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  • That’s hysterical! I’d suggest donating the sock to Patty Hearst, but that might be a little mean.

  • The poor dpns!! We hateses the circs!
    Dear sock, I feel your pain…

  • Oh my God, you guys crack me up. This Sockholm thing is hilarious.

  • Dear Ann and Kay,
    I am offering,as ransom for the poor sock, 2 custom-made Stash Weasels. All I ask is that the sock be promptly returned to Stephanie unaltered and on the DPNs. We can negotiate, please free the sock.

  • Finally! Some newsworthy, newsy, er…news! With all the ParisLindsayTBNancyGraceBushGasPrices blather all over the airwaves, I am refreshed to be hanging on a thread whose guage is 4-5 stitches per inch with size 8US! When is Anderson Cooper giving his commentary? I want to be sure to be up on the latest developments. Can you have the reports piped straight to my pituitary? KThanksBye!
    Jodie in Fargo ND for goshsakes dontcha know’den.

  • Very humorous today…I’m loving the sock on circulars, but I’d put it on one 40″ circular and put it through the Magic Loop a few times. It really should experience all of the things it has been missing under Stephanie’s old-fashioned DPNs, right?

  • I’m afraid to see how many of your readers don’t get the joke. I remember the day she was kidnapped all too well.

  • I was born after ’74 and I got it. (Though I did click the link to make sure.)
    I cringed at seeing the sock on 2 circulars.

  • too bad Stephanie isn’t playing back 🙁
    but you are pure genius!

  • “Gosh! Go tell your Grandma how young you are! Idiots!) ”
    This truly made me laugh out loud. I am old enough to remember –
    Free the sock!

  • what are you doing to the D.P.N.’s snapping them in front of the sock ( we love You sock, theres not a day goes by we don’t think of you) Cause if you start that it would be cruel. please don’t hurt or tease the sock. Just cause the owner is well known is no reason to make the sock do weird(circular) things. It’s just a poor sock that hasn’t been out in the world please send it home
    Even at some time a mate may be made for it. Please have merecy.

  • Oh how I miss Tania and Cinque. My sister worked at the Hibernia bank that Tania shot up. Being that we were mere adolescents when Tania was gun-toting, my sister worked there about 5 years later and the bullet holes remained. The bank owners never patched them up – my sister said tour buses would show up every so often – full of Japanese tourists – come in and snap some photos and be off again.
    I’m wondering if the captors will be demanding free circs for the masses? I envision trucks pulling up all over the country handing out bags of circs & sock yarn for the people.

  • Hee hee! Though I have to sympathize and say I’d be horrified if I left a sock at a friends house and they transferred it to DPNs, I have to say, this is awfully funny.
    I’m going to hell.

  • This is fabulous. Too bad Stephanie isn’t making more of it – it is just *too* fun.
    I suggest you send just the dpns wrapped in newspaper, with a note saying the sock “sleeps with the fishes”!
    (And I’m old enough to get *all* the references to Tania & the army)

  • I don’t think she actually loves that sock ….

  • I guess the sock’s willingness to switch to circular needles after five days of Cat Bordhi torture is caused by Sockholm Syndrome then . . .

  • Stephanie did send a little message to the sock in a post 2 days ago-I think she’s waiting till just the right time to make her move….I would hold out and up the stakes!!

  • Oh my. Does it make me old that I got the reference?
    Do you think Stephanie thought there was a Safe Haven law for socks and left it on your doorstep because she didn’t want to just abandon it and she knew it would be safe with you?

  • Don’t fall for her reverse psychology crap. Stick a wee miter in there before you ship it off.

  • Questions from the Tania-era: how does one brain-wash a sock? does it mean it is in shock to the point of knitting itself? How much painful deprogramming to return it to its gentle, dp status? Or is the age of innocence gone forever? So many painful questions, so many feet to warm up…

  • Don’t give in!!! Send it to Cat Bhordi and let her have at it! She can send it to Annie Modesitt and the poor sock can have all kinds of different stitch experiences. Let the sock explore, stretch her wool and fly.

  • See, the refusal to negotiate WORKED! And please don’t try snapping the DPNs as a warning, you will only hurt yourselves on those metal needles.

  • Poor sock. On circ’s… 🙁 Hold on dear sock!
    “Stick a wee miter in there before you ship it off.”
    This would be quite hilarious, AND… speak to the adventure of the sock as well. lol!

  • H.I. Larious!

  • Stephanie is way to involved in her knitting to really disregard one of her socks. I’m sure the missing sock is what is spurring her to make 3 sweaters…of the same pattern in just about 3 days!!!she’s says it’s the beautiful yarn…I am not convinced… she has a strategy…stay alert

  • ….hey….maybe I should be calling us to prayer or something????

  • Yes, very funny from miles away. But! Do you ladies have the gumption to send YH one of her own socks ensnared on a circular? Hmm! Hell hath no fury like a DPN addict scorned! I dare you . . . (needless to say I would run screaming from the challenge).
    Caro (aka Circulars Are Rubbish Organisation).

  • You guys crack me UP! You had me had “Tania”…

  • I remember it all too….the “poor” girl etc. I wonder if the song “Girls just want to have fun ” was written with her in mind….this is too funny, you started my day with a huge chuckle! Thanks, and yes I do start my day checking you and the Harlot, nothing better! …have a great day….take care of the sock, it is locked in a closet right??? …..

