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  • So elegant! A knitterly fashion success, for sure.
    Most of my clothes also “just sit there” but somehow the effect is less svelte and classy. You: effortless elegance! Me: have I really been wearing this barn coat since 2000?!
    The photo of Olive is the best one yet 🙂

  • I LOVE my shadow[]box! Hm, and I just decided that I need another. Mine is a big bulkier than the original, but so soft and warm and easy to wear. I affixed a shawl pin (that I’d had for AGES and never used) and also employed a discretely placed safety pin and just leave ’em on.

  • It *is* slimming and it looks wonderful on you. Olive looks like a very loved dog with a highly developed taste in quilts.
    Love the back view of the family pulling the massive meal together.

  • OK, this time Olive is heart-MELTINGLY cute! And, comme tu es chic, alors, in your shadowbox thingie. I would like to make and wear such a thing, but due to my broad shoulders, large bosom, and full tummy..well, let’s just say that Stacy and Clinton would tell me Not to Wear it. I will knit other things, instead.
    Also, I must address your statement, “any knitter with sufficient desire to sit on the sofa all weekend.” Um, “any knitter?” Don’t you mean 99.9% of us, especially in the winter? : )

  • I’m so about knitting instead of shopping for black Friday. Never shopped today (and, working very nearby the biggest mall in my state, I can tell you, it’s a scary scary place out there.)

  • I love your Shadow Box. It’s so nice to hear from someone else who is not enthusiastic about the Black Friday nonsense. I am having a nice quiet day at home.

  • Up here, ‘Black Friday’ simply refers to my mood after the 2nd consecutive PD day in November. And trying to make a dent in the homework. Ech. Kay, you look simply fabulous in your black cowl-y-poncho-y thing. Chic is the word!

  • Kay Daaaahling
    You look smashing in the shadowbox, especially, accessorized as you are by a small brown dog.
    I too, love the Olive cheesecake

  • Seriously, when I saw the photo of you in your shadow box and BEFORE I read the “slimming” caption under the photo, I thought to myself, “WOW, Kay looks like she has lost weight!”
    Happy knitting! No shopping for me either.

  • Shadow box looks fabulous! However, you live in NYC, so everything looks great on you. New Yorkers have style, we in Oregon have fleece. I must say that when just glancing at your photo and looking mostly at the Shadow box part of you, I thought you had some kind of split skirt with fur. Later observation showed me it was merely an excited Olive. Wait, let me retract the merely part, Olive could never be merely.

  • Shadow[]Box looks so chic, and slimming. Just printed out the pattern and am stash diving.
    Olive has such good taste! Ah, Olive Pron!

  • She with the White Hair and Apron looks so amazingly iconic! Did you photoshop her? : )

  • OOOHHHHHHHH 1990! Fight the power, Fight the power, Fight the power that be!
    Yep, I busted it old skool for you. (I’m old it’s the only way I can bust it. I bet the kids don’t even say bust it anymore.) Public Enemy and I don’t want you to be a lackey of the homogeny this Black Friday.

  • In defiance of all good sense, I ended up in a mall parking lot this morning. The energy it was going to take just to find a place to park sapped all the reserves I generally have to use for shopping — so I bailed and headed to two locally owned stores. Much better. If you can’t knit your way through Black Friday, at least do your shopping at your LYS.

  • Your Shadow Box is verrry stylish, and slimming, and besides, it is Manhattan black — you have out-Eileen-Fishered Eileen Fisher!
    I share your veneration for EF’s knitwear. Amazingly there is no Eileen-Fisher group on Ravelry just yet although I know plenty of knitters who have studied her cardis,edgings and collars stitch by stitch.

  • That’s exactly what I did – I stayed home and knitted the day away. When I realized it was 2:30 and I was still in my pajamas, I figured there was no point in messing with a good thing. I completely finished one Christmas gift, cast-on to finish, and have another one spending the night on the blocking table. Haven’t decided yet whether to start another project or work on one already in progress, but there are still several hours to go, so I’m not done yet. Even have leftovers to feed myself with. It’s been a good day.

  • Just a quick thank you for, again this Thanksgiving, I’ve used the fabtanulous corn casserole recipe from Mason-Dixon Knitting!!!!!love it!!

  • Kay: it is adorable, so you should wear it all the time; and b) I’m right there with you in the NOT SHOPPING category. Wasn’t there a movement or something a few years back? National Buy Nothing Day? Maybe the movement has been given up for lost, what with the tsunami of advertising that goes on… Anyhoo, kindred spirit here who loves your wrap. 🙂

  • I avoided the big box and department stores today, but did venture out to a little quilt shop by me. I had the whole place to myself. Have you noticed that there is some unwritten rule of quilting (and knitting) that says that whenever you try to use up stuff in your stash, you *have* to buy more? I want to make a flannel rag quilt, and have had a bundle of quarter-yard cuts, which is about half the fabric I need, for at least ten years. Tomorrow is the BIG day—I am braving a sale at JoAnn’s that is running from 7AM-noon to buy batting. Wish me luck!
    Thanks for the Olive pron—I usually look at your blog at work during my break, and that little sweetie always makes me smile. Is she always that good? Doesn’t she have Terrier Moments and run through the house like a maniac or tear stuff up? She is still a puppy, isn’t she? (My mom always says, “They are puppies until they are two.”

