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  • You could always start storing it. My mom always made us earn it back in exchange for chores… If not within a certain period, off to goodwill it went.

  • Erin B’s mother has the best household rule I’ve ever heard.

  • I have given up on being a Momba. I tell them to pick it up, and if I tell them twice and it is still there, I get out a garbage bag. You should see them scurry like mice! You only have to throw 1 actual item belonging to each child away for this to be effective. I usually pick the most annoying happy meal toy that is around at the time. You do need to be careful not to lay hands on something really treasured or important as the 1st thing to hit the garbage or you will be fishing it out and this will no longer be effective.

  • To me you’ll always be Mambo, you mixed up goomba.

  • This one’s even better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzUfmh3G9AE&feature=related

  • Momba– TOO.FUNNY.
    I’m going to be your little sister, Step-Momba, mmkay?

  • It is bizarre how we can do that-I do the same thing: refold/pick up towels(morning and night) in the boys’ bathroom, dog toys to dog bed. crate, Lego to the morasse that is the “playroom”… Still haven’t figured out why I don’t look like a runway model after hours of this daily. Dang it-should be some benefit(other than not impaling one’s foot on a Bionicle piece)!

  • Moomba! genius!
    In my house people just think they are tidier than they are….like I find myself picking up stuff and they say “I always leave it in my room” and I have to gently correct with “No, I leave it in your room when you leave it beside the computer.”
    For spouse I put everything on the dresser. He is the one who THINKS he is so tidy, imagines that the dishwasher only needs to be unloaded once a week. Where are my screwdrivers? on your dresser. On a more positive note, I am pleased that he has screwdrivers and uses them regularly around the house.

  • I know that neither my hubby or I are even this organized. I can only hope it is a skill learned with motherhood, or my little abode will become even less tidy.
    I don’t clean very often. Usually a manic frenzy every month (rather than sensibly doing a little bit every day) and a bigger one if I am having guests. If I were smarter, I’d have guests over every couple of weeks just to ensure that the cleaning happened.

  • I am in the midst of re-envisioning a quilt as a handknit blanket and I discovered that I hated the way the edges looked with the yarn carried up the side. Efficient, yes, but it just didn’t come out right. It is nice to know that I am not alone in that.
    I like the way the WS/RS ticking looks. I still thing that is a viable option for your seaming up.

  • Oh my, yes. Momba’s of the world, unite!
    (Have you considered trying weaving the ends as you go, a la sock pr0n?)

  • I’ve never commented before, but I’ve been reading this blog, and I love it.
    As far as being momba, my mom made us buy back our stray items after we got our allowances. A dollar here, fifty cents there…it added up. Now I pick up after my boyfriend, but the allowance thing IS tempting…
    Rachel May

  • I only wish there was someone else responsible for the chaos that is my post-winter, too-soon-for-gatherings-on-the-screenporch home…but [sigh] it’s me.

  • Dude! I’m Momba too! Thanks for giving us a fun title. Although I’m really liking that buy-back thing.

  • mmmhmmmm. We have advanced degrees Kay. We are smart moombas. The questions you are asking? I’m predicting that this is the calm before the family storm. The moomba clouds are a brewin’ something new……….

  • Hi! I came here through my blog. Thanks for the comment – if you knew those two cats, you might be inclined to disbelieve they contribute to peace. The fat one thinks MDK is a butt rest (especially if it’s open). She and I just have different reasons for appreciating it, I guess.
    How did I fail to put you guys on my bloglines? The problem will be corrected instantly.

  • You crack my shit up.
    Dearest Kay, You are so much more than a human sized vacuum cleaner.

  • Momba!! I love it! I think I’m going to make my kids start buying me “batteries” (i.e., yarn, coffee and chocolate). That’s great!

  • And you are not alone–there are many Momba’s quietly roaming homes all over the world. Do you have the problem I have? If I ignore the Lego’s, they’ll stay there until the end of time, but put the Lego’s away, they somehow become the most awesomely appealing toy ever. And then they’re all over the floor again. And if the boy has to put them away–they don’t get put away because “hey! these Lego’s are awesome”. You can’t win.

  • Everybody Momba!
    (I am now going to do my roam-and-repeats to that Calypso beat…)

  • I’m glad to hear I’m not the only housewife exhibiting momba behavior. Love the new sriped squares (especially like someone mentioned already the ticking effect).

  • Loving these squaretangle whatever the heck they are! You are in a serious flow state.
    I think you should go on strike for a week, just to see what would happen. It may be that after a few days, things are so out of place that people start putting them back where they belong, by accident.

  • Re: weaving in ends – I am of the “If you’re going to do it, do it right” school. Don’t sacrifice the looks for time – it will bug you later!

