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  • On my monitor, that chicken looks incredibly tasty – I’ve been knitting all afternoon and am just now banging around the kitchen looking for something to rustle up for dinner – wish I had a chicken in the frig!

  • Yeah, tasty and lower in calories! Me, I went with eggs instead. Ok, they were chocolate.

  • The chicken looks wonderful! You better have eaten the crispity bits… they look like they would be yummy.
    Dinner at my house: fresh broccoli and cauliflower, cooked al dente, served with a side of soba noodles coated in (soy sauce, sesame oil, fresh garlic, fresh ginger) sauce.
    Lunch: two apples, coffee
    Breakfast: two slices home-made whole-wheat toast, real butter & home-made black-raspberry sauce* on top. Two eggs, devilled**. Coffee.
    *It was supposed to be jelly. Tastes okay and works fine as long as you hold the toast level.
    **I was hardboiling eggs for pickled beets-n-eggs this morning and two of them cracked and got those unsightly bulging bits on them. I can’t have unsightly bulging bits disrupting the music of the spheres… er… my pickled beets-n-eggs… so I devilled them and ate them straight away.
    Things could be worse, you know. At least you don’t have to hold the toast level at your house. 🙂

  • Um, what does it taste like? Is this another odd Southern concoction like Deep Fried Turkey? 😉
    And what is for Easter dinner, pray tell…. 🙂

  • I’m not sure what it is but the image of you putting that chicken on the diet coke can is cracking me up!

  • Next time if in a no-beer situation, use non-diet coke and use that to baste the chicken inside and out along with salt’n’pepper. Gives a glazed cracking skin and a very good taste.

  • Is it me, or is that chicken saluting?

  • Looks pretty good to me – am not a lover of outdoor barbecues, the inside sort are much preferable.
    You have to hold the toast level in our house too, if using my home-made jam…….

  • Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha. . .
    so, how did it taste?

  • I was already cracking up while reading your post… I can relate in a whole multitude of ways – being a Southern women and using Coke in recipes, burning macaroni… then Sharon’s comment about that chicken saluting had me falling off the chair. :O) Thank you guys!

  • It looks yummy.

  • OK, I’ll be the first to admit I have a slightly biased opinion (vegetarian), but is anyone else bothered by a crispy chicken standing upright in a pan? *shiver*
    Burnt macaroni … interesting. 😉

  • Have you tried Diet Dr. Pepper? I love that picture. 🙂

  • thanks for the funny post and pictures of your more than cooked bird. and yes, sharon, i think the bird is saluting!! LOL. I needed a laugh today real bad. thanks.

  • At first I thought it was waving. Saluting? Sure. But now that I look again, and see the other arm resting on it’s knee, it looks like it’s doing exactly what you’ve said . . . sitting on the can.

  • Sarah,
    Now THAT was the biggest laugh I’ve had all day. Thanks!

  • Comedy. Gold.
    Hehheh heh heh heh hee! 🙂

  • I cant believe how many tears I shed just looking at your chicken, and that is before I read your post. Thanks – I needed that!

  • YUM ! (note to self : never make Ann cross, you just don’t know where she’ll stick the coke can next !)

  • A good friend of mine is married to a guy from Ecuador; her mother-in-law cooks all kinds of foods with coke (not diet, I’m sure), coke apparently being an exotic foreign ingredient for food. The most noteworthy being “coca cola rice.” I’m sure it would be an excellent accompaniment to chicken grilled with and on either beer or coke!

  • Ann–I laughed so hard at this that I got a cramp! Thank you for the much-needed post-Easter-family-get-together laughs!

  • I just read a recipe in “Southern Living” for cola-can chicken. Your chicken looks just like the one in the recipe! Congratulations!

  • Now I know we must be related because I’m always A) burning stuff (esp. beans) because I’m so immersed in what I’m doing, B) cooking things with various types of aluminum receptacles. Every summer and Thanksgiving my huge family eats large amounts of poultry cooked under a large trash can in the backyard. No we’re not gypsies, just Southern. And yes, the trash can is virginal. No trash in it before. Ever. Apparently the deep fried turkey wasn’t redneck enough for us. It’s important to always continue to push the boundaries of questionable taste–and I don’t mean that in a culinary sense.
    Your post made me laugh not only outloud but long and hard.
    p.s. I just emailed Buffy with a short history to match her own. I’ve been in Panama City and therefore out of pocket since last week.