  • Okay, why didn’t I get that Eileen Fisher flyer?? Nevermind, I’ll just knit a shadowbox for myself instead….
    And, Olive on a quilt – I’m still calling myself a quilter tho the knitting these days is in a dead heat with the fabric sewing. Just substitute my cat Phyllis and we could be twins (except my hair is brown and I live in MN, but other than that…).

  • Olive’s drugged-out or blissed-out (which is it?) OR looking-like-she-is-ROLLING-HER-EYES-AT-YOUR-STUPID-REMARK look is killing me.
    You look FAB in shadowbox! And it IS slimming! I think I need one.

  • I received the EF flyer as well—and immediately thought “how can I *make* one?” Thank you so very much for telling me how! My Black Friday shopping will now be solely for the Bluemoonfiberarts and Rowan yarn that are needed for this classic accessory!
    BTW, I have a dog of indeterminate heritage (might be some sort of corgi/terrier mix). He would LOVE to meet Olive (plutonic only!). Strangely enough, his name is Stanley. Kismet? Stanley and Olive(r)? I wish I could post his photo for Olive’s opinion.

  • definitely slimming….you look terrific!

  • Very slimming, very chic! I want one………..Santa, are you listening?

  • It does look very slimming. Very comopolitian on you.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  • Excellent public service blogpost: a gift suggestion, a fashion statement and an anti-BIGBIZ consumer protest all wrapped in a wrap.
    Seriously never considered that as a wearable piece until now. Tres chic on you.

  • That turkey hash is just the best ever. Obviously Boxing Day fayre here rather than Thanksgiving, but better than the turkey first time round. Don’t stint on the olives!
    Shadowbox thingy looks fab. Perhaps I’ll drag mine out of wherever it is and give it another go, never quite reconciled myself to it last year. x x x

  • I can never really use a shawl pin either, though I have a couple of different ones. I’m much more likely to thread a ribbon through the stitching and then cinch it up with a bow. It looks great on you though and the picture is actually slimming too.

  • Oooh! I’m going to knit shadow box! What yarn did you use??
    You look very “hip” and slim in shadow box!!
    P.S. Thank you for spelling “brooch” correctly! I keep seeing spelled “broach” and it drives me crazy.

  • What? Are you twins with that model? I can’t tell the difference!
    Love that new look head tilted toward the floor. I think I will start walking around the house that way. Shoulder tilt must be ‘just so’ as well. Must keep eyes mostly shut so as to avoid notice of floor needing to be cleaned.

  • Happy Thanksgiving! Did you spend it in the Bronx? (that’s where I spent it. I’m also thankful for the big BX.)
    the thingy is slimming. As is Olive.

  • I did lots of knitting yesterday. One year working at Bloomies in NYC on Black Friday killed me of that shopping desire forever! Love the shadowbox, will add that to my ravelry queue right away.
    And, I agree with the others, Olive looks great on the quilt!

  • Kay, once again you have inspired me not only to copy you in your fashion brilliance, but also do some stash diving as well – I cast on for Shadow Box a scant half hour ago, with this very interesting yarn that came all the way from Tierra del Fuego – all I have is 500 yards of it, but I have a sneaking (or praying)suspicion that this is the pattern that this strange weird yarn was waiting for …
    also did not participate in BF, may participate in SBS today, but definitely returning the iPad to the temple of Apple – thank the lord for their return policy!
    and totally you look svelte and tres chic!

  • Just what I did – sat in a chair for the better part of the day, knitting. The best day I’ve had in a long time despite the single outing being to take a 3.5 year old to the doctor for a cold. And I finished some Christmas knitting! Yay for Sit Home and Knit Friday. I can’t stomach holiday shopping, especially the day after Thanksgiving.

  • Hey, when Kay returns to the blog, let me know so I can drop a line and say that the model she had posing in her place was looking *fine*.
    And I have the very same oven in my kitchen! Oven twins!

  • Oh I love it! Always so Rowan-esque in your modeling. I think I like your shadow[]box worn like this better than the original way.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • And what is that you’re looking at on the floor? You could delight fans with a flashy pose, arm in air as if to say, “You see, we do not need jewels with knit objects.” Like others, I’ve found these clasps wonderful to own, harder to use.
    Great shot of Thanksgiving prep…reminds me to get around to posting mine. Be well and maybe we will meet soon. yours, naomi

  • Now I’m going downstairs, retrieving my shadow[]box from FO purgatory and blocking it like you, my authority figure, tole me to last year. I’m not so hopeful about the frump (sic) l’oeil, but wish me luck!

  • knitting pattern central has listed a goodly
    number of rowan patterns and fine ones
    and free for the down load*** have fun
    what a pinup girl you are olive

  • I actually think that Shadow[]box looks much better on you than on the model in the book. Looking at the book, I was thinking it sort of resembled the kind of shapeless things I used to knit (before I really knew how) to slap onto my Barbie dolls.
    You, on the other hand, appear quite elegant.

  • hmmmmm . . . could it be that Eileen Fisher haunts Ravelry?

  • Love the family photos — it’s heartwarming to think of how many times that scene is repeated across the country. And Olive — she works so hard at the quilting and knitting. You couldn’t ask for a better canine companion. Lastly, I am suddenly all about Shadowbox. Thanks for the Eileen Fisher update — I have some gray wool that is waiting . . .