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  • Love the metronome. Already itching to make one for myself, I think I have very nice unsummery yarn up in the attic for it.

  • Your Metronome is looking fabulous! I’m chuckling over the older Girl Scout look….does that include knee socks

  • I did that with Rifton on a straight scarf with a bit of a stitch pattern. A Kirsten Kapur pattern from the upcoming book, of course. It worked like a charm and Rifton is DREAMY. I say dive.

  • You find such interesting patterns!! Very nice!

  • I would use a slurp of green to contrast with the rifton. In the lime or chartreuse ( or both ) family.

  • I hope you will update us on your son’s friend’s progress.

    • That was Ann’s son’s friend. And yes, we’d like to know how he’s doing.

  • Can’t wait to see how knitting off the one ball of yarn works out for Metronome. Colour crashing! Yea!

  • The Metronome is looking great, but did you want a scarf or a shawl? You keep calling it a scarf, but then slip and call it a shawl. Metronome is more of a shawl. Besides, you’re knitting it in a worsted-weight yarn. Of course it will be warm(ish), good for places that have cranked up the AC. So, go for the full pattern, as written. Then go find some barely-there laceweight and do a proper 3-inch-wide summer scarf. The Rifton will wait for you.

  • Your Metronome is garter stitch. Garter stitch stretches. Probably it will enlarge itself when blocked. If it is still too small, get it wet and hang it over your shower curtain rod or the equivalent. Should be big enough. Supervise so it doesn’t become too big.

    I can’t even think about the Rifton as I can’t think about wool in this @#!*& heat wave that will not end. Normally I would feel an intense Rifton envy.

  • Yes! to knitting during the convention(s). Last night my husband said, “You miss some good TV by watching it that way.” I thought, “you miss some good knitting watching it your way.”

    • yes!

  • Any update on Ann’s son’s friend? (PS. Love your shawl and especially the yarn choice.)

  • Well you know I’m going to say go for The Rifton Experiment, which was also an excellent Robert Ludlum novel circa 1979 just sayin.

  • Thanks for the Metronome discount–I snapped one up right away! But if you change your mind about the Rifton, let me recommend Stephen West’s fabulous Self-Striping Dotted Rays. I am just finishing one in Rifton (Autumn) and let me tell you, mind = blown. There is so much to love about this pattern: an integrated I-cord border, fun asymmetrical shape, double yarnover peepholes, and totally logical short rows that make it easy to keep track of exactly where you are at any given moment without a bunch of scrawly notes and stitch markers. Simple but brilliant!

  • Last night I was looking at the Metronome garter stitch tutorial for help on another project that alleged to require bobbins when I thought to myself, why not just knit this instead? So I ripped and cast on. It was like lightning. It’s a miracle I was able to stop knitting Metronome and go to bed. Thank you for your leadership and guidance in my unending knitting quest.

  • Oh, I’m so glad you’re knitting Metronome in worsted because the yarn I have in mind (Mirasol Miski 100% llama) is worsted too and none of the projects on the pattern page are in worsted–yet. Yes, you know how garter stitch grows when you block it, I’m betting it’ll be just right. I’m of two minds about the contrast dots on the reverse. Some days I love them, other’s not so much. Love your colors. What color are you using for color 3? As a lifelong non-lover of blue, indigo has me changing my tune. Oh, and thanks for the heads-up about the pattern discount. I got mine right away. Tee-hee.

    • P.S. If you’re looking for news of Ann’s son, Clif’s friend, there’s a single line above the blog headline saying that he’s out of ICU and much better. Whew. See what having a bunch of knitters praying for you does?

  • I loooooove convention-knitting! So far I have knitted a doll sweater and sewn snaps on, and made great progress on a slow-going needlepoint kit. I marvel in sympathy at all the delegates and other convention-attendees, sitting there with only a sign in their hands and not a square of garter stitch to show for it.

    Your gorgeous Metronome will be cool, literally. There is nothing more refreshing than blue and white stripes.

  • I picked what I thought was an easy slipped stitch cowl pattern (Array) to knit during the conventions. I keep making mistakes! Cleveland was a disaster. I just had to admit that I couldn’t blame Donald Trump for bad knitting. Last night I frogged the whole thing.

  • So glad for the news about Clif’s friend. And for the inspiring speeches to knit to this week!

    My primo convention knitting is Fort Tryon, in stash yarn: Koigu PPPM, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, and Sundara Fingering Merino Cashmere. I cast on on Saturday, and made sure to be past the pick up row, so now it’s smooth sailing/knitting. Because I knit in a mix-up of Continental/ English styles, I throw my yarn, and I love garter in the round: I purl really fast into the front of the stitch. Have to finish quickly, before I get distracted by other must-makes.
    I realize we fans are at a disadvantage: you and Ann can do twice as many projects as those of us inspired by you both!

  • I decided to do mine using Shibui Linen. I’m hoping for something light and airy. Even cotton would be a bit much here in California