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  • They have become very handsome–and happy–men. You should be proud. Fingering weight?? Try to talk him into a worsted.

  • We have gone through that here, I look at my 4 grown girls and wonder “who are these big people?” It starts a new part of life, “the adults” year…anyway, I am sure the ladies thank you when they see them, good looking guys!

  • Would using two strands of fingering weight at once pass muster?

  • I find it impressive that he knows a preference for yarn weight!

  • Oh, Ann. Those feet!
    And now, those smiles!
    That is all.

  • Not to worry! I am ready, willing, and able to be of service. Just cram all foodstuffs into the largest flat rate Priority box available and mail it on to me…

    Seeing the pictures of the cousins,babies>teens, made my heart kind of melt.

    Have fun with the sweater of fingering wt. yarn–maybe you can pretend it’s a fair isle, or something.

    Knit on!


  • GASP at the idea of the fingering weight, from someone who took a year to knit a simple shaker sweater out of chunky wool, for a gentleman a lot “less tall” than your son.

  • Great photos!! Finger wt sweater for a large boy??? Unbelievable and sounds like a long project. Hope he doesn’t want plain black or something.

  • You still have those chairs! What a great Mom you are. I totally get it about growing up too fast. Just enjoy the ride!

    • Judy, you are so observant! I just got it now that those are “kiddie” chairs. No wonder that these guys are laughing and sitting kind of cock-eyed. Well, I guess I am more the Watson than the Holmes… 🙂

  • adorable-all of it but esp those boys

  • All this unauthorized growing up. We have it going on in our house, too, and they WON’T STOP.

    My son has also requested a sweater, after years of refusal to consider such an idea (“You can knit me all the sweaters you want, I’m just not going to wear them”). Thankfully he knows nothing of gauge, so I’m free to pick worsted. If I were knitting a fingering-weight one, though, it would be Jared Flood’s “Redford”.

  • That last picture is just terrific!

  • Thank you so much for sharing those priceless ‘then and now’ photos. They truly brought me joy.

  • cannot believe you have ANY foodstuff hanging around the house when you have those guys! during my multiple-teenagers years the food did not really hit the plates and nothing lingered in the house no matter what shape it was. Love your attempt to recreate the too cute photo, tho.

  • My college age son is also asking for fingering weight gauge hand knits. I couldn’t be happier. He is asking for hand knits!

  • Nooooooo! This will not come to pass with all the babies, will it?
    To hell with sweaters, I need to go make more babies!

    Also, do you know Ze Frank? Google him. Big Project of pictures recreated in this way – pictures of families then and now.

    Oh, le sigh.

  • I know it’s coming fast but I might cry the day my Great Dane of a son can’t fit in my lap. Luckily I’ll squeeze a few more years out of his little brother.
    At 8 years old and closing in fast on 5 feet it’s not far off but he’s skinny as twig and folds up like an origami swan so we are making do.

  • Best post ever. Maybe. Happy New Year!

  • Your pictures are priceless!! Having 2 girls who beg for handknits of any kind make me so happy and I just keep obliging them!!
    Knit on.

  • Yes, lots of treats here too … I can resist pretty much everything, but See’s peanut brittle (in the BIG box) has been my downfall these past few days. Too bad knitting doesn’t burn up enough calories for me.

    What nice pics of the guys. So cute as tiny babies, then you have these enormous grown men the next time you turn around. My son’s becoming a dad in a couple of months & it’s making me nostalgic for his baby self.

    Happy New Year & we’re all eager to see sonny’s sweater!

    • Toffee-ettes are my downfall. All the food groups in one: fat, sugar, chocolate, nuts. SO GOOD.

      • My downfall is the Victoria Toffee–big block version of Toffe-ettes. A few years ago, See’s restricted their manufacture to the December holiday time. Terrible for my spirit, but a blessing to my hips….

  • Love, love, love those before and after pictures in the big and then tiny chairs.

    My 15 year old daughter is finally requesting hand knits! She picked out the yarn for the Rosemary Cardigan that I finished just in time for Christmas. http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Francieos/rosemary-cardigan

    • Oh WOW, Francie! Your daughter is so adorable, and she is clearly a born handknit model! Beautiful all the way around.

  • Love, love, love the two photos! In the first photo, David S. is looking squarely at the camera, almost with a look of “here I am; take my picture”, while David P. is busy sucking his thumb while looking off-camera (probably at his mom). Seventeen years later, David P. no longer sucks his thumb, lol, both young men are laughing and looking at the camera, and the two chairs have shrunken considerably over the years. Must be some kind of “incredibly shrinking wood” used in those chairs!

  • LOVE!! STOP!

  • Ann, my own son is almost 14 and almost as tall as me! I see you have not successfully made this growing thing stop so how does a mom cope with a teenage argument when they can look you straight in the eyes standing up? I see you may have this same issue though you look taller than myself. Love this post!

  • Adorable guys – then and now. Good luck with the fingering sweater.

  • How adorable! Check out the Redford sweater on Brooklyn Tweed. I don’t recall the designer’s name on Ravelry. It reminds me of a comfy sweatshirt. Knitting one of the larger sizes in fingering weight. Needless to say it didn’t make it under the tree for 2013.

  • I keep dropping by to see if there’s a new post, and I also keep not minding that there isn’t. Because OMG, those babies!! So precious! And they’ve grown up to be rather good-looking, too. 🙂

  • Thank you for those pictures! Those are THE BEST! I keep telling my kids to stop growing but they don’t listen.


    1) Kay, I really, really like your “First must knit of 2014”. How will you do it, Kay? Horizontal strips, vertical strips, or some more “outside the box” method, a la KG? Are you thinking of garter stitch, stockinette, or what? Details, I’m hungry for details. Even if you don’ t ever get around to actually making it, I love the thrill of the dream.

    2) Olive is just too cute, especially under that quilt, and so thoughtful to be sending you messages to break the monotony which can happen in this work-a-day world.

    Knit on!