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  • I’m still on the MS State Fair case, but haven’t located any more info. With all the hubbub around here, I’ve been too busy to follow up, but I’ve still got the urge.
    I love the name Fern and the CW reference. I thought immediately of the “tee double ee, double arrr, double arr, double eff, double ii, double see, see, see.”
    Happy Memorial Day!

  • Oh, I can’t wait to see this swatch! I laughed out loud at the “child looks exactly like a forest on the Cumberland plateau” line. I think a Fern Sacque is in order…
    My motto: “You can’t go wrong with Shetland. Sometimes.”

  • ”Fern” sounds like it will be a fabulous,winning,coat.
    The Butter Cow thing has traumatised me !

  • I am not sure who gives ribbons to little people, I don’t, besides of here on this side of the world everyone would look at me as though I had 3 heads if I did. I am loving the side bar photos, having just come finished kindergartedn graduation with 32 kids I am loving the circus idea, I’ll have to hang on to that one.
    If I suddenly decided I need to enter a state fair I’ll be sure to let you know 🙂

  • Just a small nagging voice in the back of my head: aren’t the Shetlands and the Outer Hebrides each on different sides of Scotland? Nah, doesn’t matter as long as they produce such glorious coloured wools they could be on either side of Timbuktu. Looking forward to your creation.
    Apparently my shawl is going to be in the ‘Knitted Accessory’ department. I’ll send some Danish treats and snacks along in lieu of those two US$.

  • I guess one would have to knit a pretty schmancy dishcloth for the “household item” category, but I’m sure it could be done. Socks, I could do socks… Knitted accessory, is that like a buttonhole bag?? Well, I’m eager to see what you’re going to do with that beauteous yarn, and I’ll stew on it here….
    And my son once got a ribbon for participating in “house league” which meant he went to the gym once a week at recess and kicked a ball around, I think. He’s in grade 2. But it sure ain’t the last day of school around here; we have another month!

  • The Fern Concept is brilliant and what’s more, it deserves to become Actual (unlike the scary complex of buildings on that architecture link). Please, Please, Please put a little fiddlehead somewhere or maybe make a matching cap that ends with a little fiddlehead fern at the top? You’re definitely on the trail of a blue ribbon, Ann.

  • Oh Ann,
    You are so fun to knit vicarously through. Fern sounds so sweet.
    MAYBE I’ll enter something…..or look into the county fairs around me in…… Chicago.!! Since I live in the only town to still have a farm in COOK county, I may have to go to the border or something.
    Moo. By the way, have you read it? MOO by Jane Smiley?

  • Sounds like you have a great concept going here. I love it, Fern! Can’t wait to see the swatch. You’re gonna kick butt 🙂

  • Cristina–yes, there has been some talk of fiddleheads! And I think fiddleheads are more appropriate for a child’s jacket that full-blown ferns, don’t you?
    I’m thinking of a jacket a woodland fairy would wear. A Cumberland Plateau fairy, to be sure.
    I’m continuing All Thomas Theme–my entry is going to be………..Sunday Best, sized for a 7 year old boy. Since I have a 7 year old boy, or will have one by the time the sweater comes back from the Tennessee State Fair!
    xoxo Kay

  • I didn’t know that the Butter Cow Lady had a website … the Butter cow is the highlight of our Iowa fair visits (and I actually saw that Butter Last Supper).
    KathyB, you don’t have to go far from Chicago to find an awesome fair. The DuPage County Fair has been mentioned here before, and the Kane County Fair is also quite wonderful.
    As for me and my state fair knitting, I’m still pouting about not being able to enter the Iowa State Fair (so what if I haven’t lived there full time since 1985? I’m still an Iowan at heart!), but got over myself long enough to request an entry form from the Massachusetts fair. I’m thinking kid sweater, since time is of the essence.

  • Wow. This is epic. I will enjoy watching it. Not participating, mind you…I am a Midwesterner, and State Fairs are Very Serious Business that make my knees go weak at the very thought of entering. Don’t you need a couple of acres and a big wraparound porch to be worthy of the state fair? Surely they would look at my big city return address and laugh as they contributed my entry to the ginzu knife demonstration. No, I don’t think so. But I’m loving the vicarious thrills!

  • The Butter Cow Lady would be proud to know you’ve linked to her. Did you know that, along with the Butter Cow, she’s making a Butter Tiger Woods this year? And people think Iowans are dull. Sheesh!

  • Aw, MAN! As soon as I saw your link to the Butter Cow Lady I got all set to post about Tiger… Kymm beat me to it. Aw, thats alright though.
    You should see the lines of people waiting to see her Butter Creations.

  • when Tennessee does a fair, it does a damn fine fair. Wow…! that catalogue is mind-boggling!

  • Oh! a conceptual architect! I am soooo taken with the concept of being a conceptual anything. I can help broaden the horizons of anything with my mind! Only I’m sure I’d have to write about it and that would be non-conceptual actual work and therein lies the reason I’m blog-hopping not working. Sigh.

  • Just out of curiousity, does the “first garment” category refer to the first garment one has knit or to a garment one has knit with the intention of sending a child home from the hospital in it? As in, baby’s first garment? Maybe I’m cracked, but that is what I thought it meant.

  • I would like to enter this year. Would a bedspread qualify?