  • harlot is not home and may have lost her shoes
    sending the sock north would be safe?
    i have offered safe haven for all her cast offs
    resell the books and make a fortune
    this has been so much fun
    and they think knitters
    are dotty old women
    matt damon brad pitt
    george cloony eat your
    hearts out we are really sneaky

  • giggle, giggle. so much fun.

  • “We refuse to negotiate with people who refuse to negotiate with terrorists….” OMG, I will be giggling at all sorts of inappropriate moments today…

  • As I read this, I’m beginning to doubt the kidnapping story. Could it be? Is the sock actually a Jennifer? The runaway sock?

  • Jeez, I just laughed so hard, I almost fell off my chair!

  • hehehe I get the references.
    To rally the troops, more from that era
    Hell no to short row
    Say it out loud we’re circs and we’re proud !
    Make socks and not war
    Better living through cashmere
    Although I do not believe in violating the sock’s boundaries, this is for it’s own good.
    Watch out Canada, we have your sock, Toronto is next 😛 They have wool, they have wool wearing weather, they have hockey players and really good beer. What else could a knitter want?

  • Wow. I knew Stephanie was cool. But this goes beyond cool. Nerves of steel, I say. She won’t even enter into negotiations and you cave in days. Maybe she can run some global diplomatic negotations and achieve world peace.

  • hold on little sock we love you

  • What else could a knitter want from Canada???? Michael Buble’….he makes you want to be 25 years younger…..grrrrrr!

  • What else could we want from Canada?…. Michael Buble’ he makes you want to be 25 years younger, that voice, those looks, ….GRRRRRRR!!!!ok back to the sock being held hostage….. we should send it on a cross country trip with knitters and a basketball player helping hide it…..I’ll volunteer from MA…..mums the word, unless LIFE magazine shows up….

  • From DPNs to Circs?!! Evil…just evil, heh-heh-heh!
    How about refusing to negotiate with people who refuse to negotiate with people who refuse to negotiate with Sock-nappers…..

  • OK – having experienced the circulars – you’re going to give the sock back its DPNs before it goes home, yes? It’s had its “rumspringe”; it’s tried outrageous styles, it’s experienced life in America. I wouldn’t hold hostage a sock who lives with someone who knits THREE WHOLE SWEATERS (baby notwithstanding) in as many days. Imagine what she is capable of? Sock, I have three socks on DPNs holding a prayer vigil for you – and a scarf on a hunger strike until you get home. {sigh} Oh – and ladies? Thanks for a diversion from the offal filling the “news” these days.

  • She doesn’t want it? (she’s in shock.. poor thing.. it’s the first phase of grief- quoickly followed by denial- which is where she is clearly parked.
    Sell it on Ebay- donate proceeds to Knitters without borders… besides- the woman can’t find her beloved shoes….she’ll never miss the sock.
    But be nice- she’ssounding pretty slap happy… knitting baby sweaters for babies that don’t exist….losing shoes… she’s on the edge. Be ware.

  • Oh.My.GAWD. You guys are so hilarious!! You did NOT just name that sock Tania!

  • The Circularese Liberation Army!
    I love it. Y’all are seriously insane.
    Mad admiration,

  • “shock the sock into knitting itself…” oh, my. the possibilities.

  • There are several rapid delivery places that could get the sock to Powells in Portland prior to her speaking engagement. Petaluma, Victoria and Alaska might be more challenging, to get there timely. Victoria and Alaska are probably do-able.
    I hope she acknowledges the sock’s return and adventures.

  • Sadly, I remember 1974….great post.

  • The Circularese Liberation Army: I believe it was the Circularese Liberation FRONT. Whatever that was. How I love this blog. Needed a laugh really really bad today and got a good one here. Obviously born before 1974…long before.

  • Catching up a little late, but loving it. When I read the “I am Tania” caption, I immediately pictured a truck full of yarn being redistributed to the masses. (If I had a blog, there would *so* be a yarned-out version of the “We love you Tania” posters that sprang up around Berkeley after “I have decided to stay and fight.”)

  • Oh, lordy, I’m giggling just a little too loudly, sitting here all by myself . . . “Sockholm Crisis,” indeed!!
    Poor little sock, so confused…. though I agree, it should try Magic Loop while it’s exploring new possibilities.

  • LOVE the Tania reference!!! (I’m old enough to remember AND I wrote an academic paper on Patty Hearst’s story as captivity narrative…)
    Maybe you should send the sock to Jon Waters so it can be in one of his films??

  • I think you should have put a ballband cuff on the thing. But then again, I’m not a sock knitter (yet, anyway!)

  • Where does Squeaky Fromme come into this drama???!?

  • Oh Tania, our dear revolutionary sweetheart. We loved to see your face photographed in 15 second intervals.
    Thanks for keeping us in stitches.

  • Oh Tania, our dear revolutionary sweetheart. We loved to see your face photographed in 15 second intervals.
    Thanks for keeping us in stitches.

  • Oh Tania, our dear revolutionary sweetheart. We loved to see your face photographed in 15 second intervals.
    Thanks for keeping us in stitches.