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  • Kay! We’re simuposting! How cosmic!
    If it makes you feel better, we are glowing (that Southern euphemism) like Three Mile Island around here, with storms that dump just enough into the air to keep it nice n moisty. (I think we need to post the weather for New York and Nashville somewhere on the site.) Can it be too humid to knit? I believe so.

  • I love Noro !
    Kay ,run out & find their Lily – variegated & plain -.It’s a delicious blend of cotton and silk and feels gorgeous.Just the thing for a little top for you.Don’t faint when you see the price !
    I shall have to get that new Noro book .You’ve completely sold it to me.
    There’s a heat wave [again] in the U.K.
    I don’t do hot at all well ! Too much padding.
    You can knit – under a fan with a long ,ice filled drink next to you,to sip at ,as needed.

  • Hiya Kay,
    When I was in London last month, May dragged out the CTH Noro book and I felt compelled to buy it (must help fellow Rowanettes out!).
    Anywho, the Berga bag has typos (I am doing for my sister) that weren’t in her errata at http://www.hamiltondesign.biz (and there several…) so I emailed CTH herself. Long story short, there is a Book Two in the works!
    And I am in NYC for two nights starting the 20th….are you around?

  • Hello Kristine!! Unfortunately I will be at the beach that week with my own 2 and 3 French boys, which if you do the math (and I keep doing it) means 4 kids under 7 under 1 roof for 8 days, equals lunacy. Speaking 2 languages and eating 3 meals a day. The mother of the 3 French boys is one of my oldest dearest friends but even so, we limit these weeks of madness to biennially, for the sake of our friendship and our respective marriages. But you’ll be in New York again I hope!!! Glad to hear Ms. Tuttle Hamilton has other fans, and that you are keeping her honest about her errata! The bag is cute and doesn’t seem to require Noro, strictly speaking, to turn out well. Do let us know here at Mason-Dixon Knitting how it turns out. Xox! Kay

  • Emma–How very Cosmic/karmic–I just bought a few skeins of Noro Lily on sale at the LYS (didn’t mention that with the books). I wanted to try it on some scarves and if I don’t like them I can put them on the knitting table at the school fair in November. It feels delightful; I like it better, I think, than the pure Noro silk tape I splurged on a few months ago at Downtown Yarns. Still trying to figure out how to turn 2 skeins of that into something. What’s the tension on the Lily??? Can’t parse through the Japanese on the label. LYS lady, who is notoriously ill informed on such matters, told me she thought it should be knit on a US 8, which seems a bit large to me. I think it’s DK so should go on a 5 or 6 but I am even more notoriously unable to make judgments on such matters. I will look up a lily pattern in one of the DB books. Goodbye Ms. Temptress, stay cool over there, love, Kay

  • Kay,
    Egads, are you mad~! That many children, plus more than one language. You are a better woman than I!
    I will probably be back in Oct., and I am definetly back in Nov., presenting at a conference, so I am in NYC the 13-16th of Nov.
    Perhaps by then we will have received the Rowan book? You think?
    May try and get together with Lis, perhaps she can bring a photo of you so we feel like you are there?
    And what beach? I am going to Jersey Shore after that…..