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  • Oh man, what a great picture! Was your sister in “4H” sewing too? I made the same skirt when I was in 4H. And oh, yes, we *all* went outside the house dressed like that!

  • Let me get this straight. You were in Omaha, and you did NOT go to Personal Threads. As in, you were right there, in Omaha, which is right where they are. Are they cranky? A member of the “high priestess of knitting” breed of yarn stores? Do they keep unreasonable hours?
    I’m in awe, really I am. I’m now so used to buying yarn while travelling that if I go someplace without a yarn store, I order yarn off the internet to make up for it.
    Of course, that explains the state of my bathtub.

  • Am I the only one who does not understand the phrase, “popped your clogs?”

  • i love that picture..;-)
    Of course, I was always about 5-6 years behind the trend (due to hand-me-downs) .. and I left the house feeling way cool (and wondered why all the other children were laughing)

  • Anything with squirrels is okay in my book. Nice roll!

  • Are those collars you’re sporting circa Christmas 1975 retrievable? Because they’d make GREAT quilt blocks. You could tell your grandchildren, “See that quilt piece right there? It’s my favorite because it nearly poked out my eyeball as we started another rendition of ‘O Tannenbaum.’ And by the way, kids, all your brothers and sisters will be your best friends when you grow up. Trust me, I know.”
    Yup, that’s what you’d say.
    That post just put me in the Christmas spirit for some reason. See if your friend can make some shrinky-dink Christmas ornaments! they are presh.

  • Reason # 208 that I love your blog: the fearlessness with which you post vintage photos of yourselves. I’ve got the same goony photos, being of similar vintage here, but not the nerve to show ’em.
    Please don’t ask me to list the other 207. Its been a long day.

  • I love the sibling photos. I too feel all Christmas-y now. Those needle rolls are so great – I need to make a beach version for watercolor supplies! Annhb

  • I just LOVE those 1970 photos! Might have to raid my mum’s place next time I am there.
    I love your sister’s gingham shirt – gingham used to be one of my favourite things (OK, I admit it, still is one of my favourite things). In fact I seem to remember having a pair of jeans that I turned into flared jeans by the addition of red gingham triangular inserts… Nice!

  • Just returned from a family wedding in FL and couldn’t agree with the sentiment more (no clogs on me). Love those old pics!

  • Cute needleroll! The fabrics are fantastic….and a fab use for scraps.

  • Great needle roll! Ahh, shrinky dinks 🙂

  • love the needle roll, and am a shrinky dink fan too