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  • About #4: I have some Anny Blatt books from the late 80s–several, in fact,–should you wish to pursue this look. 😉

  • The fluff on the shoulder thing reminds me of the teenguin in the penguin book.

  • Thumbs up for the mosaic knitting. I think it would be fun to knit. You do it and tell us how it goes!

  • That first sweater reminds me of old Excedrin headache commercials. But the stitch pattern is intriguing.

  • I go up to total strangers and ask if I can take a picture of their sweater. Gives me ideas for later.

    • Francis, I do that too! Not too many of them look at me like I’m crazy.

  • Sometimes I see a store-bought sweater I would like to knit, but fortunately the feeling passes. If I really like the sweater, I buy it, which is why I have a great Eddie Bauer sweater from yarn that includes camel hair. If winter ever comes, I’ll get to wear it again.

  • Tommy Hilfiger ad in today’s Times had machine knit fair isle sweaters. Ham-fisted patterns and something I wouldn’t be caught dead in, but made me yearn to knit fair isle.

  • I love the soft, boxy mohair sweater.

    I would like the interrupted stripes a lot better if placement were not in areas that would have me taking aside my best friend and asking, in hushed tones: Does this sweater make it look like my boobs are smiling and my crotch is suprised? Concept 10, execution, 2.

    My current favorite trend right now is sweaters where the dye has been artificially aged around details like cables. Not gonna lie, I am in IT and I get all my fashion hints by sharing elevator space with the folks from marketing.

    • Totally agree on the interrupted stripes. Placement counts for a LOT.

    • “Smiling boobs and surprised crotch.” Yes, exactly!

  • Oh you are fearless! For me, putting grommets in a hand knit would be all kinds of stressful…

  • Years ago (pre cell phone cameras) I followed a woman down Broadway making mental notes on her sweater. She started walking faster and faster, till I realized she thought I was a mugger. When I told her I was looking at her sweater she just thought I was nuts. Grommets on a sweater? Scary. (I did put some in a felted bag once.)

  • You should be a knitwear advisor to all the clothing companies.

  • Well, lady, I have to disagree with you on #1. IMHO it is HIDEOUS! Maybe I think so because I already have a tummy, and this sweater would draw everyone’s eyes directly there. Or, as Annam says above, to boobs or crotch. I think it would be super unflattering on anyone, even the lovely model.

    • LOL, AGREE!! I wasn’t going to say it quite like that, but I did think it was going to be the horrifying example in Learn From My Fail.

  • That first one is weird, but I can see how it captures the attention with the “figure me out!” patterning.

    Maybe Ann will knit you the boxy Eileen Fisher in KIDSILK HAZE?

    Mostly I love the black/white/greyness of all of these. So NYC.

  • Do you know about the mill ends at the Eileen Fisher store in Irvington?

    • Do tell. Please….

  • Yes, I too will buy knit sweaters if the price is right or the gauge is fine! However, very recently, after much internal debate, I purchased a pair of convertible, aka “flip top” mittens. (Mittens! So quick. So easy. So little yarn!) However, my hands are wide, but my fingers are short, and these were a good fit. They were also certified Fair Trade. I decided that I could buy them, enjoy them, and figure out what I really liked about them, and what I would change…and then knit my own “improved” pairs for self and others!

  • I do ask people about the sweaters they are wearing, but I haven’t yet asked if I can take a photo. I think that will have to change. Very interesting post, Kay.

  • I’m not around store windows so much these days what with the whole commuting by car and not taking lunch, BUT I do watch too much tv and can’t help but notice all the great hand knit looking clothing and accessories going on.

    And then of course there’s my exposure to all sorts of recycled sweaters at my favorite vintage shop. I’m pretty sure I saw the one that the Top Shop sweater is modeled after hanging amidst the collection of fisherman sweaters.

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  • I do most of my inspection on TV, I do like that grommet and stud example- it looks different from a distance and close up – fascinating! Would rust be an issue when washing?

  • In the local paper today they had pictures of a fundraiser where everyone wore “Ugly Sweaters”. I glanced through the pictures and noticed one guy was wearing what appeared to be a traditional Norwegian ski sweater. This makes me very angry!