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  • What a beautiful pile of afghan squares!
    I am going to start looking for a job in NYC, just so I can participate in these in-person afghan square hand-offs.
    Anyone there need a professor of ancient Greek?

  • Dear Aara, I feel like calling you up and reciting my one and only line of ancient Greek. O Solon, Solon, and something about Hellenes. Yes, this party trick does involve an Old Boyfriend. He was a great tour guide to Rome and Athens, though. At one point we searched for hours for the spot from which St. Paul supposedly preached, and I started thinking, what is WITH this guy? This is all circa 1983. Misty, water-colored and all that.
    The answer is, yes, of course we need a professor of ancient Greek here at Mason-Dixon University, provided you will teach Intro to Tatting and coach the rugby team. Come on down! Bring squares.
    Off to pick up another square (I’m not kidding), love, Kay

  • Kay–Eeek! What a little teeny thing you’ve made! I love it.
    I’m with you about the Life Size Barbie Beauty Salon Head. I find anything made the wrong size to be disturbing. At the fish market I saw these giant prawns, six inches head to tail, and all I could think about was RADIATION.
    Your squares are inspiring. I am intrigued with the way Maggi’s dark gray one makes the colors all the more vibrant, and (well, you know where this is headed) I am looking forward to providing the squares that will make the perfect foil for yours: smoke, shale, briar, pickle, and um other gray squares that I feel compelled to knit. I think it was Knitting Text(iles) Anne who said that a dingy shade can make a bright color sing. Rilly, you’ll thank me for this someday.
    Onward! x0x0x

  • Hi gals !!
    I’m so excited, I’ve finished a square (and as Lis will vouch, finishing something is a BIG deal for me) AND had my first opportunity to use my Kaffe Fasset pattern book as a means of doing it !Where do I send it ? … and do I get noodles back in the post by return ??