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  • Like turn by turn directions, need turn by turn directions, lets not split hairs. I’ll be checking back at midnight. Thank you and its great to hear your voice.

  • hahaha muffin zone. stealing that one.

  • I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s literal bad break. Those upper arm/should breaks are very bad, esp. for those who knit and spin! 🙁
    Allegheny is lovely. Also, I like unknitting, too. Well, except when on deadline. But otherwise the fiber slips through your hands in the same soothing way, whether you’re constructing or deconstructing!

  • The scowl will be very popular, and it’s an excuse to play with buttons, too.
    Great photography, by the way, I bet you took a class.

  • The dress looks awesome, but cannot even imagine the courage needed to wear a knitted dress, since the muffin zone here has expanded to fill all areas between neck and knees. My dear sister describes it as a marshmallow on 2 toothpicks. You, on the other hand, will look charming.

  • That is One Almighty Scowl, my friend!
    And the dress is going to be perfect…classic and elegant, with just the right amount of non-pouffy detail. Wowza!
    Best wishes to your friend, the heroic pie-saver. 🙂

  • yes, I will be back at midnight as well-that is one good lookin’ cowl!
    I am going to finish that little Martha Neck Scarf pattern in about the next hour, so I am ready to go!
    and your dress will be so awesome. I feel a special connection with it since, you know, I was WITH YOU when you bought the yarn.

  • You are making me want to knit a dress! If I succumb, it’s all your fault.

  • Muffin zone – love it. Hate to admit it, but I have one.
    I’m on a crazy cowl mission this holiday season, four done, maybe doing two more. Depends on if I finish my other knitting gifts.

  • OMG my mother fell two days before Thanksgiving and shattered her shoulder – she’s now bionic with a new titanium shoulder, courtesy of the hospital for special surgery in nyc. She probably could’ve waved to your friend. If she could wave.
    Looking forward to the scowl pattern, as I would cast on about 50 times to get the right width. Everything looks too big or too small till it’s done.

  • I forgot about that sweater dress (swetress?). Looking fab! Maybe for new years?

  • Scowl ! Love it. Laughed out loud on the quiet car on the Adela and got scowled at!! You can see on ravelry I’ve been a citrine cowl machine this season. Will be nice to have another pattern.

  • I just happened to be lazily enjoying a re-read of Knitting Without Tears tonight and had to chuckle at one of Elizabeth’s reflections on repairs, remembering that you had just dealt with one: ” . . . [I] would snip one stitch a couple of rows above the error, let down the stitches, correct the error, knit the stitches up again, and then weave the snipped row back in. I am truly the boss of my knitting.”
    Potato, potato.

  • I’m wondering if that big cable’s stitches are twisted, and that’s why it’s not poofy… Cause and effect, or just coincidence, or perhaps I am completely wrong. ??

  • And there I was feeling sorry for myself for needing to frog rows and rows of an obviously way-too-large yoke on a sweater. For the second time in three days.
    Those flat dark grey cables look scrumptious — I mean that in a flat/flattering way.

  • It is 11:29 pm EDT, just saying.
    What about a double-length in a finer, drapier yarn to wind twice around the neckal area? Just a big old scowly button-up deal.
    I am exceedingly curious to see how that dress turns out. I personally would be rocking a giant scowl around my entire midsection, on top of my sweater dress. Unless I made the dress in the gauge of that scowl.

  • Hi! The cowl looks squooshy and lovely and an excuse to buy something cashmerey.
    I am so happy you noticed my flat cables! You have no idea how peeved I was trying to make all those ribs lie right – I think it took about 12 swatches to figure out.
    And for the muffin zone, I just posted about a new design I’ve been working on – a muffin top hiding sweater. Really, designed specifically with the muffin zone in mind – this time of year, it seemed necessary! Some tricks in proportion, a magically placed ribbing and a simple needle trick may have done it – me, plus two friends with various muffins, and the magic worked on all 3…

  • Dress looks fab. Excited to see the finished item!

  • The dress is looking great and the scowl is very stylish.
    You are such a fashionista!

  • The scowl is oh-so-very tempting but what really warms my heart is that the Dotty Chair is making an appearance. 🙂

  • I think there is too much scowl going on in the world, so I think I will call it by a much less refined name: scarowl… Yeah. It so doesn’t roll trippingly off the tongue.