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  • If I completely clean the house after the party, then it wasn’t a party, right?

  • Will the movie Yarn be followed by a showing of the horror film Mothra?

    • That’s a good one! A double feature?

  • I am delighted to see that you shared Jana’s shawl pattern. I thought about writing you and sharing the pattern when it came out because it seemed like one you would love. I have knit several of Jana’s patterns and although they sometimes look very challenging(like the escher blanket) they are straight forward and easy to knit. I think you should host a KAL

  • Ann, let’s party!

  • What?! The movie is playing in Columbus, OH and not Chicago? It’s playing in Milwaukee, WI, and not Chicago?! Grumble, grumble. Off to lobby some LYSs about this gross injustice.

    • Don’t even get me started about it not showing south of the Madon-Dixon line! Sheesh!

  • What’s with no partying!?! Everyday is a party here!!

  • Be still my heart. This is playing on my birthday in a town I will be visiting. Kismet.

  • Thanks for sharing the shawl. My math-loving heart is all aflutter.

  • If I made the Japanese Garden shawl, I’d hang it on my wall as Art. Exactly as the picture has it.

    If anyone wants anything I’ll be out getting snacks/supplies/Red Box for the ̶p̶a̶r̶t̶y̶ not-party over at Kay’s.

  • O M G why am I not in London?

    • And oh yes, Jana’s Zen shawl vaults to the top of my queue.

  • I would love to see “The Waves” and Salzburg has been on my travel wish list since a long-ago history/archaeology course that included the Hallstatt culture. Now I have TWO reasons to go!
    I hope you enjoy your off-blog time, Kay. Are you going to Salzburg? If so, please take lots of pictures!

  • It might be crazy but I want to knit the Japanese Garden Shawl in one color just to see it done.

  • “Welcome the season of peaches and sand.” Yes, and garden shawls, Japanese or otherwise! (Love that pattern!)

  • Wow, that shawl! Beautiful! Now that’s a knitalong I’d participate in.

    Loved the film trailer, too. So how come the only West Coast showing is in Los Angeles? Northern California people want to see it, too.

  • So, Ann, what I’m hearing is PARTY?

  • Lots of things to check out. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your time away (and take pictures…..)

  • Don’t worry about us partying with Ann! Instead, worry about the paparzzi taking embarrassing photos of you that will make the covers of the gossip rags: “Shocker! Knitting blogger caught fondling crapcrylic at big box store!”