just wanted to let you know that I understand young Ms ‘Sock in Need of Therapy’ was holding loud parties all last night. Just saying!
    I understand she is now addicted to magic looping. Sad in such a young sock

  • Just a thought here. Can a former US president pardon a CANADIAN sock citizen?

  • The story is never over … things can always be unraveled and begun again … I’m staying tuned.

  • The story’s never over – things can always unravel and begin again. I’m staying tuned …

  • Ooops – even though I make my living in technology, do you see now why I’d rather be knitting than dealing with computers?

  • ~snort~

  • Maybe the sock could take the long way home, and travel via bloggers? One blogger send it to another blogger to another….each taking pictures of the good time we’ve been showing the sock in our on cities.
    THEN it could go home to Stephanie!

  • You guys are a hoot.

  • Did the socknappers do any brainwashing? Will the sock want to remain on the dpns now that it’s had a taste of a better way of life? The saga continues. . . .

  • For brainwashing, you should have a picture of the sock in a sudsy tub…
    You guys are too clever!

  • cool runnings dear sock.

  • Too bad it has to go home.
    Imagine all the possibilities.
    I mean, a traveling sock saga would be great. Being sent around to other knitters, documenting all the things it experienced. All the places it saw along the way.

  • Myself, I’m looking forward to the sock’s eventual second career as a featured actor in John Waters movies.

  • Halot’s don’t say thank you, they say……..this sucks.

  • or suck this

  • or ………you want me to suck what?