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  • OMG, you should be–just proves what an awesome Mom you must be — and the quilt, wow.

  • Darling. That made my day! 🙂

  • That is great! All good. I’ll show my daughter!

  • srsly, how Awesome is that?! and very beautiful quilt as the backdrop to her lounging on the bed w/her adorable bear. my fave outfit is the white/iridescent sparkly one. just too fab for words.

  • You must be so proud! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kay and Carrie, that is SO AWESOME!!! Carrie is my new muse.

  • To some extent we’ve watched Carrie grow up on this blog, so I knew she was fabulous. But WOW! No kidding you’re bursting with pride. She has such a wonderful sense of style, and she’s so articulate! Thanks for sharing that with us. She is an amazing young lady.

  • Loved the video – I also have a 7th grader…It is a tough age to be I think…Middle school is not for the faint of heart.

  • too cool – Congratulations Carrie – and Congratulations Mom on having such a smart and stylish daughter

  • Oh My God, that was awesome. She is fabulous! I love her confidence. There’s something so amazing about that age. I’ll show this to my 10 year old daughter. Bet she’ll love it too. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • does the fashion institute have classes for 12 year olds? carrie is remarkable!

  • SO great. I hope my girls turn out this poised.

  • Carrie obviously has a healthy self-esteem. Good for her parents for raising so she could have that. I love her confidence and quirkiness. And she’s so beautiful, to boot. You should be bursting your buttons, Kay!

  • She looks so New York! (at least from a California perspective).
    And I was thinking, what kind of parties is a 7th grader dressing up for? Duh, it’s the Barmitzvah/Batmitzvah year isn’t it? Calls for lots and lots of outfits.

  • Kay,she is a knockout!What a beautiful young lady she is.I can see her as a model, she has that beautiful face…very stylish too. We may end up watching this fashion/style grow into something HUGE! Love seeing the quilt again,always a favorite,it was like,”oh I know that”.Pillows are great too!That was a great treat to find today, thank you for sharing! Tell her I said she’s a beauty….and I know how proud you are of her! Wendy

  • so many memories came alive for me from Carrie’s collections…my “kids” are 21, 23 and 26–Make Way for Ducklings, Stuart Little, House on Mango Street and more share their book shelves and the pottery from art class….I have a few of the same style pieces (fish plates) created in Art class at Winchester Thurston in Pittsburgh…hmmm

  • Congratulations Carrie! Mom has a good reason to be proud.

  • Carrie is the glass of fashion!

  • WOW. I wish I could be half as fashionable as her and I am more than double her age! Sheesh. She is quite a fashionista already. I see great things coming from her! Way to inspire her creativity!

  • Carrie! Way cool and big congratulations!!

  • I’m guessing that Project Runway will be in her future?

  • I am so, like, DREADING the day that all my old stuff becomes cool to my daughter.
    She’s only 4. I have a few more years, right?

  • What a great sense of style she has – Hurray for her, hurray for you!

  • What a darling girl! I love her confidence and poise. Thanks for sharing this.

  • You SHOULD be bursting with pride. So chic! So articulate! So wise!

  • Awesome!
    How I wish I could have gotten the video to work, because the pics are amazing! It’s wonderful to see how Carrie is developing her own individual style (I think she gets that ability from her mom).
    Thank you both for sharing this with us.

  • You have a fabulous daughter. It must be so much fun to be her mom.

  • oh MY. Carrie for (styishly original) president in 2036! She pulled that off fabulously.

  • QUICK! Send her down here for an intervention! Does Carrie know how many desperately out-of-it knitters there are who need her effortless chic? LOVING her commentary on how she does it.

  • how delicious

  • Congrats to Carrie; she’s got the great looks, her own individual style, the brains, and the personality! I’m glad she’s a fashion leader, not a fashion follower. Thanks for sharing your delightful daughter with us, Kay.
    Once again, I was taken down Memory Lane looking at Carrie’s shoes. From my early teens on, I had a “funky shoe fetish”, and was once featured in a high school newspaper article for my funky shoes. I was fortunate in that my dad worked in the offices of a large department store, and the Shoe Dept. Mgr. would notify my dad whenever a new shipment of funky shoes were received that he thought I would like. I still have a shoe fetish (over 200 pairs in my closet at the moment), but I left the funky stage behind long ago.
    Mary G. in Texas

  • Yes, you should be proud! Thank you so much for sharing this very personal part of your life.

  • As the Mom of two grown daughters, I want to say what a lovely, mature, and articulate young woman your daughter Carrie is…you should be very proud of her!! Her journey to personal and artistic authenticity appears to be taking both a positive and gentle path…may it always be so…

  • Awesome young woman!
    And I love her fashion tips, they, too are timeless. (even for 47-year-old divas like me)

  • Wow, your daughter is so stylish and mature. Love the piece on her. Congrats to you both.

  • What a great video. Carrie, you are sophisticated, articulate, and creative. I especially love the skirt/tights/shoes combination. When I first saw the still photo, I thought “fedorable,” but now see that made-up adjective does not begin to describe your style.

  • How cool is that! Congrats to Carrie…it’s great to see brains and beauty in one creatively dressed package.

  • Such confidence, poise and style….I hope she never loses any of those traits…I’m sure you’re proud!

  • Wow! Carrie is one stylin’ girrl! She’s amazing. And the mix of woman and child spectacular. I don’t even know her and I find myself wondering what will she grow up to be — in style, in work, in play. And then I think of her mother and realize of course she’s a cool stylin’ happenin’ kid. Kudos to the environment that gives Carrie the freedom and imagination to pull it all off perfectly! And no one can convince me that she’ snot the coolest girl at school! (In a good way, obviously.)

  • Carrie is such a thoughtful, articulate and beautiful kid. I love the collage of pictures showing her in various outfits when she was even younger. Go, Carrie, go!

  • what a wonderful thing it is to see someone like Carrie develop her own style while staying true to being 12. Not an easy thing to do. The article was a real treat.

  • What a fabulous feature on “our” Carrie. (We’ve all known her so long—virtually anyway—she feels like family.) She really is sophisticated and poised and completely unlike most girls that age. You done good, Kay.