Summery Dreams of Cashmere

By Ann Shayne
July 27, 2017

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  • There’s a lot to be said for unplugging. And if I ever do it, I will say some of it. You first, Ann! 🙂
    p.s. Have a wonder-full time and enjoy your knitting and every other good thing. Vacation! Wheeee!

  • I can see why you had trouble choosing a color way. They are all glorious. I made a cowl with their yarn last winter and it felt so wonderful – I was torn between actually knitting it and just sitting there petting the skein!

  • All the color combos are gorgeous! I guess it just depends on the statement you want to make. Can’t wait to see your finished wrap!

  • I think that the green Kryptonite combo is perfect for summer knitting.

    • Oh, yes!

  • Happy trails! You deserve a break after birthing this wonderful upgraded site and the many schemes and challenges of the blog with Kay. Come back refreshed and ready to offer all of us more woolly creativity.

  • I tried & tried yesterday to order your newest book, but kept being dragged back & forced to begin putting in all of my information over again, till I gave up. Is it my new computer, or is there some way I can order by phone or????

    • Hi Dee,
      You will get an email from Liz Masterson, our queen of customer service, to sort this out. So sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Pewter and Flannel suit. Have fun!

  • Verdigris and Mallard. Which is really outside my comfort range — I normally prefer greens only on money and lawns. (Kay, make sure she remembered to pack the loose cat hair to incorporate into her knitting. If not, maybe Olive can give her some loose dog hair.)

    • I bet Kermit remembered that detail all by himself. Olive says she doesn’t shed any more than I do; she’s a terrier for Pete’s sake!

    • I second the nomination of verdigris and mallard – it looks so beachy!

  • I am also in the verdigris and mallard camp! I’ll enjoy seeing what you pick. Enjoy your vacation, and say hi to Kay for us! Oh, and…”tips and hints [to self]” is how I think of and use the Ravelry project “notes” section. I supplement that with sketchbooks full of notes on projects. Of course, my metaphorical pants sometimes fall down even with this belt-and-suspenders approach!

  • Pewter and Flannel Suit, followed by Slate and Silver Fox. They’re gorgeous!