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  • Ha! That was one of my favorite movies! I must say, Derek Smalls is still looking pretty cute!

  • STONEHENGE!!!!! That made me laugh so hard…

  • Too funny! I love all their movies. Best of Show had to be one of my favorites.

  • Uh, Spinal Tap – saving the world?!? The concept alone is hysterical, the interview made me fall of the chair — thanks!

  • Stonehenge or chai? It’s such a fine line……

  • ROCK ON!!!!
    gotta love those guys. just love’em to death.

  • I hope they play Big Bottom!!!! That’s my favorite ’cause this girl’s got’em!!

  • “Warmer Than Hell”–Hell Yeah!! I laughed so hard I peed a little. Thank you so much for that ST update!

  • Well, that certainly puts it all in perspective, don’ it?

  • This makes me laugh so hard. I love Spinal Tap (this amp goes to eleven!), and the fact that I will be at an uncomfortably formal (for me) wedding on that day means I’ll have something a bit lighter to think about.

  • You know it’s gonna be a good concert too, when they play on a hallowed day like 777-pure rock! hee hee

  • It has knitting content! David St Hubbins is wearing a Bucket O’Chic hat in the final scene.

  • hi to you all – the appearance of this legendary band would probably be the best reason to catch the gig ! – I also love their movies!!! they are all geniuses! = or genie’s ?????

  • Bwah! Thanks for sharing this. (I still have a crush on Nigel Tufnel. Gaah!)

  • yes! love this group of creative folks!
    i searched and searched, nothing listed yet in the u.s. after the new jersey show. i so want to go when they are in the bay area!

  • Thanks so much for the Spinal Tap clip – love that faux-band!

  • I now feel sooooo old. First my eldest becomes a teenager yesterday, and then I can’t claim to be a child bride as I remember Spinal Tap so well from the first time around! Had a few boyfriends that could’ve walked out of their band too, tee hee, the idiocy of youth!

  • Bahahaaa! That’s just perfect somehow.

  • “I met her on SUNday it was my lucky BUNday” oh my gosh I laugh so hard it hurts when I watch this movie. I actually hung around with a rock band in the 1970s and All Of That Stuff Is True!!