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  • Squam! Alabama Chaim!

  • Manhattan: one-on-one with Kay!!!
    Nashville: one-on-one with Ann!!!

    • I’m with you, Tammy! Where do we sign up??

    • Absolutely!

      • Awwwww. xoxo

    • A Mason-Dixon workshop! I’m in! Please, please do it. It would be so much fun!

  • Sewanee! I’ve never been to the mountain. Tempting.

  • Sounds dreamy! In five short years I won’t be bound by the end of school year in June. Something else to look forward to.

  • The John C. Campbell Folk School. My sister and her husband have gone several times, and love it more each time.

    • How do you recommend doing it on a budget – if you’d advise me. My daughter and I would both like to try it but it looks to be outside our range

  • New England Fiber Arts Retreat at Medomak Retreat Center in Washington, ME. My happy place.

  • Squam. Alabama Chanin. Craft South. Alas, they are all far across the country from me. But some day. I do visit Nashville with some regularity and once I drove by Anna Maria’s store. Alas it was at night and the place was locked up tight. Next time I’ll get there during the day.

  • John C. Campbell Folk School. It’s only about four hours away. Something/anything with the Yarn Harlot. She’s the reason I started knitting. I was curious about knitting and bought her book Knitting Rules, not really thinking that about half way through her book, I’d be driving a few hours to the nearest town with a yarn store, enthused and excited about learning to knit. or that ten years on I’d still be a knitter!

    • I hope Stephanie knows this story!

    • Exactly why I also began knitting! I read Stephanie’s books while caring for my mother. Watching me learn to knit seemed to sooth her, into relaxed sleep, during a very difficult time.

  • I have been very fortunate to attend many of the “hot” workshops (though not Shakerag–yet), and I dream of a class, somewhere, anywhere, with India Flint. I’d also like to go back to The Factory for a weeklong.

    • Living in South Australia all this talk is about places so far away- I do feel a bit left out!
      But this one made me smile- because I bought my first two fleece sheep – 2 Border Leicesters – from India Flint 15 years ago. It makes me feel much more connected to the discussion!

  • Any class schedule that comes my way. Recently looked at Complex Weavers, Madrona, Squam. If you make it to Duluth, MN, you need to keep moving and hit North House Folk School in Grand Marais. Yesterday I was trolling for more ideas and found Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point, WI. http://www.shakeragalley.com/our-center Who knew? Apparently in the midwest they were shaking rugs out and in Tennesse, rags for moonshine. So says the history pages, any way.

  • Kristin Nicholas workshops. Usually in the summer, lots of color work

  • I took two workshops (different years) with Ilze Aviks many years ago. Highly recommend! She’s thoughtful and delightful. Good memories.

  • Olds College Fibre Week because they bring in amazing teachers and it’s in my home province. I’ve had classes there from Beth Smith, Deb Robson, Sara Lamb and several more local teachers. It’s held at an agricultural college so the campus is beautiful, rose gardens and peonies blooming.

    I’d love to take a workshop at Maiwa in Vancouver. Maybe this fall.

    • Maiwa was at Shakerag last year–they were having an amazing time. We checked their clotheslines every day!

    • Waving from Okotoks! I haven’t been to Olds College Fibre Week, but I did have a private demo at Custom Woolen Mills near Carstairs on a Saturday drive a couple of years ago. Those antique mule spinning machines look like something from Edward scissor hands.

      I’m going for a Vancouver spring escape next weekend (green grass, daffodils, oysters, etc). Always a little shopping spree at maiwa supply. Kind of into Boro textiles and Sashiko stitching at the moment – I hope they have a book or two. I tried to sign up for a Michel Garcia dye work shop last year at the Maiwa Textile Symposium but it was full. Someday.

      I need to remember to pack the jars of cochineal, woad, calx, etc in my checked bag this trip.

  • I love reading workshop catalogs and dreaming too. 🙂

    I’ve taken lots of small classes, and sometimes they’re good and sometimes they’re so-so. It makes it hard to spend big money (use my scarce vacation hours, airfare $$, lodging $$, food $$ AND the class$$ and supplies$$) to go to something that may only be so-so. I’ve done that before and the combo of $$$$ and so-so was hugely disappointing. I’ve also had huge success which was fabulous. It does make one a bit gun-shy though given the $$$ that can be involved.

    My new strategy (and I WILL try it this year) is to decide on a “workshop”, get the info if I don’t already have it in triplicate, prep for it, take a vacation day, and just DO it in my studio. at my own pace with thai takeout. Act like I’m away home and refuse to be distracted by a pile of laundry and only do the classwork. Sounds easy, but it is a challenge for me.

    • That sounds like an excellent idea for those of us with limited budgets. I just might “join” you.

    • A great idea. The challenge is to make what I’m doing into my “work” for the day, and not let *anything* else interfere. Laundry be damned.

    • I have done this with a friend. It really was good. My sister and I also set aside time to focus on a project when we were together last fall.

      My spouse and I also did a “Creative Weekend”. Easy food, no household work/projects, just time to focus on what we were doing. Great.

      Both were efforts on my part to work with things I’d already had a workshop on or any a technique that I wanted to focus on.

      CraStaCation? Craft Staycation?

    • Maybe we could create a mini workshop with others using a digital interface as we start, at a mid-point and at the end. A workshop away at home appeals to my budgetary constraints as well.

      • I started thinking along those lines after I posted. I like your idea! If we can knit along with a pattern, why can’t we all workshop along?

  • The Clearing Folk School in Ellison Bay, WI hosts knitting and weaving classes throughout their Summer Season, along with all manner of writing, gardening, yoga, bent willow furniture, wood carving, lathe classes, poetry, bird-watching… I could go on and on (and generally do at some length) about the campus (128 acres on a bluff overlooking the sunset and the bay of Green Bay), the staff, and the food (fresh bread at every meal, homemade everything to die for)… oh, just go on their website and see for yourself–theclearing.org.

    I want to go to Squam and anyplace that the Yarn Harlot is/teaches.

  • I swoon thinking about a Lotta Jansdotter class in either Sweden or India ????????????

  • Someday Shakerag or John C Campbell! I don’t know why but I feel like a southern workshop week would be extra relaxing. Meanwhile–I attend the always inspiring and slightly wacky Fiber College of Maine in Searsport every September. And the A Gathering of Stitches workshops look amazing (also in Maine). In real life, my timing is more realisitically matched with one day workshops so I am adoring our friend Amy Lou Stein’s new place Craftwork Somerville in Massachusetts. http://www.craftwork.rocks/

  • I get quite tempted by workshops and am reading the comments for more ideas. Just reading and making a plan is fun. But then, I think of what my mother once said to me. “you don’t need to take an art workshop; you need to do art” Then I think of the yarn stash and projects on the needles and think that instead, I should do a crafting “staycation”. I have done a crafty home vacation; I lined and inserted a zipper on a knitted purse.

  • Just had a bucket list experience at John C. Campbell last summer with Gasali Adeyemo. He’s at Shakerag this year and it’s a great class!

  • I’ve been to Nancy Crow’s Timber Frame Barn, outside of Columbus, OH. While I didn’t take class with Nancy, there is plenty of interaction with her and her family – all a gracious and delightful bunch. I’ve taken a number of fabric dyeing classes there with Carol Soderlund – can’t recommend her highly enough. I’ve also taken classes at Pro Chemical and Dye in Fall River, MA. Again, they are outstanding, great classes and very dear folks. Nice folks make a big difference.

  • That Yoruba class sounds amazing!

  • Alabama Chanin, for sure — a week. I am saving up, even.