  • Re: weaving in ends – I am of the “If you’re going to do it, do it right” school. Don’t sacrifice the looks for time – it will bug you later!

  • I think because I had no ‘personal’ children – just a stepdaughter and now a grandson – I don’t tend to go into Moomba mode. Before grandson hits the road for home on Sundays, NanaRobin makes him get up and put away all his stuff. I have put his things in ‘jail’ (at 7 1/2 he has a fixation on the police) and make him do something for me to get it back. I honestly have to say that I somewhat resent picking up after sweetie and the grandson. I mean before they came along it was me and the ‘girls’ (dogs) and they never left anything out for me to pick up – I’ve always attributed this attitude to not having children.
    Love how the new stuff is going – you’re more woman than me – I can’t imagine having to weave in all those ends – won’t it mostly be hidden when you mattress ’em together??

  • Dear Kay, I love your new squares. Do you use a crochet hook to do the cro-Kay I did not know you would us the same language as in knitting, with a crochet hook.Bind off? Rita

  • …And papa loves “momba” (to paraphrase the old song).
    Hey, I thought “cro-kay” was a lawn game played with some balls and a mallet, or something…do you at least use wooden knitting needles? But seriously, it must make a nice edge, sort of like slip stitching (with a “cro-shay” hook) all the way around, no?
    And how does that Euroflax feel? Like, is it a wonderful texture?
    Thanks so much for relaying your precious enthusiasm–but wait, you’ve got a schmear on your chin… 🙂

  • Ok…I think that’s me too. But at our house we refer to the “laundry fairy,” the “grocery fairy,” etc. Kindof like the tooth fairy…but not such fun jobs.
    I’m loving the blanket. I wish I was knitting one. Who knows, I may start before you’re done.

  • You are too funny, Momba! I love the enthusiasm with which you take on these new knitting projects. I can’t wait to see the squares of your blanket progress!!

  • I would call you a humeba – although come to think of it, the gentlemen never pick up, so I guess you’re a momba after all. Just wanted to pass on the unwelcome news that it doesn’t get better as the kids get older. Well, you don’t step on pointy little Barbie shoes and Legos in your bare feet anymore. I worked diligently at getting my kids to be tidy when they were little, with some success. Now that they’re in their twenties, and still here (don’t ask) they’re bigger’n me – and the mess prevails. Big sigh. You get so you don’t care – unless you get ants.

  • Dear Kay, I have been having Deep Thoughts about motherhood myself lately. These days my thoughts run along the lines of “I don’t want to do this anymore.” This is because I have a 3-year-old son whom I dearly love but who thinks the bathroom is a playground and the toilet his own personal merry-go-round. I really loved your comparison of yourself to a Roomba, and the whole post brought a little desperately needed lightness to my day today. You have leavened my life! Many thanks,

  • I had a dearly loved Aunt who described male housemates, (Husbands, sons and relateds) as “bears with furniture” My particular bear is a collecting type bear. he collects valuable stuff that ends up in the living room. Anybody need a solid cherrywood mantlepiece? Its been in the living room for about two years. Its too big to roomb and too valuable to throw away. anybody?

  • I estimate that we spend some ungodly amount of our waking hours just moving stuff from one place to another — couch to recycling bin, hamper to washer to dryer to closet, inbox to trash bin. Sheesh.

  • So… I’m just wondering… is the term cro-kay because you are Kay? Or because all the knitters will tease you if you crochet?
    p.s. if you crochet around the edges, you don’t have to weave in tails because you do them you go.

  • Kay, Moomba is actually a Melbourne festival, held at the beginning of March every year:
    Look out for its supposed actual meaning, versus the meaning it was given by our founding fathers 😉
    Pronounce the first syllable (Moom) to rhyme with room or loom, btw.
    Maybe we should redefine it to mean: “Let’s get together and put your stuff back where it belongs”?

  • On the carrying up the sides of the un-used color: I only just this week had a conversation about this. Suzanne of Knitting in La Jolla says she has discovered that if you knit BOTH yarns together on the first stitch of these rows, you get less wonkiness on that edge. Interesting, no? I usually cut’n’weave if it’s more than 2 ridges that I have to carry the unused yarn up, but maybe this will spare me?

  • ok… i must visit more often, because you crack me up (and I could use a good laugh now and then) I love the momba… I think that is part of motherhood. I’ve threatened to throw out, but haven’t really followed through yet.. although with the in-laws coming to stay with us for 6 weeks, I have some major cleaning out to do, so it sounds about a good time to start!
    thanks for the smile

  • That is priceless! Momba! I think if I stopped my daughter would never notice! ARGHHH.