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  • I’m so glad you started this. I’ve gotten another half a stripe done on the Monk-in-the-Desert Afghan, and I would have never taken it out of the bag if it weren’t for you guys!

  • Personally I have to lie down after reading about some of these projects. These people are ska-ROOed. They are NEVER FINISHING. TOO MUCH KNITTING. TOO MUCH I TELL YOU.
    But gee I wish you all the best.
    xoxo Kay

  • Per Kay’s comment, may I suggest the button slogan? “The MDK Slogalong: We are ska-ROOed!”
    I’d make one myself if I weren’t too busy slogging.

  • (sigh) I wish I had a slog project… well, a slog knitting project, anyway. If only I’d had the foresight to send ahead loads of yarn and patterns to combat the “no new knitting supplies till I get a job” rule!

  • How ’bout something like this or this?

  • The same inertia that’s keeping me from finishing some projects is keeping me from signing up for the slogalong. I have three pillows- well, the backs of them…
    OK, I”ll get busy soon. Like Jenn, it’s a motivator.

  • I’ve registered and I slog nightly. I just need to get my priorities straight and share my sad, slog song.

  • Does registering for the Slogalong count as slogging?

  • I’m going to have to slog along, too. Moxie’s Man Hood is a slog if I’ve ever known one. It’s freakin’ killing me, and now it looks like it may be too small. I haven’t blogged it once, I hate it so!
    Speaking of, can I be an honorary member of the MDK KAL? No warshrags yet, but I think the nightie counts!

  • Ann, you crack me up! I like the ‘we are ska-rooed’ idea…LOL! Too funny!