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  • Wow, I had no idea this kind of thing existed outside of Disneyland.

  • My husband and I went there for a business meeting some years ago. We called it the Biosphere.

  • A knitting biodome. Awesome!

    But all those water features beg the question: what’s the Daily Bride action like there?

  • We’re so excited! Two weeks and counting! Be sure to come see us. 🙂

    • Cannot wait! Mobile yarn command center = best idea ever.

      • Me either! I’m on the bus this year… Whoop! See you there. ????

  • I think those moms who took their kids on boat rides at the Opryland Hotel were trying to calm down from the experience of being lost in long, curving, identical and labyrinthine hallways trying to find their rooms. I was at a meeting about 15 years ago and people (including myself) were frequently late coming back to the meetings after breaks due to getting lost trying to find their rooms. But seriously, it’s great. Just bring breadcrumbs.

    • Breadcrumbs? I suggest a hank or ball of yarn, one end tied to a fixed point, before venturing forth. Imagine what the halls of this place could look like by Day 2! Someone get pictures!!

  • You had me at Dolly Parton karaoke.

  • This place needs to hire you to write their advertising material. Although I’ve never been to Las Vegas, it has that kind of vibe. I feel slightly vertiginous just reading about it and seeing that map of the thing.

  • That sounds amazing. Who knew?! I’ll live it vicariously through your blog posts. I’m only a little jealous since I just registered for Stitches Midwest a couple days ago. The venue is nowhere near as fabulous as yours, but the yarn and classes will be just as wonderful.

  • The first time a friend took me to Opryland I was gobsmacked. I absolutely couldn’t believe it existed. But I also love how astoundingly weird and wonderful it is. I got to go at Christmas once–there are no words. I’m jealous to think a whole knitting event will be held there!

  • A bit off topic but because you both got me doing Fair Isle, I just saw this free pattern from Shetland Week-makers of the Baaable hat. Looks like a challenge but doable in a patterned hat. I have always loved the multitude of Jamieson wool colors.


  • Expect to be fan swarmed by me & my coloring book! So excited to see you both!

  • And there’s a great opportunity to help a Nashville charity and knit an elephant with Elephants Remember Joplin. It’s going to be a great show! We can’t wait!

  • It sounds like a blast! Wish I could join in the fun, but will await your fun posts after the weekend.

    And just a little FYI, as I’d like to give a proper shout-out to the amazing Karida, founder of Neighborhood Fiber Company, creator of fantabulous colors! I love knitting with her yarns, and even took a dyeing class with her two years ago.

  • Just making me miss my Stitches East more. Why has New England been forsaken? Hope y’all have a blast.

  • I have a commitment I can’t get out of but next year in Opryland!

  • Hey, everybody – PARTY IN ANN’S ROOM!

  • I will totally be at Stitches South this year — at the market on Saturday, and at Beth Brown-Reinsel’s gansey class on Sunday. I will wear my blue and green Lady Eleanor entrelac stole. Be sure to say hello if you see me!!

  • Maybe I will see you. I’ll be there on Friday morning, staying through the free Skirt Discussion at noon.

  • We had the first Texas Stitches in Irving Texas last year and it was fun, although probably not as large as the South version… Come and see us sometime 🙂 !

  • I once had a book signing there. Excuse me, I once was supposed to sign books at the opryland hotel. I finally found the meeting room after getting lost. Repeatedly. Did I mention that I arrived an hour early?

  • More or less 100% off-topic, but have you heard Natalie Chanin’s Moth story? http://themoth.org/posts/storytellers/natalie-chanin

  • It makes me pine for a ride on the Wabash Cannon ball and the Tennessee Waltz at the Opryland of my youth!

  • Oh, sweet! Staying on-site sounds like a grand, immersive idea. Have a great time! I look forward to your full report. (We’ve only been to the Opry there, but not into the rest of the place. I’m intimidated!)

  • Rejoice in being grownup enough to think, “heck, I could just GO, why not?’
    Grumble at being so grownup that I won’t, since I’m coercing my entire building to cleanup this joint and get along that weekend.
    Knit another row.