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  • O Kay! Just home from church. I’m WITH you. You are preachin’ it sister. I have pink and beige instead of blue and white but I’m knittin’ along with you babeeee! Back out for Soccer Tryouts and knittin’ on the sidelines (isn’t that what soccer is for?!)

  • Thank you for the gratuitous tip, because it wasn’t gratuitous to me! I’ve been trying to figure out carrying the yarn up the side without it looking “off” forever! So, you definitely matter!

  • Loving it already! Can’t wait to see more 🙂

  • I am getting *this is going to be spectacular* vibes….

  • not having tried cro-kay yet, you could always just slip the first stitch for an easy bind off edge too.

  • I’m with Kim…I never knew how to carry another color between rows, so a big “Thanks!” for that non-gratuitous tip!

  • I really don’t think you can get too much detail for this group..you might prove me wrong, idk..

  • Thanks for the tip. I just must be slightly dense on this, because when I do this, I end up having to almost “twist” one around the other to get it to carry up and that can look poopy.
    Either that or I just forget to carry the yarn and I realize it, oh… 10 rows later when I need it. Fun for me!!!
    I can’t wait to see the FO!!

  • I love it Kay! Lusting to get out the Euroflax. ‘Tis the season.

  • No sooner said than started! I think it will be nicer than the cushion, but I’m very glad the cushion has inspired. x x x